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									Lesson Planning Pack
Each pack in this new series contains a set of four videos on a specific topic. Two of the videos
are Lesson Starters for use in the classroom, one is a Great Lesson Idea introduced by a teacher
and the other is a Teaching Support video, covering professional development related to covering
this topic. The pack contains written resources linked to the topic.

Pack Title: KS2 Maths: Fractions

This Lesson Planning Pack for KS2 maths focusses on Fractions, Decimals and Percentages. It
includes resources for both teachers and pupils.

Lesson Starter 1: Fractions out Shopping

This lesson starter brings the real world into the classroom, and looks at how supermarkets use
fractions, percentages and decimals on packaging and signs to encourage people to buy their

With lots of big close up shots oflabelling, the lesson starter has been designed to start a
classroom discussion around the signs we see when out shopping as well as what these signs

To extend the discussion teachers can ask questions such as:
   - What does”better than half price” mean?
   - If you get 4 items for £1.00 how much does one item cost?
   - If pet insurance costs £10 a month and you got a 20% discount, how much would you save
       and how much would you pay?

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Lesson Starter 2: Pizza Fractions

This lesson starter, aimed at key stage 2, is designed to get children thinking about fractions. What
do you do when you have a pizza and more and more of your friends want to share it with you?
This resource will help pupils see that fractions are part of a whole.

Before the class watch the video you can ask your pupils to look out for all the different fractions
they see.

After viewing, to extend the discussion, teachers can ask questions such as:
    - Did the waitress need to get a new pizza everytime, or could she have used one of the
        pizzas she had cut earlier? (e.g. the pizza cut in half could have been used to share
        between 4 people, by cutting in half again, the pizza cut into thirds could have been cut into
        sixths to share between 6)
    - If more and more people arrived and wanted to share the pizza, what new fractions might
        you see?

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Great Lesson Idea: Fraction Wall

Year 5 teacher Sophie Crump, at Burnham-on-Crouch Primary School, presents her
lesson on fractions. The objective of her lesson is to help her pupils understand that
fractions are part of a whole.

After starting with a recap of the language of fractions, the class get to make their own
fraction wall. Strips of A3 papers are used, which are then cut up into ½, 1/3, ¼, 1/5 and so
on. Different colours are used for each fraction and then compared to help show

You may wish to show Pizza Fractions within this lesson, to help reinforce the idea that
fractions are part of a whole and view Teaching Support Fractions, Decimals and
Percentages, which looks at the teaching of Fractions and a discussion of equivalence.

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Teaching Support Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

This Teaching Support Video, aimed at Maths teachers, features Isaac Anoom, Mr
Numbervator, teaching a lesson on fractions, decimals and percentages. His lesson,
observed by the class teacher, maths co-ordinator and Fran Bradshaw, local authority
maths advisor for Hertfordshire, is then discussed, along with some of the difficulties that
teachers face when teaching this subject.

Isaac uses shop signs to start his lesson, so it is worth viewing Lesson Starter: Fractions
out Shopping alongside this video.

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