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									                     TOWN OF ISLE LA MOTTE

August 17, 2009

Call to order – 5:07pm
Members present – Barbara Callahan, Tara Liloia, Heather Luce
Also in attendance – Richard Taylor, Diane Reilly, Angela Hamlin
Adjustments to agenda – none
Approval of minutes – Minutes (joint and regular meeting) tabled until next month.

Superintendent's Report
       Staff Professional Development Request
       Course receipt received from Sandra Moulton. This has been approved at a past meeting and will
       be paid.

Principal's Report
        General Information
        Summer camps were very successful. There were a lot of island and non-island children using the
school all summer long.

         Angela Hamlin has been hired as a Special Educator. We are currently looking for a Paraeducator
for a student who needs one-on-one assistance. There will      hopefully be a contract ready for
signature for that position next week.

        The school has been cleaned and will be ready for next week. The new custodian is working out
well. The new planters will be in next week and new trails will be cut through the back trees.

       There is a possibility of another technology grant which would connect our children to freshmen
at CVU for a common project involving Bhutan.

      The focus for the year will be "What it means to be green" and the Civil War. Getting the
community involved will be a priority.

         Isle La Motte was awarded a Montreal Bread Oven, which are made out of clay in Vermont and
are used for wood-fired bread and pizza. This is an        entreprenureal venture that the kids will be able
to use after the spring to make pizzas. There will be an afterschool club from which community members
can      order pizza. The man who is building the oven will be speaking at the open house.

Board Discussion
      Action Plan
      ***Amended September 15, 2010, due to accidental duplication in minutes.***

        Board voted to accept the Action Plan with a few minor adjustments.

Board Action
      Approval of Bills for Payment
      Motion to pay the bills with with the addition of $289.50 and $350 for maple syrup and PBS
      incentives made by Barbara Callahan, seconded by Tara Liloia. Motion passes.
       Contract for Signature
       Motion to approve the contract for Angela Hamlin as presented made by Tara Liloia, seconded by
       Barbara Callahan. Motion passes.

       Approve Board Action Plans
       Motion to approve the action plan with noted changes made by Tara Liloia, seconded by Barbara
       Callahan. Motion passes.

Executive session - 5:12pm - 5:20pm
       Personnel Matter: Interview

Tara Liloia motions to adjourn the meeting. Barbara Callahan seconds. Motion passed.

Adjourned – 6:00pm

Respectfully submitted,
Tara Liloia

Heather Luce, Chairperson

Tara Liloia

Barbara Callahan

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