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									                                                  BDS 930: 1980

                                  BANGLADESH STANDARD


                           Table 1: Particulars of Sacking and Bag
                                        (Clause 4.1)

Sl.           Characteristic                Requirement                     Tolerance
 i)    Dimension of bag:
           a) Outside length                    44 in          +157
                                             (or 112 cm)       -0
           b) Outside width
                                               26⅛ in             +4
                                             (or 67.5 cm)               cm
ii)    Weight per bag                            2⅝            +0.264
                                             (or 1120 g)       -0.198

iii)   Porter (or Ends per dm)                    8            ±0.47
                                               (or 102)        ±6
iv)    Shots per inch                             9            ±0.51
       (or picks per dm)                       (or 35)         (±2)
v)     Breaking load of sacking
       {Strip method 5x8 in
       (10x20 cm)}

       Warpway                             450 lb (204 kg)
       Weftway                             397 lb (180 kg)
vi)    Breaking load of seam                148 lb (67 kg)
Note: the buyer and the seller may agree to the dimensions other than those specified above. In that case,
same tolerance of +1.57 in +4 cm shall apply; the weight of bag shall be proportional to the
                          -0        -0
weight of standard bag 2⅝ lb. 44x 26½ in. (1190g and 112 x 67.5 cm) with a tolerance of +10 percent
on bag weight and calculated on the basis of

              (a) The weight per square yard of cloth 1.39 lb. (or, 750g per square metre).
              (b) The area of the cloth including the hem length 3 in (7.6 cm) and
              (c) The weight of twine used in hemming and stitching, taking the length of twine as 5 times
                  the length of hemming or seam or safety stitc and taking the count of hemming twine as
                  899 lbs/spyndle or 310 tex (mid value of the range 275 to 345 tex specified in 3.3) and
                  the count of sewing twine in the seam as 380 tex x 3.

                                  Table 2: Requirements of Packed Bales

                                           (Clause 2.3, 2.4 and 4.2)

       Sl.            Characteristic                                    Requirement
        i) Total number of bags                                              400
       ii)    Number of joined bags per bundle of 25 bags                     1
       iii)   Contract weight of bale                                  1050 lbs (476 kg)
       iv)    Moisture regain                                  Not less than contract weight
        v)    Moisture regain                                          22 percent, Max
       vi)    Oil content on dry deoiled material basis                 8 percent, Max

Note 1- the number of bags per bale shall be 400 or as specified in an agreement between the buyer and
the seller.

Note 2- Contract weight of a bale is calculated as follows:
Contract weight of a bale = Nominal weight of a bag x Specified number of bags per bale.
(Contract weight of a bale specified in the table is on the basis of 2.625 lb. (1190g) per bag and 400 bags
per bale.)
Note 3- Corrected net weight of a bale is calculated as follows:

Corrected net weight of a bale    =   net weight x (100+contract regain percent)
                                      100 + average moisture regain percent

Note 4- the specified oil content value of 8 percent corresponds to about 7 percent when determined on
dry deoiled material plus 20 percent regain basis.

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