Understanding you child�s report

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					                      Understanding your child’s report
Welcome to your child’s Progress Review Day September 2012

You will notice that new targets have been set for your child. Due to a change in Government
guidelines and legislation, schools and Academies have had to re-evaluate how they set targets for
students to promote student progress and achievement.

In response to these recommendations UCAN has reset your child’s targets on their report, a copy
of which is attached for your reference. Please note that targets have been set based on Key Stage
Two SATs results in English and maths, where they have been available. In subjects other than
maths and English, an average of their SATs point scores is made and used as a starting point.

Also enclosed is an overview of how we measure progress across the Key Stages, called UCAN
Progress Map. This document shows you the minimum expected progress at different milestones
across a Key Stage, based on different entry level points. We hope this will help you to judge
whether your child is on track to make at least the expected rates of progress or not.

If you have any queries please ask your child’s Personal Progress Tutor during your meeting or
refer to the Frequently Asked Questions document, also attached.

Yours sincerely

Zarina Connolly
Vice Principal - Student Progress

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