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									 ADOPTION APPLICATION                                        Adoption Info: Purrfect Friends/Store Use Only (last update 1/18/12)
                                                             Date: ___________ Location: _____________
                               (513) 557-2107                Volunteer/Store Associate: _________________
                               Fax 1-877-800-4569
                                                             Amt Paid: $ _______ Follow Up: _____________                    Microchip Registered: _____________________

Cat/Kitten’s Name: Enter the name of the cat or kitten                       Place Microchip Sticker Here
Breed:                 Sex:               DOB:                                   or write in the number

I acknowledge that this is my information and I am adopting the cat for myself (not another person).
Name: Enter your first and last name Email:    Please enter your email address
Street Address: Please enter your full street address
City: Please enter your city     State:   Enter your state    Zip: Enter your zip code         County: Enter your county
Phone: Please enter your phone number                  Alternate Phone: Please enter your phone number
Do you own or rent? Own (if Rent, provide Landlord’s name and phone number so that PF may contact
them to ensure pets are allowed): Please enter the name, address and phone number of your landlord

1. Why do you want to adopt a cat or kitten?

2. Who will be the primary caretaker?

3. How many household members? Adults                           Children (and child’s age)

4. Does anyone in the household have allergies to cats? Yes

5. Have you ever owned a cat before? Yes

6. Please list all animals you have owned in the past 5 years and indicate which ones are current:
NAME                       TYPE                      AGE      Spay/Neutered?          Time Owned?          Current?
Enter Pet's Name           Enter type of pet                         Yes                                   Yes
Enter Pet's Name           Enter type of pet                         Yes                                   Yes
Enter Pet's Name           Enter type of pet                         Yes                                   Yes

7. Have you ever given away or relinquished a pet? Yes If so, why?

8. Where will the cat be living? Indoors Only. If the cat will NOT be indoors only, please explain.

9. Owning a cat is a long-term commitment and cats live to the average age of 12-15, sometimes longer.
What will happen to the cat/kitten if you move or have a life-changing event (i.e., birth, marriage, etc)?

10. Do you plan on declawing your new cat/kitten? Yes If yes, why? Please explain.

11. Please list current or past veterinarian(s) used and phone number(s): Please provide the name and
contact number for your current veterinarian
                                                                                                                Pg. 1 of 2
Cat Name: _____________________________ Microchip#: ____________________________________________

12. Please list a personal reference: Please provide the name and contact number of a personal reference
13. May we conduct a post-adoption visit? Yes                   Best Day/Time: Enter day of week/time

14. Do you have questions about the proper way to introduce this cat to your home and new family? __
    Yes       Please ask us for introduction tips!!

Please Read and Initial Each Contract Statement Below:
1.   Adopter recognizes that, although all Purrfect Friends (PF) has made every possible effort to provide a
     healthy cat which is compatible with Adopter’s home environment, there is no guarantee concerning
     temperament or behavior of the cat. PF or any individual or organization associated with PF will be held
     harmless for the cat’s actions while living with the Adopter, as well as, for any costs or damages incurred as a
     result of the cat’s conduct. Read

2. I/We understand this pet is presumed to be in healthy condition at the time of adoption. Purrfect Friends will
   provide medical records to support its medical history. PF will not be responsible for any conditions for which
   clinical symptoms are not evident at the time of adoption. Read

3. I / We will NOT 4-PAW DECLAW (a cat can’t even scratch an itch with no claws!) this cat and will trim nails
   and provide adequate scratching posts. Scratching is a natural cat behavior and declawing is an amputation of
   healthy bone, tissue and tendon, and can have lasting physical, behavioral and emotional consequences. We will
   research alternatives, such as soft paws, prior to surgery if we ultimately do front-paw declaw (laser surgery
   only!). More info: Read

4. I / We agree that the cat will be housed indoors only and will receive all care and attention necessary to insure
   its health and well being, including, but not limited to, sufficient food, water, shelter, medical care. Read

5. I / We agree to give the cat a FAIR TRIAL PERIOD to adjust to my home / other animals. I / We agree to
   contact PF (513-557-2107) for consultation if I / we are having difficulty with this cat’s acceptance into our
   family for any reason, as many issues can easily be resolved if guardians ask for help. If the cat is not
   working out, I / we agree to return the cat to PF and not to any other person, shelter or group. Read

6.    I / We have never been charged with cruelty to animals and I / We agree that this cat will not be abused in
     any manner. I/We are 21 years of age or older and head of household where the cat will reside. Read

7. I/We agree to comply with all state/local laws and ordinances related to owning a pet, including vaccinations.
8.    I / We agree to keep the national Microchip database, 24PetWatch 1-866-597-2424, ,
     updated with our current address and contact information. Read

9. If this cat becomes lost, I/We agree to contact PF for help with search efforts; or at any time if I/We can
   no longer care for this cat, we will contact Purrfect Friends. Read

I hereby certify that all answers and statements are true and correct. I understand that giving a false
answer may result in denying an adoption, or relinquishing the pet to Purrfect Friends if false answers are
discovered post adoption. If I/We fail to meet any of the above statements, or if a Purrfect Friends
representative examines the cat and/or its living conditions and finds it unacceptable, I/We agree to
relinquish the cat to Purrfect Friends.
Purrfect Friends reserves the right to accept or deny any application.

              (Signature of potential adopter)                                         (Date)

                                 Purrfect Friends Cat Rescue (513) 557-2107                                  Pg. 2 of 2

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