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									Concern of Antivirus software
People want to be protected to make sure that their computer doesn't have any viruses on it. Most people will take advantage of antivirus software to make sure that they are protected. While properly using antivirus software can greatly reduce the threat of having a problem with your computer, there are some drawbacks to using antivirus software. Some of those issues are well known to many people that use computers on a regular basis, while other issues are not known and talked about.

Most people realize that when they run antivirus software on their computer that the computer that they are using will usually run slower than without the software. This is because of a number of reasons. One is that the software will scan and take a look at all off the contents on the computer. In order to be able to conduct this task, the software needs to draw on the resources that the computer has to offer. Some people will complain that the computer will be so slow that they will not be able to work on the computer while the virus software is testing. Most people though, will take the trade-off in performance that the anti-virus takes away in exchange for not having any further problems with their computer.

The majority of people are aware of the issue of slower overall performance. Some people aren't aware of some of the other issues though. People are often surprised that they need to pay for their antivirus software after a certain amount of time. Some software companies will make sure that they prompt you in order to renew. In addition to the unannounced costs that some people have to occur, there are some other concerns also. One of those other issues that occur from time to time is the concern of privacy. The reason why that there is some privacy reasons is because some antivirus software will upload infected files to their personal database. It is important to make sure that the privacy of all people involved is protected. Even though there are some concerns about antivirus software, most people will continue to use them for the protection and confront that they provide.

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