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									QM Projects- Project Profile
Core Project information

Title                          Thinkforward Tutoring Project Leader         Remuneration              Unpaid, travel expenses covered

Working hours per              Approximately 4- 6 hours per week            Appointment               Three Months from start date
week                                                                        period

Reports to (job title)         Progression Manager                          Location                  Bethnal Green Academy, Gossett Street,
                                                                                                      E2 6NW

Project purpose (Why does the project exist? What is it there to achieve or deliver?)

Bethnal Green Academy is looking to recruit Project Leaders to tutor students at risk of becoming NEETS (not engaged in employment,
education or training) in maths, science and English and deliver small group workshops.

Project Skill Requirements (work experience, qualifications, specialist training, key skills, disposition)

                                   Requirements                                                                            Essential/Desirable
Qualifications                     To be a current student at Queen Mary                                                   E

Competency based                        1.   Motivation – The ability to achieve key goals.                                E
skills                                  2.   Proactivity and use of Initiative – the ability to act in advance, plan       E
                                             ahead and carry out duties in a forward thinking manner.
                                        3.   Listening & Communication Skills – The ability to actively listen to
                                             questions and needs and pass on relevant information to others through        E
                                             a variety of means.
                                        4.   Problem-solving: The ability to be flexible and respond to any                E
                                             challenges that arise.
                                        5.   Influencing & Negotiating: the ability to influence people positively
                                             and come to mutually beneficial compromises.                                  E

                                        6.   Knowledge: Good understanding of academic subject.                            E

                                        7.   Enthusiasm: Enthusiasm for working with young people and making a             E
                                        8.   Empathy: the ability to empathise with other individuals in order to          E
                                             assist them to reach their goals.

Freedom to Act & Decision Making (depth of control, supervision received, use of judgement & initiative, analytical ability)
Responsibilities of the Role

     The ThinkForward programme at Bethnal Green Academy aims to work with students between Year 10 and Year 13 who are at risk
     of becoming NEETS (not in employment, education, or training). The goal is to ensure the student carries on in education or
     employment after school. ThinkForward is looking to recruit QM Project Leaders to tutor these students on a one on one basis in
     maths, English or science. Tutors will:

              Be able to patiently and clearly explain their subject matter to students one-on-one. Some of the students struggle
               academically and are very behind in their learning.
              Deliver small group workshops to the students on study skills, positive behaviour and staying safe. Training on workshop
               delivery and subject matter will be provided.

The ideal candidates will be kind, patient, supportive and consistent. This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in a career in
teaching, youth work and/or school psychology.

Tutoring would take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 1:20-2:05pm and 3:05-4:05pm.

        QM Projects supports the QM Graduate Attributes Framework
Projects with a range of charitable organisations are coordinated for Queen Mary students and graduates by QM
                                          To apply for this role:

   A) Please email your CV to the QM Projects Coordinator, Lindsey Shirah at, no later than Tuesday 2 October at 10am. Please tailor your CV
      so that it shows - through examples from your studies, past part-time/vacation work,
      volunteering, and/or hobbies/extra-curricular activities- that you have the required skills (listed in
      the job profile) to undertake the project. (Note that all internship and graduate employers will
      expect you to tailor your CV to their role in this way.)

   B) Please explain in your email to the QM Projects Coordinator how this work
      experience will make you more employable in the future (250 words max).

These two parts of your application will be given equal weighting during selection. If you would like
feedback on your application before submission, you are very welcome to book an appointment with a
QM Careers Consultant on 020 7882 8533.

      QM Projects supports the QM Graduate Attributes Framework

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