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									                    COE Installation Quality Bulletin
           Installation Quality Bulletin Number: 08-04

To: QTI / Design Engineering Representatives / Quality Managers
/ Field Engineering Representatives / AMC Representatives / All
Contracted Installation Service Suppliers / Work Management
Center Representatives

             Date: Monday, June 2, 2008
             From: QWEST Installation Quality Assurance

    Subject: Pentair Fan Unit Assembly Replacement Process (for
      units installed within the Cisco 7609-S Cabinets)

Action Required:
 YES:         NO:

Description of Bulletin: The purpose of this Bulletin is to establish common
procedural requirements for returning the Pentair cooling fan assemblies installed within the
Cisco 7609-S cabinets in the event of a cooling fan assembly failure.
The following steps should be followed upon discovery of a failed unit:

Step 1: The Service Supplier should immediately contact the Design Engineer (listed on the
face sheet of the Design Work Package) with the BVAPP number.

Note: The Design Engineer will in turn contact the AMC representative who will check with
Pentair regarding replacement fan availability and, if available, will relay the central office
location and obtain a tracking reference number for the Service Supplier.

Step 2: The replacement assemblies will be sent to the appropriate Pack-n-Hold for the central
office listed on the BVAPP and will be listed under that original BVAPP number.
Note: Pentair will be sending out new fan assemblies to replace only the failed units.

Step3: Within a maximum of three (3) business days, the Service Supplier should contact the
appropriate Pack-n-Hold to ensure delivery of the new fan assembly.

Step4: Upon receipt of the replacement fan assemblies, the Service Supplier is instructed to
retain the packing material to repackage the defective units for return to Pentair using the
Returned Merchandise Authorization (RMA) form provided with the replacement shipment
(Refer to Figure 1). Note: Until further notice, this process is implemented on an interim basis
until a permanent, NEBS-compliant fan assembly can be deployed.

Step5: The Service Supplier will then obtain a return shipping label by accessing the UPS
website and logging in at this URL: http://www.ups.com/
Note: If not done previously, the Service Supplier will have to establish an account in order to

Step 6: When selecting an option, the Service Supplier should select “Create a Shipment”
from the drop-down menu.
Step 7: The Service Supplier will populate these fields accordingly.

Note: In the field entitled, “Address Line 1” enter the location where UPS can pick up the
repackaged defective unit. UPS will pick up at the central office location IF someone is on hand
to meet them upon their arrival.
Step 8: In this graphic, the Service Supplier needs to populate these fields exactly as shown for
reference by Pentair per the attached Returned Material Authorization (refer to Figure 1).
Note: This field will be prepopulated with the information inputted by the Service Supplier used
from the ”Create A Shipment” screen followed in Step 7.

Step 9: In this graphic, the Service Supplier copies the information (as needed) from the
shipping label used to send the replacement fan assembly.

Note: On this screen, the Service Supplier should ensure that the “Send E-Mail Notifications”
box is checked in order to track the returned shipment.
Step 10: In this graphic, the Service Supplier needs to populate these fields exactly as shown
for reference by Pentair per the attached Returned Material Authorization (refer to Figure 1).

Step 11: The Service Supplier will notify the Design Engineer of the tracking number assigned
to the returned fan assembly.

Step 12: Upon completion of the defective fan replacements, the Service Supplier will make a
notation on their JOB LOG (refer to TP 77350 Par. 13.5) and then send an email indicating the
BVAPP and CLLI code of where the work was performed to mailto:Theresa.Dytri@qwest.com
with a cc: to mailto:Sandie.Thomas@qwest.com .

Note: The QTI technician will perform the same function in IOT and then email these two
addresses accordingly.
Figure 1
Additional Information:
The Service Supplier will note that upon receipt of the fan assembly replacements that these units
contain design modifications from the earlier [defective] vintages. The replacement unit consists
of a “split-block” or what is considered a “double-block” design. This design requires a dual
power feed. In other words, there will be there will be (2) LD-A and LD-B feeds (Refer to
Figures 2 and 3). The AMC configuration reference number for this kit is MOE-FANRETRO-
KIT and can be procured directly from AMMS by ordering per PID 1000124004 (as it is a
common consumable item sourced through GrayBar™). The kit comes equipped with additional
termination lugs and fuses for the additional feeds. If the Service Supplier does not receive this
additional hardware, he/she should contact the Design Engineer immediately.

                                           Figure 2
                                          Figure 3

Questions may be directed to either David Arndt at (303) 707-7513, Diana Unser at (303) 707-
7559 or Theresa Dytri at (303) 707-2745.

Qwest Installation Quality Assurance
Jeff Bostow 612-798-2460
mailto: jbostow@qwest.com

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