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									                        Health Group
       Minutes of Meeting - Monday 26th April 2010

       Present: Diana Todd, Paul Slinger, Maundy Todd, Su
Fitzgerald, Karen Long, Ruth Wey, Padraic Costello, Bethan Clarke,
Kate Pedliham, Marie Cummings, Danny Bungaroo

 X      Apologies: Kenny Gibson

1.     Pre-meeting                                         No Actions.
Began to talk about where we are with Hospital
Passports, MT is concerned about the layout and
colour scheme, SF and RW spoke about being unable
to change anything on the first issues of this new
document but this can be reviewed at a later date
once it has been appropriately piloted.

2.     Hospital Passports continued with whole group.
Three main points from MT that she would like to
      Hospital passport is only for hospital stays but
       should be available to all clients in case of
       emergency hospital stays. Is it mandatory?
      Is a legal contract? Can it be used as such and
       for the same purposes
      Re-iterates    that   this   is    an   important
       communication aid, would like clarification as to
       who    fills   out    the    Hospital    Passport
       (family/GP/support worker?). Is there anything
       that accompanies the document?
SF suggests that the guidance needs to start going
out to appropriate sources and used rather than
more discussion so we can start to see what if any
problems come up. SF also informs us that this not a
legal document at present but can be used in place of
one (as there is no legal document in place within the
NHS for the admission of people with learning
MT feels it is essential that people with a LD should
have one for hospital stays, however it is down to the
individual to choose for themselves (where able) if
they want one. MC said that those with greater
needs really should have one arranged for them. The
board agrees that if this is possible than it is a good
idea, discussions around how to get the information
to the relevant people and services, BC suggests that
we (RBK LD services) can send out to all our
providers once some guidance is in place. KL said that
one had recently had to be filed out in the hospital DB to create
and asked who is / should be monitoring the filling guidance document
out of the Hospital Passport.                             and bring to next
The board discusses this and DB agrees to write meeting
some guidance on this in time for the next meeting.
KL suggests a series of seminars could be held for KL to think about
GP’s, support workers, family members and service planning the
users. BC and KP said they could arrange places and content of seminars
dates for the seminars to be held. MC asked PS and
DT who they would prefer to fill out the document KP and BC to action
for them. PS suggests the support worker or GP any requests for
would be good if they know them well. DT agrees seminars to be held
with PS. MC cannot for-see this happening easily. by arranging times
Discussion around whether support workers should and places.
be involving this in care plans, and updating at least
annually after the annual health check. Everybody
seems to agree this is a good idea but putting into
practice will be harder. All Agree guidance is needed
urgently. DB will go back to A2A (access to acute
services) and complete short easy read guidelines
document as mentioned before in actions. KL asked
who would lead in open sessions for family, support
workers, providers etc although nobody offered and
there is no action attached to this at present. DB
said he has been talking to staff at the hospital
about the Hospital Passport but agreed more needs DB – to bring
to be done. KL asked if we could keep a list of who is induction list to
being informed. DB already has a list of inductee’s next meeting.
and will bring this along to the next meeting.

MT raises the issue of 3 PCT trusts having applied Parliament to write
for specialist LD nurse and been turned down despite to local MP’s, Chief
Andrew Sedden previously suggesting there would be executive and copy
money in the budget to employ. PC stated that there to the finance
were no specialist LD nurses employed in hospitals director to see why
across the country.                                      this has not been
MC said she and the Parliament thought there should acted on as
be/would be after a previous meeting with Andrew suggested by
who indicated funding available so is unsure why the Andrew.
3 PCT’s were turned down.
DB asked ‘would it be wise to link in LD services
and corporate inductions for family, support workers DB to update KL on
etc, like an open session.’ DB is looking at having progress.
these sessions ready to roll out by September as he
is still awaiting guidance. KL asked if DB can report
back any updates.
BC said we could get the information to the right KP and DB to liaise
people by using existing groups and the provider’s and co-ordinate the
forum. Jodi can organise lunchtime seminars and KP seminars/sessions.
and DB to liaise to arrange meetings / open sessions KP to liaise with
etc.                                                   Jodi to set up the
SF raised the issue of whether GP’s should be locations etc.
informed /advised via seminars and the general
consensus was yes. There will be a guidance to send
out however the group feels that GP’s should really
come along for seminars/open sessions as well as
hospital staff, families and support workers.
MT mentioned that allergies need to be clearly
highlighted as well as intolerances to things and
asked for this to be included in the guidance. Some
discussion around whether families and support
workers/hospital staff should receive. Is there a 24 DB and PC to feed
hour emergency number?                                 back to the review.
MT - Who’s responsible for filling in the document
and keeping it up to date? Quality control could be
done through annual reviews but this may not be
enough. Key part of training should be to raise
awareness of the need for training for in between
SF suggests we go ahead with what we have already
and after a time audit the information. Most people
should have an emergency contact already.
MT asks that the action plan goes onto the LD Ask Jodi Nkrumah
website.                                               information officer.
  3. Kenny Gibson update cannot be done as he is
           not at today’s meeting.
  4. MT informs the group that the action group has
           asked the health group to get involved in
     nutrition. This will have to go on the next MT /KP to place on
     agenda.                                              next agenda.
5. MT asks PC who is responsible for the person
     with a LD whilst in hospital, support workers,
     families or hospital staff? PC Said the
     hospital is responsible for hospital care
     where additional support is needed is should
     come from Kingston LD services (support
     workers or family carers).
6. SF asks what message are we sending hospital All involved in the
     staff, do they know what the support training process to
     workers role is? Do the support workers action during open
     know too? Can there be some action around sessions/seminars.
     this integrated in the training? MC is
     concerned that family carers are not getting
     a room or always allowed to stay by the
     bedside of the patient. SF agrees that some
     families are just not confident in the
     hospital staff dealing with learning disability
     patients. There is some debate over the Parliament to write
     issue and MC was under the impression that a letter to hospital
     this had already been resolved                       regarding the issue.
7. MT raises the issue of disabled parking bays
     being misused by the public at Cassel
     hospital, we are awaiting a responce from
     the hospital.
8. Health facilitation – reffering to document
     supplied at the meeting by PC. LD services
     need to be linked into the document and
     local   services   are     missing   the    visual
     impairment      steering    groups    and     the
     dementia     steering groups. There is         an
     identified need of more contact details to PC and KL to action
     be on the document for easy reference/use.      changes.
9. Health Group Action Plan has been updated by
     KL and given to the group. We went through
     the updated version as a group and the
     following was discussed;
Kenny Gibson was due to forward to the group the SF to feed back to
numbers of practices attending training sessions the group at the
once complete, due to illness this has now been next meeting.
passed to SF.
The need for GP training was discussed and all RW, KL and PC to
agreed that a leaflet although helpful would not action.
be sufficient. It is agreed that the community
team is to write to GP’s practices to try and get
as many as possible to attend training sessions.
LD services can provide seminar training to GP’s KL and PC to
and go into practices.                               provide training. DB
                                                     to update next
Still waiting the training pack completed and KP to liaise with
agreed by parliament to be advertised. Awaiting Glen and action
Glen Mills’ approval.                                this.
The group has set a target date of establishing
the total number of people requiring a Health
Action     Plan   through   an   audit.   Due   date PC to perform audit
01/09/2010.                                          by 01/09/2010.

Health Action Plans are now being piloted at a GP RW to report back
surgery.                                             progress next
All agree it would be very useful to feed in Annual meeting. BC to e-
Health checks with Health Action Plans, could be mail providers to
done by support worker as long as they are aware see what they
of the need through training etc.                       already have in
Regarding the set up of parliament drop-in place.
sessions; due to the poor attendance has now
ceased. Visits have been set up in their place and
it   is   confirmed    that   Alice   does   feedback
information to the Parliament regulary and will be
talking about HAP’s.
Regarding the PAL’s leaflet (patient advice and SF to action/chase
liaison service). SF says the info held on patients up.
with LD at hospitals is not getting across and the
PCT need to propose changes that are possible to
make the information more accessible.
MC said she is not sure enough easy info meetings MC to talk to
are happening.                                          Wendy Reed from
We need to ask GP’s if they can get sufficient Cresent.
information out of training sessions and via a
computer system (CRS) that flags up LD.
Parliament to contact hospital directly regarding Parliament to
having skilled nursing staff/ carers if needed stay contact direct.
at the hospital overnight/past visiting hours.
Other services such as eye tests, dental trips,
podiatry and chiropodist services and the support KL will ask the
around these areas. Kenny was due to give an visual impairment
update but has sent apologies for today as he is group to give an
sick – to be carried over to the next meeting.          update or ideas.
Discussed Dementia screening and whether this
falls into LD services, will get an update from the SF/RW to action
dementia steering group.
MT led a discussion re: Accessibility at GP Parliament to see if
services and hospitals is not being put in place this has changed.
despite it being a legal requirement.One hospital
failed the standard that we know of. There is also
  abuse of the disabled parking spaces and a lack of
  prosecution. SF cannot see how the health group
  can impact on this however MT would like to try Need to check with
  and make a difference in this area, perhaps by Kenny.
  including something in the literature given to
  10.   MT has been asked to bring up issue of MT will update us
        health and nutrition.                          at next meeting.
  11. The August meeting has been pencilled in for KP to cancel original
        the bank holiday and needs changing.           and send out invites
                                                       for alternative

Next meeting Monday 7th June

Pre meeting – 09.30-10.00am
Main meeting – 10.00-11.30am

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