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					Hello 6th grade parents,

     McClure 6th grade teachers created a Maverick tradition that
enables our students to shop at the “6th grade Maverick Money Store
(MMS)”. By now you may be aware of the infamous Maverick MONEY
that students earn by going above and beyond. Some of our students
already have a large stock pile.

Well, what does one do with all of these dollars?

Can we use them in the McClure Trading Post? No, they are only able
to accept real cash.

Can I use them as a ticket to a Braves game? No, they too only accept
real money.

But you CAN shop at the Maverick Money Store!!!!!!

The MMS will be opened the last Thursday of each month and is
located on the 6th grade hall (one for 6A and one for 6B). Each store
will contain the same merchandise.

Where do our fabulous teachers get the supplies for the MMS? From
our wonderful 6th grade parents!! We are accepting any and all
donations to add to the store. All donations are appreciated.
Examples of past donations are candy, small bags of chips/snacks, small
trinkets, dollar tree items, school supplies (folders, pencils, pens…).
Donations may be sent to Mr. Limpert.

Also, any parents interested in helping to work at our 6th grade
Maverick Money Store, please feel free to contact or

Our Grand Opening will be Sept. 27, 2012 at 8:50a-9:15a.

Thank you so much for your involvement!!!!

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