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									                                                Jared Mark Sues
                 3228 Highland Ln.                                              jms348@cornell.edu
                 Fairfax VA 22031                                                  703-635-6123

Johns Hopkins University Whiting School of Engineering           M.E. in Mechanical Engineering (expected) May 2013
Cornell University College of Engineering                                  B.S. in Mechanical Engineering May 2009
W. G. Enloe Gifted and Talented High School                                   Int’l. Baccalaureate Diploma June 2005

Security Clearance: Current. Details provided upon request.
•Comfortable with Linux and Windows based operating systems; •Proficient in Solid Works CAD; •Proficient in
Ansys CAD; •Proficient with Lab View; •Proficient with Matlab; •Proficient with strain gauge application and data
collection; •Proficient with Spectrum Analyzers and Signal Generators; •Proficient with all of Microsoft Office, Open
Office, and Vim; •Familiar with Microsoft Visual Studio, Perl, Yum, and Ant; •Proficient in machining (both high
precision milling/lathing and free work); •Proficient in soldering

Relevant Course Work:
•Robotics; •Fab@Home Project Team ($1500 rapid prototyper); •Intermediate Java; •Communications for Engineers;
•Fluids and Heat Transfer Lab; •Prof. Practice in Mechanical Engineering (tech/proposal writing); •Introduction to
circuits; •Heat Transfer; •System Dynamics; •Mechanical Properties and Performance; •Physics (Waves); •Mechanical
Synthesis; •Mechanical Properties and Selection of Engineering Materials; •Dynamics; •Linear Algebra •Mechatronics;
•Fluid Mechanics; •Mechanical and Aerospace Structures; •Statistics; •Mechanics of Solids; •Multivariable Calculus;
•Intro. to Signals and Telecommunications; •24 Hour UAV Project Team; •Thermodynamics; •Differential Equations;
•Physics (Thermophysics, Electromagnetics and Circuits); •Integral Calculus; •Introduction to Computer Science: Java

Work Experience
SAIC: Missile Defense and Space Op Division
        Engineer: preparing input files for missile defense software based on customer battlespace specs; designing
        post-processing tools to automatically generate PowerPoint presentations using Matlab; determining specific
        causes for significant changes in performance supported by statistical analysis; and compiling, proofing and
        presenting missile defense reports to the customer                                          August 2010-present
SAIC: Electronic Systems Division
       Full-time Engineer: Supported multiple GPS related test efforts; post processed data using Matlab; helped create
       project bid proposals and progress reports; ran test logistics before and during tests   Nov 2009-August 2010
        Internships (two summers):
        Designed and implemented modifications/improvements to a custom system simulator consisting of Pico PCs;
        custom DSP radio boards; DAQs and variable attenuators; designed and built mini test suites for additional side
        testing; wrote scripts using Visual Studio, Perl, Ant and shell scripts; designed a test script that output to a
        website and updated system configurations on both Linux and Windows machines                      Summer 2008
        Worked with PC-104 boards; designed and built powered testing equipment; built custom cables; conducted
        pre-test certification of equipment for deployment; assisted with the build-out of a new comms labSummer 2007
Datapoint Labs: Material Testing Lab
       Built testing equipment; prepared samples; ran materials tests; optimized report production by automating major
       portions of the reporting process                                                                  Summer 2006

Honors and Awards
Eagle Scout of the Boy Scouts of America                       International Baccalaureate Diploma

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