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The story of the Dawson Community Resource Center began in early 2004,
when as Founder and Executive Director of Just Do It Now, it was determined
that a new school was being planned to replace the Dawson Elementary School
in Wharton. We saw an opportunity to use the old campus as a center to
provide education, training, counseling and support to an underprivileged and
underserved neighborhood, while at the same time preserving a historical
monument within our community.

Taking this vision of empowerment and recovery to administrators and
legislators at the local and state levels, to the faith-based community, and to the
community at large, we’ve waged a tireless campaign to acquire ownership of
the campus when the new school was completed. The message was simple:
“We will take this surplus campus and build a legacy of community service!”

In November of 2008, the Wharton Independent School District voted to deed
the campus to Just Do It Now, and on March 9, 2009, five years after the initial
vision, the Texas Education Agency approved the transaction. At last, we could
begin to implement the vision of service and empowerment!

The Dawson Community Resource Center consists of six buildings, totaling over
80,000 square feet, on a 5.5 acre lot. In includes a gymnasium, cafeteria, library
and over 50 classrooms of varying sizes. There is also an adjacent playground.

                         A                       C              D
    Playground                                                                        F

                 Label                        Description                   Size (SqFt)
                  A      Music Building                                          2,331
                  B      Gymnasium                                              13,018
                  C      4th & 5th Grade Building                               31,606
                  D      Cafeteria                                               6,461
                  E      Library                                                 3,124
                  F      6th Grade Building                                     24,331
                                                                    Total       80,871

Plans for the Dawson Community Resource Center include a wide array of
programs and services designed for all age groups, including:

    • After School Program, aimed at improving academic and social skills
    • GED & Adult Literacy, in partnership with Wharton County Junior College
    • Vocational Training
    • Fitness Center, to encourage general fitness
    • Wellness Center, to provide assistance with diet and health issues
    • Women’s Shelter
    • County Library Branch
    • Day Care for children of working parents and parents in school
    • Senior Activities Center
    • Neighborhood Police Substation
    • Sports Complex, in partnership with the City of Wharton
    • Service-Oriented Retail Space
    • Meeting Facilities

The Dawson Community Resource Center has a wide base of support in the
community, in the form of both contributions and volunteerism. Among these
supporters are:

    • The Faith-Based Community at large
    • Wharton Independent School District
    • Wharton County Junior College
    • Gulf Coast Medical Foundation
    • Adult and Juvenile Probation
    • The City of Wharton
    • Wharton County
    • The Combined Federal Campaign
    • The Trull Foundation
    • Kansas City Southern Railroad
    • Hundreds of individuals

The Dawson Community Resource Center has many expenses which must be
covered in order to operate, and provide programs and services. Among these
expenses are:

    • Utilities
    • Maintenance and Repairs
    • Staffing and Contract Labor
    • Insurance
    • Operating and Administrative Expenses
    • Food
    • Security
    • Furniture and Appliances
    • Newsletter and Website
    • Transportation for Clients
    • Fitness Equipment
    • And many more …

• Honor Roll
     The Honor Roll will prominently display the names of major contributors in the trophy case near
          the administrative offices
     Levels of contribution will be Platinum, Gold, Silver & Bronze

• Locker Sponsorship
     Individuals and businesses will be able to sponsor a locker with their name on it
           for as little as $25
     Upper lockers will cost more than lower lockers
     Small ads may be placed on the lockers for an additional contribution

• Surplus Sale
     The school district left hundreds of furniture, computer and miscellaneous items,
           which will be sold locally and on the internet

• Grants
     Grant applications are being prepared and submitted to support various programs

• Endowments
     Endowments are being pursued, and there are several opportunities to name buildings

• Individual Donors
      Donations are being solicited through the faith-based community, the Combined
            Federal Campaign, and personal contact

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