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									Modern Fire Pits
In the landscape design for the modern or ultra modern home, be sure to consider the use of a fire pit as a focal point in the yard. A streamlined yard with a modern square or rectangular pool is the perfect place to include a modern design fire pit. Unlike a more traditional one, these items are easier to care for and some even come with a remote control. The basics for installing a modern one is very simple. You can either dig down and have the fire at ground level or you can start at the ground and go up so the fire pit is above ground. An above ground fire pit makes for a lovely focal point off a patio or terrace. Instead of burning wood, the modern design burns either gas or alcohol. The plan is very simple. You lay a heat-tempered foundation, place the tubing for the gas or alcohol on top of the foundation and then cover the tubes with the heat resistant material of your choice. Most prefer to use heat-tempered glass in either a single color or multiple colors. The flames then appear to dance on top of the glass making a mystical glow in the evenings. If you choose to have the fire itself at ground level, you need dig only deep enough for the tubes and glass to be at ground level, less than a foot deep. Because of this, even a ground level fire pit is quick and easy for one person to create in an afternoon. It is even possible to create a modern fire pit along one or both sides of a swimming pool. The possibilities are endless when deciding how and where to place one. It's even possible to create a portable pit in this manner, though alcohol makes a better incendiary than gas in the case of portable designs. One of the best features of the modern pit is that the cost to install one is very low. The tubing and the gas or alcohol is very low in cost and you are able to install it yourself in an afternoon with only basic skills. This is a great do it yourself project that you can start and finish in one afternoon. No building skills are required. The modern fire pit is quick, easy and inexpensive to install yourself and it immediately adds beauty and value to your home.

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