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									Gel Fire Pits
Fire pits are a great feature for any backyard or garden. For some people getting access to fire wood and easily extinguishing the pit can be a hassle. This is particularly true when they are used at locations such as commercial resorts. For places that need to quickly turn on and turn off fire pits a propane or gel fire pit may be a good solution. Propane fire pits have a hose that connects to a standard propane tank for easy lighting. These types of pits can work well if the tank can be easily hidden. Some pits are designed so that the tank can be hidden in a cylinder or if the landscaping is sufficient it can be designed in. While this is an excellent solution some prefer to have the fire pit untethered or free from gas lines and can't easily hide the tank in any location. A good example might be a resort that wants to put pits out on the beachfront property. For these situations gel might be the answer. These are designed with ceramic logs and then places to put a gel canister. If you have ever been to a catered event you have probably seen the gel canisters used to heat the food. This is the same concept except that the flames are much larger. The gel canisters are placed underneath the ceramic logs. This makes it incredibly easy to light and then extinguish the fire at a moments notice. It may not be quite as warm as other fire pits, but if you are looking for quick use and aesthetics this may be the right fit for you.

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