Amendment #1 by nkc8ft


									                                  Amendment #2
                            To Contract 15-91575-703
            Wireless Voice & Data Airtime, Handheld Devices & Support


                             THE STATE OF WISCONSIN

                         DEPARTMENT OF ADMINISTRATION


              CELLCO PARTNERSHIP, a Delaware general partnership,
                         d/b/a VERIZON WIRELESS

This Amendment is between the Department of Administration, acting on behalf of the
State of Wisconsin (“State”) and Cellco Partnership, a Delaware general partnership,
d/b/a Verizon Wireless (“Contractor”).

The Parties agree that this Amendment embodies the entire amended pricing
agreement between the State and Contractor, whether expressed or implied, written or
oral. No additional changes or modifications of any other pricing elements, terms or
conditions to the existing Contract (15-91575-703), including already executed
Amendments, are valid. Amended pricing changes are as detailed in VZAccessSM Plans
(State of Wisconsin BroadbandAccess Share Plan) within this Amendment and as

       Addition of a BroadbandAccess share rate plan for qualifying users that allows
        sharing of 100MB for $39.99 per month.

Contractor agrees that users (current and future) including State Agencies and
Authorized Users shall receive the benefit of amended pricing within forty-five (45)
days following the final authorized signature on this Amendment.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Parties hereto by their duly authorized representatives
have executed this Amendment with full knowledge of this Amendment and agreement
with the terms and conditions of the Contract.

STATE OF WISCONSIN                               CELLCO PARTNERSHIP, a Delaware
DEPARTMENT OF ADMINISTRATION                     general partnership, d/b/a VERIZON

BY:     ________________________________         BY: ________________________________

Name: Michael L. Morgan                          Name: _____________________________

TITLE: Secretary of Administration               TITLE:______________________________

DATE: ________________________________           DATE: ______________________________
         VZAccessSM Plans (State of Wisconsin BroadbandAccess Share Plan)
                   The BroadbandAccess Plan is NOT eligible for discounts.
                                         State of Wisconsin BroadbandAccess Plan
        Monthly Access                                        $39.99
        Data Allowance                                        100MB
      Overage Rate Per KB                                     $0.001
   NationalAccess Roaming                        $0.002 per Kilobyte (Canada)
   Other Data Services/ Per
                                                        $0.25 per minute
          Minute Rate†
    Domestic Long Distance                                   Included
         Wireless E911                                         $0.43
   This fee is determined by                           effective 1/1/2008
   Wisconsin Public Service
Commission and may fluctuate
   throughout the life of the
contract or until such time as
     the fee expires. Upon
expiration of the State statute
 that imposes a tax for E911,
   Verizon Wireless shall no
    longer assess the State
            this fee.
 Universal Service Fund (USF)      Federal universal service surcharges on bundled minute
                                   plans vary by quarter with changes in the FCC rate and
                                   changes in our customers' interstate usage percentage.
                                    Federal universal service surcharges on interstate and
                                    international calls vary by quarter with changes in the
                                                            FCC rate.
              Notes: Current BroadbandAccess coverage details can be found at †Per Minute Rate applies to voice calls, IS-95 and other non-
                       NationalAccess data usage in the United States.

  Share Option: Sharing is available only among State of Wisconsin Subscribers to the
 BroadbandAccess Share Plan. Each sharing State of Wisconsin Subscriber’s unused KBs
  will pass to other sharing State of Wisconsin Subscribers that have exceeded their MB
    allowance during the same monthly billing period. Unused KBs will be distributed
    proportionally as a ration of the KBs needed by each applicable State of Wisconsin
  Subscriber to the total KBs needed by all sharing State of Wisconsin Subscribers. Plan
 changes may not take effect until the billing cycle following the change request. Sharing
          accounts require set up that may take thirty (30) to forty-five (45) days.

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