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					                                                 Sacred Heart School
September, 2012

Dear Parents and Guardians of Junior High Students,

Welcome to the start of an exciting year of learning and achievement in junior high! We are delighted to be teaching
your child this year, and anticipate a wonderful school year together. We would like to take this opportunity to first
inform you of some new and exciting changes that are occurring in September.

The 2012-2013 school year marks the beginning of an educational reformation with the implementation of the
Common Core curriculum. Adopted by the Archdiocese of New York, the Common Core is a nationwide set of
standards aimed at keeping children all over the United States of America learning the same concepts and skills for
their respective grade level. With the Common Core, teachers will be covering fewer topics, but will explore deeper
meanings of the topics that are taught. This will not only allow students more time to gain a better understanding of
the material taught, but also allow students to practice and apply the skills that are taught. More information can be
found at

A second change at Sacred Heart School will be the implementation of a middle school model of learning, which
departmentalizes each subject area. Simply put, each subject area will have a specific teacher, which will have
students switching classes. Therefore, your child will have multiple teachers this year!

It is our hope that our classrooms become a community of learners. We strongly believe that each student has
valuable contributions to make to his/her overall learning and growth. Our goal is to create a classroom environment
where each student has opportunities to experience success and is encouraged to work to his/her fullest potential.
The first available opportunity for this is to complete the summer assignments posted on the website. The grades on
these assignments will have a significant impact on the first quarter. This is an opportunity to start the year positively.

This year the junior high students will be involved in many cooperative learning projects where the child will learn
both academic and social skills by working constructively with their peers. We will be exploring the different types of
themes across literature, religion, mathematics, English Language Arts, science, and social studies. Students in
grade six and eight will also be taking the New York State Mathematics and English Language Arts Exams, as well
as the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS). Grade 7 students will take the ITBS. These exam dates will be noted on the
SHS calendar and in the Parent/Student Handbook.

Attached with this letter you will find a list of specific supplies. Students are expected to be prepared each day they
come to school—with homework, supplies, and uniform. If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact
us via email (see addresses below).

Once again, we look forward to meeting each of you for our "Back to School Night!”

Junior High Team Members

612 Mr. Christopher Lupinacci

616 Mrs. Ruth DeJimenez

709 Ms. Michelle Attilio

710 Mrs. Constance Usera

803 TBA

805 Mr. Jose Rivera
                       Student Supply List for Grades 6-8

Dear Parents and Guardians of Sacred Heart Student,

Please be advised that this year your child will be taught each subject by a different teacher.
Therefore, the teachers of grades 6-8 have established one supply list. Under each subject area,
the teachers have provided a list for what needs to be purchased by the first full week of school—
Monday, September 10, 2012. If you have the supplies ahead of time, please bring them in before
the due date.

General Supplies
    One (1) soft pencil case containing the following:
          o Six (6) blue or black erasable pens (needed daily-replenish if needed)
          o Two (2) red erasable pens (needed daily-replenish if needed)
          o Six (6) sharpened pencils (needed daily-replenish if needed)
          o Three (3) Highlighters of different colors (needed daily-replenish if needed)
    One (1) hard pencil box (art box) containing the following:
          o One (1) pair of child-safe scissors
          o One (1) box of markers (pack of 10)
          o One (1) box of colored pencils (pack of 12)
          o Two (2) glue sticks
    One (1) ream of 8 ½ “ x 11 “ white copy paper- 500 sheets
    Two (2) packages of college-ruled loose leaf paper
    One (1) package of 9” x 12” construction paper- assorted colors
      Two (2) package of 3x5 index cards with lines
      One (1) Index card case
      One (1) Set of 3” x 5” index card dividers
      One (1) Pocket Dictionary
      One (1) box of tissues
      One (1) package of disinfectant wipes
      Eight to Ten (8-10) Book covers (can be book sox) for textbooks
      One (1) 4GB or higher USB Flash Drive
      $25 for the school to purchase the NYS ELA and Math Coach books and a graph notebook (all
Religion Class Supplies
     One (1) composition notebook

Reading Class Supplies
    One (1) composition notebook
    One (1) package of Post-it® Super Sticky 4" x 4" or larger.
    Two (2) two-pocket plastic folders

Mathematics Class Supplies
      One (1) Ruler- 12 inch with cm and mm on opposite side
      One (1) 6” Protractor- Clear, can be colored but should be see through
      One (1) two-pocket plastic folders
      Scientific Calculator Ti-30

English Language Arts Class Supplies
      Two (2) composition notebooks
      Three (3) plain pocket folders for: assessments, classwork, homework, and writing portfolio
      One (1) black Sharpie marker
      One (1) package of 12” x 18” construction paper- assorted colors

Science Class Supplies
      One (1) composition notebook labeled “Science Notebook” (no spirals)
      Two (2) folders. One will be for assessments/quizzes the other for classwork/projects

Social Studies Class Supplies
      One (1) composition notebook- recommended Staples brand
      Two (2) folders with bottom pockets

Spelling and Vocabulary Class Supplies
      One (1) composition notebook
      One (1) folder with bottom pockets

     Please, no white out, mechanical pencils, binders, or spiral notebooks!

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