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Fire Pit Glass


Fire pits are growing in popularity and have become wonderful outdoor additions in many yard spaces. These pits can be either portable through the use of pots or permanent fixtures made of decorative stone or brick.

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									Fire Pit Glass
Fire pit glass is specially formulated to be used in high temperature natural gas fire pits. It comes in a large number of colors and each individual piece is less than an inch in diameter. It is typically used by landscape architects to give a very high end finish to fire pits or fireplaces. The finished look is simply stunning. Typically a custom fire pit or fireplace is designed by a landscape architect. The pit is filled with sand and then a tube that emits propane gas. The tube has an ignition source and concealing all of the work is the glass that is laid on top. When lit it looks like the glass itself is on fire. It creates an extremely unique look and feel. What makes the material special is that it doesn't fade or emit any sort of harmful odor. This makes maintenance extremely easy. Another surprising benefit of this product is that it actually emits more heat. Estimates show that when fire glass is used over other products such as ceramic logs 5 times more heat is emitted. This makes it very useful for cool nights. It is fairly affordable considering 60 pounds start at $200. Different colors cost more but it definitely makes it comparable to other products with better heat and less maintenance. To figure out how much glass you need to use multiply with width by the depth and multiply by four. Then divide your previous total by 30. This will give you the exact poundage of fire glass needed. With over 35 different colors the hardest part might be picking out which color to use.

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