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Closing Date for Receipt of Proposals is 12 noon, Monday 6th February 2006

Nature of Call
This call invites proposals for Great Western Research studentships.
Great Western Research aims to provide 130 Postgraduate Research Studentships
in the collaborative themes– offered under joint supervision between at least two
HEIs. Studentships must be designed to meet business or broader economic
development needs and will be jointly funded by external partners and SWRDA (via
GWR). Studentships can be held in any SW HEI provided they are compliant with the
current QAA Code for Postgraduate Research Supervision.
Proposals can be for one or more linked studentships.

Studentships have a notional value of £55.2k, i.e. £18.4k pa (including an admin fee).
The maximum contribution from GWR will be £27.6k in total, ie £9.2k pa. The
registering HEI will be expected to cover all costs of accommodation and other
overheads. However, the full cost of some PhD programmes may be higher than
the notional value. In this case the HEI, the external partner, or another source (not
including the SWRDA), either singly or in combination, may top up the studentship to
a higher figure.

All projects must conform to the theme in the relevant Great Western Research -
Theme Description document. Studentships must comply with the rules of the
scheme and will be evaluated against fixed criteria. These are described in the
attached Great Western Research Studentships - Rules and Evaluation Procedure
All projects must involve an external partner based in the South West region. At this
stage, formal support from the partner organisation is not required (ie formal letter of
support etc) however, the application form requires information on the benefit of the
project to the organisation. Proposers will have up to 6 months to secure a formal
agreement using a standard Great Western Research Studentship contract once
their project outline has been approved.

Application Procedure
Applications must be submitted electronically using the studentship project
application form:
Guidance on completing the form is attached.
The form will be directed automatically to the secretary of the relevant theme panel.

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Timetable for First Call
This first call will only include proposals for studentships.
14th December 2005                   Call for Proposals issued.
6th February 2006                    Submission deadline.
6 March 2006                         Proposers Notified.
6 September 2006                     Final date for contracts to be signed by the project

Timetable for Second Call
There will be a second call for proposals at the end of March 2006. This will include
proposals for studentships and fellowships. Further calls may be issued.

Where to Find Information and Help
Theme descriptions; studentship rules and evaluation procedure; and guidance notes
for completing the application form, accompany this call. All this information is also
available at or by contacting the interim Executive
Director, Sean Fielding,
To avoid duplications, a central database has been established, and will be available
through the website, to hold details of the companies being approached regarding
GWR studentships. Please forward details of any organisations you have spoken to,
to your Institutional Co-ordinator in order for this information to be entered onto the
For help in submitting proposals, researchers should contact their Institutional
Coordinator. Contact details can be found on the website:

   1. Great Western Research Theme Description
   2. Great Western Research Studentships Rules and Evaluation Procedure
   3. Great Western Research Guidance Note on Completing the Studentship
      Project Application Form

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