Landesk Creating Queries by WHND9499


									                       What are Queries and What are they based on?
  A query is a way of getting information from a program (Landesk), usually a database (where
Landesk information is stored). A query is a question that filters the information you tell it and
displays the results of this filtered information.

Most queries in Landesk use “logical” or “mathematical” connectors (“like”, “not like”, =, >) to get the
data you want. In most cases, the information you want will be related to your computers. However,
you can get information about a) the software on a machine, b) the software used at your school, c)
your users, and d) Active Directory.

You set up the question using the “fields” Landesk has set up when it first inventories your machine.
To see the fields you can “query”, pick a machine in Landesk & double click on it. You will see lots of
information about the machine. If you click on the word System
1. Open up your Landesk

2. Make sure you are in
   Network View

3. Locate the Queries section.

      Notice the “My queries”
       folder just below the
       Queries section.

4. Right mouse click on My

5. Select New Query.
6. The NewQuery window
   opens up.

      Landesk presents you
       with a lot of fields and
       sub-fields (on the left)
       that you can use in a

7. Type in a descriptive name
   for the query. Start it with
   your school number.

      Example:

       5011 Lenovo Computers

      Notice the word

      There are lots of
       “things” (fields) listed
       under Computer.

      Each of these fields
       contain data about your
       computer. You can
       create queries to group
       computers that have the
       same data (or lack of
8. Scroll down to “System” and
   click on the + (plus) to expand
   the options under System

      We choose System under
       Computer because we want the
       field that contains the
       Manufacturer of the “computer”

9. Click on the word

      Notice that Landesk has
       started to build a
       “question” (query) in a
       language it understands.

      Notice that it uses the
       fields we selected.
10. Click on the word “Like” in
    the middle column

      Notice that the word
       “Like” is added to the
       query below

11. If you have a check in the
    “Display scanned values”
    box, a list of choices
    gathered from all of your
    school’s machines will
    appear in the far right

12. Double-click on “LENOVO”
    to select it and add it down

      You could also type in
       the word Lenovo in the
       “Edit Values” box in the
       right column
13. Click on the INSERT button
   to insert your query into the
   query box below.

      Notice the equation is now
       complete and makes

14. Click the SAVE button to save
    your query.

15. The saved query appears
    under the My queries

16. Double-click on it to run the
   The results of the query

   In the lower left corner of
    your console, you will see
    how many items met your

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