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					                                                       CriMiNaL JUStiCE PrograMS

online bachelor’s
degree in                                                $450/course | 24 months*

criminal justice
                                                      advance Your career with a
                                                      bachelor of science in criminal justice
                                                      Lamar University now offers an online Bachelor
                                                      of Science in Criminal Justice program (BSCJ)
                                                      ideal for those who have career interests in:
                                                      • Law Enforcement Management & Leadership
                                                      • National Security
                                                      • Forensic Sciences
                                                      • Law & Policy

                                                      lamar universitY’s bscj degree
                                                      Program offers You:
                                                      • $450/course, one of the lowest tuition rates
                                                        in the country
                                                      • 100% online and full academic support
                                                      • Five start dates per year
                                                      • 8-week course length
                                                      • Flexible payment options and financial aid

accelerate Your career
learn more: 866.223.7675 |
   *in-state tuition: $450/course | out-of-state tuition: $603/course | additional fees may apply
                    Completion time varies by transfer credits and work experience
Each course is 8 weeks long. Enroll in at least 2 classes to begin. Complete your degree in approximately
2 years, depending on prior academic credit.

criminal justice courses
CriJ-1301    introduction to Criminal Justice
CriJ-1306    Court Systems and Practices
CriJ-1310    Fundamentals of Criminal Law
                                                     tuition                 $450/course (in-state) | $603/course (out-of-state)

CriJ-2313    Community resources in Corrections
CriJ-2328    Correctional Systems & Practices
CriJ-3309    Class, race, and gender
                                                     admission requirements
CriJ-3311    Crime & Criminals
                                                     • Complete online application and submit $25 application fee
Crig-4311    Ethical issues in Criminal Justice
CriJ-4313a organized Crime                           • Submit official transcripts from all schools previously attended to:
                                                         office of admissions
CriJ-4321    responses to Crime                          LUaP—attention BCJ
                                                         Po Box 10009
CriJ-4340    internship
                                                         Beaumont, tX 77710

                                                     • Complete Composition i & ii with a minimum grade of “C”

additional electives
CoSC-3301D internet “Cyber” Security
                                                     start date                                    aPPlication deadline
PoLS-3320    international Politics
                                                     June 6, 2011 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .May 16, 2011
PSYC-3330    Psychology of Social interaction
                                                     august 22, 2011. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .august 8, 2011
SoCi-3390    Juvenile Delinquency
                                                     october 17, 2011 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .September 26, 2011
SoCi-4300    Deviant Behavior
gEoL-4301a geographical terrorism
gEoL-4301.B geo. Middle East & North africa

                                      a partner of

learn more: 866.223.7675 |
                                                                       Criminal JustiCe Programs

  application instructions
   Thank you for your interest in Lamar University’s online bachelor degrees and programs. To get started in the
   application process, follow these three steps. An enrollment specialist will contact you shortly to assist you through
   these three steps. If you have immediate questions, please call us at 866.233.7675.

                                              steP 1:                                                                 steP 2:
     review aPPliCation & admission requirements                            submit Your aPPliCation through aPPlYtexas
   Applicants for the Bachelor of Science in Criminal                1. Follow the link to the ApplyTexas application website:
   Justice degree (BS-CJ) must meet the university’s          
   standard requirements for admission:                              2. Create a username and password to log in to the online
   • Complete online application and submit the                         application. Please record this information so that you
     application fee of $25                                             can easily save and access your application. Once you
   • Submit official transcripts from all schools attended              have completed the application, you will be given an
                                                                        Application ID Number that you must save, as this will be
   • The College of Arts and Sciences requires that                     the reference to all your application materials.
     majors in the college complete the freshman English
     composition requirement (six credit hours) with no              3. Choose to create a new undergraduate application.
     less than a grade of “C”                                        4. Choose Lamar University as your Target University.

   Applicants for the bachelor’s completion program                  5. Choose application type: Transfer, Undergraduate.
   with a concentration in criminal justice (BAAS) must              6. Choose a semester of entry:
   meet these additional criteria:
                                                                         Session      Semester
   • Have completed a minimum of 45 earned academic                      June         Summer I
     credit hours with a cumulative grade point average
                                                                         July         Summer II
     of at least 2.0 on a 4.0 scale for all previous work
     completed in higher education OR                                    Aug-Dec      Fall
                                                                         Jan-May      Spring
   • Be a high school graduate of at least 5 years OR
   • Be an active or retired service member with 3 or                7. First Choice School: College of Arts and Sciences
     more years of military service                                  8. First Choice Major:
   Note to active or retired military personnel:                          — For the bachelor’s completion program in criminal
   Credit may be granted for military experience.                         justice (BAAS), select: Applied Arts and Sciences —
   Credit will be evaluated based upon the evaluation                     ONLINE DEGREE ACADEMIC PARTNERSHIPS
   recommendations outlined in the American Council on                    — For the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice
   Education (ACE) Guide to the Evaluation of Educational                 (BS-CJ), select: Criminal Justice
   Experiences in the Armed Services manual. Applicants
   must submit one of the following documents: Form                       NOTE: Choosing the wrong major could delay the
   DD214, Form DD256 or proof of Active Military Service.                 processing of your application
                                                                     9. Save each page of the application as you complete it.
                                                                     10. Be sure to answer the custom question that appears at the
                                                                         end of the application. This question will help us determine
                                                                         what date you would like your session to start.
                                                                     11. Once you have completed your information, you must first

                                              steP 3:                    save your completed application and then submit.

send required doCumentation to lamar universitY
Request all official transcripts         BAAS:                                            BS-CJ:
be sent directly to Lamar from           Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences            Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice
all colleges or universities             Lamar University Academic Partnerships           Office of Admissions
attended. Save time by requesting        LUAP—Attention BAAS                              LUAP—Attention BS-CJ
transcripts be sent electronically.      P.O. Box 10017                                   P.O. Box 10009
                                         Beaumont, TX 77710                               Beaumont, TX 77710
                                                                Criminal JustiCe Programs

 frequently asked questions
What is the cost per credit/per course?                      hoW many hours per Week Will i have to
in-state vs. out-of-state?                                   dedicate for each class? hoW many classes
 For students residing in Texas, the cost per credit         should i take at one time?
 hour is $150, or $450 per course, for our criminal           Between assignments in the course, watching videos,
 justice programs. For students residing outside Texas,       reading course material and completing homework,
 the cost per credit hour is $201, or $603 per course,        students should plan on 7–9 hours of coursework per
 for our criminal justice programs. These tuition rates       course per week. It is recommended not to take more than
 are among the lowest in the country, yet our online          three courses at a time, with most students only taking two
 criminal justice degree programs maintain the same           at a time.
 rigorous standards and requirements as our traditional
 academic programs.                                          do i ever have to come to campus?
What makes lamar university                                   Our bachelor’s degrees in criminal justice are 100% online
                                                              — never will you have to report to any type of campus
laW enforcement–friendly?                                     (though we’d love to see you for graduation!).
 Lamar University is designated “Military Friendly”
 by G.I. Jobs Magazine. We provide assistance with           are there specific log-in/class times?
 the admission process, class advising and financial          There are no specific log-in or class times in these online
 aid, and Lamar University is an approved institution         programs, though there are assignment deadlines which
 to accept Hazelwood and G.I. Bill education benefits.        must be met.
 Lamar University is committed to its military and law
 enforcement personnel by ensuring prior academic            hoW often do classes start?
 credits are easily transferred and providing academic
 credit for previous training and work experience.            There are five start dates throughout the year, spaced
                                                              about ten weeks apart. This means you will attend your
 In addition to the recognitions Lamar University has         8-week courses, take your exam, get a short break, then
 received, our online programs are accelerated and            start your next set of classes.
 flexible for all types of law enforcement personnel.
 Shift changes, unexpected incidents, even second jobs       is lamar university accredited?
 won’t interfere with your classes as they’re always
 available online, 24/7.                                      Both Lamar University and our degree programs
                                                              are accredited by the Council on Colleges of the
hoW many credits can i transfer into                          Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).
my criminal justice degree program?                           Lamar University has been accredited since 1955; this
                                                              accreditation was reaffirmed in June 2010 and proves
 You may transfer up to 90 prior academic credit              Lamar’s programs meet and exceed national standards
 hours into your degree program; 30 credits must be           for higher education.
 earned at Lamar University. For the Bachelor of Applied
 Arts & Sciences degree with a concentration in criminal     hoW do i get started With my application?
 justice (BAAS), you may transfer up to 32 academic
 credits for prior work experience and training. These        Getting started with your application is a two-step process:
 credits will be fully evaluated by faculty, staff and the    First, visit and provide your
 student before amount of academic credit                     contact information.
 is determined.
                                                              Once you’ve submitted your contact information,
                                                              application instructions will be made available to you for
hoW do faculty & students interact? is there                  ApplyTexas, the common application form used by all
group Work/collaborative discussion?                          Texas schools. Also expect to hear from an admissions
 Most student interaction is accomplished through             coach with additional information about transcript review.
 message boards and university email, though phone            Contact us at 866.223.7675 with any other questions
 calls and teleconferences are always available. All          about a criminal justice program from Lamar University.
 Lamar University courses encourage collaborative
 discussion as part of the academic coursework —
 you always have the ability to post comments, reply to
 posts and ask questions with your peers enrolled in the
 course. Group work is integrated into the curriculum,
                                                             We look forWard to your
 but the amount will vary from course to course.             suCCess With lamar university!

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