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					                CHAPMAN PRIMARY SCHOOL                                         Thursday 24 May 2012
              Perry Drive, Chapman ACT 2611 Ph: 6205 7300 Fax: 6205 7307 Website: www.chapmanps.act.edu.au
                                                     “Working with families”
Principal       Anne Simpson          6205 7300                        After School Care 3.00pm    0408 880 655/6288 0655
P&C Contact     Michael Sebo          0404 799096                      After School Care website   www.chapmanpandc.info
Board Chair     Louise Pitman         6161 6263                        After School Care email     cpasc@bigpond.com
Email           school.information@chapmanps.act.edu.au                Chapman P&C Website         www.chapmanpandc.info

                            Term 2 Week 4                                                               Attachments
                    DATES TO REMEMBER                                                    The following documents are on the end of the
Chapman Open Day, 9.30am – 11.00am                        Friday     25 May                   Chapman Open Day Flyer
Year 2 Assembly, 12.15pm                                  Friday     25 May                   Lifeline Bookfair
Kindy Screening                                           Mon-Wed    28-30 May                           Notes home
Yr 1 National Museum Excursion                            Thursday   31 May
                                                                                                  Yr 3 National Museum Excursion
Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes, Yrs 4 – 6           Monday     18 June
                                                                                                  Kindy CSIRO & Botanic Gardens
Headlice and Conjunctivitis have been reported throughout                                          Excursion.
the school. Please check your child and treat accordingly.                                        Yr 1 National Museum Excursion

Dear Parents and Carers
Open Morning for Prospective Enrolments
Tomorrow we are hosting an Open Morning for parents who have already enrolled or intend to enroll children in Preschool in 2013.
All parents and other interested community members will meet in the hall for a performance by our Indonesian Dancers beginning at
9.30am. Following an information session facilitated by our SRC leaders, parents will be taken on a guided tour of the school. The
morning will conclude with a morning tea and an opportunity to watch our fabulous Chapman Champs demonstrate their skipping
Enrichment Programs at Chapman
In addition to classroom learning, Chapman Primary School offers a number of extra-curricular activities and programs to provide
enrichment opportunities for students in a range of areas. Many of these take place within the school, drawing on the skills of staff
members. Others activities make use of the expertise of community groups and other specialized programs available outside the
school. This also includes a range of competitions, challenges and performances.
This week, 25 Year 5 and 6 students participated in the first of five Maths Olympiad challenges. The children were presented with 5
very challenging questions and were required to think strategically and creatively, drawing on their problem solving skills to solve
these questions. Many of the children found the challenge exhilarating and are looking forward to their future participation.
Another enrichment activity involving the Yr 5/6 students is the Da Vinci Decathlon which will be held in Week 6. This is held at
Canberra Grammar School, and is an academic inter-school gala day run in the spirit of an Olympic Decathlon with this year’s theme
being “Flight”. Three teams from Chapman will engage in ten different activities developed to ensure that creative and critical
thinking skills are unleashed.
Other Enrichment programs available to students include regular lunchtime programs which will vary from year to year depending on
student interest and teacher skills.
Congratulations to Madeline Cia Cia, Talitha Thompson, Mase Duggan and Andrew Carroll who auditioned and have been selected
for the Primary Concert Band. These children along with a selection of year 6 students from across the ACT will have the opportunity
to perform at various functions throughout the year and at Bandstravaganza held at Llewelyn Hall in November. What an honour to
have had four Chapman students selected. Great playing.

In order to ensure that children obtain enough Vitamin D and to allow for healthy bone development and maintenance, wearing a
sunhat at Chapman is optional (SunSmart Policy) during the winter months of June and July. Instead, children can wear a RED
beanie. Polar fleece beanies with the school logo are available from the school uniform shop. Thank you for your support in ensuring
your child wears appropriate school uniform.
Public Education Week
National Public Education Week will take place 21-25 May 2012. Public Education Day will be celebrated on Thursday 24 May. This
is a celebration of the excellent work of teachers, students, parents, departmental staff and the wider community in public schools. At
our school assembly tomorrow Friday 25 th May we will acknowledge the contribution of our teachers with the presentation of
“Recognition of Service” certificates.

REMINDER Medical Excursion Note
In week 2 of this term all families received Medical Excursion notes. Thank you to those families who have returned these notes to
their child’s class teacher. It is important that we have these notes completed and returned before students attend Friday sport or an
excursion that involves them leaving the school. This Medical Excursion note will be kept by the school and teachers will then be able
to take current general medical information with them on all excursions.
Please ensure you have completed and returned your child’s Medical Excursion note by this Friday 25 May.
Anne and Staff

This week, Preschool went on an excursion to the Bus Wash. We had two very special bus drivers, Brendan and Steve. We were given
special bus tickets that we had to hold onto for the ride. They needed our help with traffic lights so they would know when to stop,
slow down and go. They gave us a Spotto sheet and we had to find all of the things that were on the sheet and yell SPOTTO when we
found them! We saw where the buses go when they are sick and need to be taken care of. We also saw where a buses engine is….it is
in the back! We tried to wake up the sleeping buses but they wouldn’t wake up no matter how loud we yelled. We had a ticket
inspection by the manager and luckily we all had our tickets. Then we went through the Bus Wash. It was very big and had big blue
brushes that washed the sides of the bus. We then came back to preschool exhausted from all of our waving and yelling Spotto. It was
a great morning.
The Preschool Educators

Kindergarten The Garden
Term 2 is well underway and the kindergarten students are showing great improvements in reading, writing and social skills. Now that
it is getting colder please make sure that your child comes to school with a warm jumper that is clearly labelled with their name.
This term the kindergarten students have been investigating an interesting I.I unit, ‘In the Garden’. In our classes we have been
growing plants, investigating bug life and distinguishing between living and non-living things. At the end of the term, Kindergarten
will be going on an excursion to the CSIRO and Botanic Gardens, as an end to this unit of work. Permission notes for this excursion
will be sent home in week 5, please return the notes as soon as possible.
Reminder: At Chapman our school day begins at 8:50am, please make sure your child is waiting at the classroom door at this time.
Coming after this time disrupts the class and delays the day’s activities. If you do arrive after the bell you must go to the office to get
a late pass to give to your child’s teacher.
Thank you to all of the parent helpers that have come into our classrooms to help swap home readers and read with the students. A big
congratulations to all of the children who are constantly swapping their readers every day and the parents that are sharing stories each
night. We are already seeing an improvement in the children’s reading! Don’t forget to keep up the hard work in learning the Golden
The Kindergarten Teachers

Year 1 Under the Sea
                 We are now well into Term 2 with report writing currently taking place and a new Integrated Inquiry to begin.
                 Integrated Inquiry
                 This week we begin our new Integrated Inquiry ‘My Place.’ We will be investigating the geographical features of our
                 local region, Weston Creek. We will also be looking at important features of Canberra and Australia. The enduring
                 understanding we hope to achieve is Different places have features which help us identify and connect with them.
                 The children thoroughly enjoyed their walk up Cooleman Ridge on Tuesday which was an introduction to this unit.
Next Thursday is our excursion to the National Museum of Australia. The children will be participating in a program called
‘Aboriginal Australia’ with a particular focus on the local area. It will be a whole day excursion and we are hoping for a couple of
parents from each class to come along and assist. Please speak to your child’s teacher if you are able to help. Just a reminder that
the excursion notes and the excursion medical information notes are now due. If you have not returned these notes please can
you get them in as soon as possible!
Spelling homework
Spelling homework went home again on Monday this week. Each child will have their own individual list of five words to practise
using the spelling strategy listed on the handout in Week 2. The students will also be doing activities during literacy sessions to assist
them in spelling commonly used words correctly.
Kind Regards, Laura Poultney, Nicky Dears, Kristy Messenger, Helen Tranter and Kirsten Waldron

Year 2 The Aviary
Term 2 is now well underway with our literacy and numeracy groups continuing and our new Integrated Inquiry ‘May the Forces Be
With You’.
Homework this term is oral presentations. New term topics were sent home recently. It is expected that students will present on their
news day once every two weeks. Oral presentations should be planned and talked about at home before presenting them to the class.
In the fortnight between presentations student should decide on the topic and how they are going to present it. They then need to
gather information, write it up and practice at home. We have already been impressed with the quality of presentations and are
looking forward to many more well prepared presentations.
Could you please check that all the jumpers and jackets that are coming to school have your child’s name clearly written on them. It is
also a good opportunity to ensure that the correct jumpers are coming home in the afternoon.
Lastly the Year 2 assembly is this Friday. We have been working hard on our items to share with you. Hope to see you there!
The Year 2 teachers

Year 3 Shining Stars
                          The students are excited to be commencing their new unit of inquiry this week, “What makes Australia the
                          clever country?” Ask your child to tell you about some of the inventions they know that have been designed
                        in Australia. We had some interesting discussions during which the students prioritised a list of Australian
                        inventions and had to identify which ones they considered to be the most important and justify their
                     responses. We are looking forward to going to the National Museum on Tuesday 5 th June to participate in some
exciting hands on tasks exploring past and present Australian inventions.
The Year 3 teachers are so pleased with the increasing maturity and settled work habits being demonstrated daily by our students.
This was particularly evident last week when the students participated in the NAPLAN national testing for the first time. The students
approached the tests in a calm manner and all strived to do their personal best. Thank you to our Year 3 families for assisting us last
week by ensuring all students arrived on time and well rested.
      Please send in any old magazines, newspapers, clean meat trays or egg cartons to replenish our wet area supplies.
As you would have seen in our term overview, Year 3 will be hosting the NAIDOC week assembly on the final day of term, Friday 6 th
July at 12.10pm.
Regards, Year 3 teachers

                   Last week the racers attended camp at Warrambui! Ashley, Aleesha and Ted reflect on their experience
                   and favourite moments.
                            Recently Year 4 went to camp at Warrambui, we all had so much fun! The activities we did were Archery,
                            Frisbee Golf and Orienteering. Archery was by far one of our favourites. The cabins were AMAZING and
                            the beds were very comfy. Each group had their own bathroom and the lights came on automatically. A
                          sustainable camp! The food was yummy and we had dessert after lunch and dinner. We had a Trivia night
which was AWESOME. There were 4 different categories which were sport, entertainment, Australia and general knowledge. It was
hard but we had great fun in our teams. During breakfast, Casey the camp’s kangaroo and her baby came and joined us. She ate
some of our breakfast oats! On our last day we visited the wool shed and learnt about the different kinds of sheep and how to tell a
good fleece. A sheep was shorn in front of us and we were given bits of Marino and regular wool. Unfortunately all good things
must come to an end and we made our way back to Canberra. Lots of Zzzzzzz!

Year 4 have been working solidly to produce their dioramas for the inquiry Surface Deep. These will be displayed in classrooms for
parents to come and view shortly. Year 4 are also going to start visiting our pre-school buddies next week and look forward to sharing
our dioramas with them and getting to know each other.
There have been a few changes to our library times please see below if your child’s class is affected:
4RC- Monday         4RW- Monday          4WM- Tuesday
The Year 4 Teachers

Year 5/6 The Great Hall
Our year 6 students had a visit to Stromlo High on Monday. All students had a wonderful time participating in woodwork lessons,
computer activities (in which they programmed their own games) and some engaging sports lessons. Parents are advised that ACT
public high schools are currently holding open nights over the next 2 weeks.
Homework will be sent out Monday after some explicit teaching has occurred around note taking. Please continue reading and
We have begun our Integrated Inquiry unit ‘Our Restless Earth’ which is a focus on natural disasters that occur around the world.
Students have watched some footage and viewed some slideshows around a specific natural disaster. Please discuss with your child
what they observed and learnt about their specific natural disaster.
The Year 5/6 team.

A-E Reporting
A-E Reports will be sent home in Week 10. If you DO NOT wish your child to receive an A – E Report please let the front office
know no later than Friday 8 June.
If you require two copies of your child’s Report, please notify the Front Office on 6205 7300 no later than Monday 25 June.
Children who are eligible for exemption will receive a letter shortly outlining the exemption process.
Chapman Library Update – Chief Minister’s Reading Challenge
I was so excited by the enthusiastic response from so many of our students here at Chapman Primary School when I introduced the
Chief Minister’s Reading Challenge late last term. In fact I am very proud to say we have already received completed entry forms
from Toby McCormack (3SH), Sijin Soon (4RW), Liam Goode (5/6FD) and Caitlin Bull (4RW) –– obviously we have some very
dedicated readers in our school population! We have full student participation from Pre-school, Kindergarten and Year One through
teachers reading 12 books from the designated list to whole class groups. There is still time for individual students to enter – the
reading challenge finishes on 5th September. Keep up the reading everyone!
Mrs Foggett, Teacher Librarian

Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes – Year 4-6
Students from Year 4 to Year 6 have the opportunity to attend a stage production called Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes on
Monday 18 June at the Erindale Theatre.
Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes is about a 12 year old girl who dreams of one day becoming Japan’s greatest ever runner.
Then suddenly she is struck down by an illness. It is caused by the radiation from the Atom bomb dropped on her home town of
Hiroshima, but Sadako is full of the spirit of life and never gives up hope. She believes that one day she can again run like the wind…
if only she can make a thousand paper cranes. Sadako’s message for peace has turned into a worldwide movement. Her story is a
celebration of life and has touched the hearts of children all around the world.
As the Erindale Theatre has limited performances, our school has been allocated limited seats for our students. The first 190 students
from Year 4 to Year 6 who return their signed permission note with money to the front office will attend the performance. Full
payment and permission note must be returned by tomorrow, Friday 25 May to secure your child’s ticket. No permission
notes or money will be accepted after this date as we have to confirm our seat allocation.

The new 2012 | 2013 Entertainment™ Books are here, and we’re selling Books to raise funds
for Chapman Primary P&C
The new Entertainment™ Books are packed with hundreds of up to 50% off and 2-for-1 offers for the best restaurants, cafes, hotel
accommodation, attractions and activities.
Cost - $55 (with $11 going to the P&C fund raising)
Pay online - URL is: https://www.entertainmentbook.com.au/orderbooks/2467t5
Contact – Teena Atmanagara m. 0411 270 857 e. teena.atmanagara@gmail.com

ACT-Southern NSW Interschool Ski and Snowboard Competition
Chapman Ski and Snow Board Team
                Would you like to join the team?
                   If you can ski or board and turn left and right going down the slope then join the
                    Chapman team and compete against other schools around Canberra and Southern
                       NSW! There is also Cross country skiing.
                              Chapman has had students qualify for the National downhill
                            competition most years. A school trophy is awarded each year to one boy
                         and one girl team member.
                        Look out for posters around the school and more details shortly!
Put these dates in your calendar:
      Come and try Cross Country Skiing – Free, A weekend in June TBA, Perisher
      Subaru ACT-Southern NSW Interschools Champs - July 25 - July 27 - Perisher
      ACT Citizens Race - Sunday August 12 - Perisher
      Westpac NSW & ACT Cross Country Champs - Tuesday August 21 - Perisher
      ACT Schools Cup - Sunday September 2 - Perisher
      Subaru Australian Interschools Championships - September 5 - 9 - Perisher
I have loads of information available. Check out http://act.interschools.org.au/about-interschools for more info.
If you are interested, please contact me or Camille (5/6FD) ASAP, as the online registration closes on the 26 June.
Greg Lindley, Chapman Primary Snow Sports Coordinator, 0434 923 903 after hours or email greg.lindley@netspeed.com.au

Preschool Parents and Carer’s Dinner
A dinner has been organised for the Parents and Carers of children in the Preschool classes.
When: Thursday, 31st May 2012 (Week 5).         Location: It is to be held at Lemon Grass Restaurant (Woden).
Address: Corner Corinna St and Ball St, Woden         Time: 7pm
RSVP: by Monday, 28 May 2012 - Jess (Jemima’s Mum in Turtle’s Class) on 0448 197 400 or jessandjules@netspeed.com.au
If you need to cancel please let me know before so I can change the seating numbers.
ACTION School Bus Service Changes
There will be changes made to your ACTION buses school services starting from the 28/5/2012. These changes are being made for
operational requirements, please check ACTION’s website for any time or route description changes. PLEASE NOTE THAT FOR
For further information students and parents can contact ACTION buses information on 131710 regarding any changes commencing
from the May 28 2012.
Effected school services for your school are listed below
404       501   401     506
Kind regards, Greg Paciorek, ACTION buses, A/g Customer service Manager (south)

Monster Toy Sale Sunday 24 June
Want to declutter your house of preloved kids toys? Book at table at the Monster Toy Sale on Sunday 24 June and you can sell toys,
books and DVDs. The three hour sale from 10am to 1pm is a fundraiser for Chapman Primary School's AFTER and BEFORE School
Care Program. Table hire is $20 (money goes to AFTERS) and you take home the money you make from selling your goods. We'll be
advertising the sale through local media, schools and shopping centres. Why not share a table with a friend. Call Heather at AFTERS
on 6288 0655 to book your table. On the day there will also be a sausage sizzle. Buyers will be charged a gold coin entry to bag a

Canteen Roster: 9am – 12.30pm
Canteen Manager: Chantell Hunt, Ph 6205 7309
Roster Secretary: Kylie Kynaston – Ph 6288 1098 or email kyliebear@tpg.com.au

                                                  Brooke Sebo & Phoebe Crosbie
                      Wednesday 30 May
            Week                                  Mel Sheehan, Justine Green & Charo Gallacher
             5        Thursday 31 May
                                                  Sally van Aalst, Candace Rhind & Yolanda Applebee
                      Friday 1 June

Have you given Online Ordering a go? It’s easy to set up and there is no extra charge to use it, just follow these steps:
   1. Register your family at: www.scamps.com.au and click on REGISTER tab
   2. Enter the School ID – 2556963 and hit SUBMIT
   3. Set up your children’s details
   4. Transfer funds into the Canteen bank account (details online). Once you have transferred money, send a copy of the receipt
       to chapman.canteen@gmail.com and your Online Account will be topped up in about 24-48 hours. You are then ready to
       order lunches online!

Community News

Diabetes Type 1 Prevention
          Do you have a relative with Diabetes Type 1?
          Are you 1 – 45 years of age?
          Are you generally healthy?

You may be eligible for the Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) Prevention Trial
If you have a relative with Type 1 Diabetes, you could be at risk for this disease. Paediatric research at The Canberra Hospital is
participating in studies monitoring the risk of Diabetes in relatives of T1D individuals and is offering an opportunity to participate in a
prevention trial of a nasal insulin vaccine. Please contact the Paediatric Research Unit at The Canberra Hospital on 6244 3315 for
more information. This study has been approved by the ACT Health Human Research Ethics Committee.

Wonderful PlayConnect Playgroups Running Across the Canberra Region
                                       What is PlayConnect?
                                       At a PlayConnect Playgroups, children from birth to six years of age with ASD or with delays
                                       in communication, social development or play and or have rigid behaviours have the
                                       opportunity to play in a secure, supportive environment with their parents, carers and other
                                       family members. NO diagnosis of ASD is necessary to attend a PlayConnect playgroup.
                                       Parents and carers can meet other families with children with similar characteristics in their
area and access information about how to link with early intervention programs and support services.
      2 hour session of stimulating play-based activities suited to the needs of the individual children
      Siblings are most welcome with play activities included to their needs also.
      Facilitated by a worker connecting families with information on early intervention and support services in the local area
      Playconnect Playgroups are FREE to all families
For more information about PlayConnect Playgroups or to find one in your area please contact ACT Playgroups on 1800 171
882 or email playgroupact@ixa.net.au
Chapman StarWatchers
The days are getting shorter as the sun moves further North to its solstice location in June. This means we have longer nights to look
at the stars and planets and other interesting objects. We are fortunate in Canberra the weather patterns at this time of the year give us
good cloudless nights for viewing. For those of you who didn’t manage to get up just before dawn to watch the meteor shower you
will be pleased to know those who did, didn’t get to see them either as it was foggy (an unfortunate consequence of still cloudless

At 7 PM the constellation of Orion is close to setting but the 3 stars that form Orion’s belt can be clearly seen standing vertical above
the horizon. Looking horizontally to the left of the top belt star and then pointing diagonally upward are the three bright objects which
form Orion’s sword. You might notice the middle object of the three is somewhat fuzzy compared to the other two. This is because
this is the Horsehead nebula (a mass of glowing and dark clouds of gas). To see the real beauty of this object you need a good pair of
binoculars or a telescope with a reasonable amount of magnification. To the north of Orion’s belt you will see a bright reddish star
called Betelguese. If you now turn around to the East you will see just above the Eastern horizon another bright reddish star called
Antares. This is the main star of the Constellation of Scorpio (the Scorpion). It doesn’t take too much imagination to see the stars that
make up the stinging tail to the south of Antares. The head of the Scorpion is formed by three stars extending upwards from the
horizon about the same angle to the north of Antares as the tail is south.

There are 88 constellations in the modern astronomer’s catalogue and speaking strictly they are defined by areas of the sky rather than
collections of stars. In olden times the arrangement of stars where thought to resemble characters, animals and objects. What you
perceive however depends on your cultural background and where you live on the earth. Since many of the constellations we
recognise today were first conceived by the ancients in the northern hemisphere they appear upside down when viewed south of the
equator and are not recognisable as their name might suggest. If you look at Orion and consider Betelguese as the head then the
description of the belt and sword makes a little more sense. The ancient peoples of the southern hemisphere have their own
description of collections of stars and dark gas clouds the “Emu in the Sky” for example whose head is the Coalsack (the dark patch
of sky near the Southern Cross), and whose neck, body, and legs are formed from dust lanes stretching across the Milky Way.
It’s easy to make out the emu in a dark autumn sky, and once you’ve seen it, the Milky Way will never look the same again

The pattern of the stars and gas clouds which make up the constellations are not necessarily close to each other but simply appear to
be. For example the two stars which make up long axis of the Southern Cross, the top star (Gacrux) and the bottom star Acrux are
roughly 87.94 light years and 320.71 light years from Earth respectively

This is a good time of the year to view Saturn and its rings through a telescope and for those who might be interest I would be
prepared to bring a suitable telescope up to the school next Wednesday evening weather permitting. If you are interested please email
me at johnz@incacni.com.au with a subject heading “Saturn’s Rings” with your contact details in case the arrangements have to be
changed at short notice (eg unsuitable weather)
                           Chapman P-6
                       School Open Morning
                      Friday 25th May 2012

    All parents and carers who anticipate enrolment at Chapman Preschool and
                  Primary School in 2013 are cordially invited to
                      an open morning from 9.30am -11.00 am

Open Morning Program

    9.10am        All visitors are invited to attend an information session
                   hosted by the Chapman Primary Student Representative
                   Council in the school hall. Visitors will also be able to enjoy
                   the talents of our Indonesian Dancers.

     10.00am      Tours of the school, including the preschool led by members
                   of the Student Representative Council.
     10.45am      Morning Tea
                   Demonstration from our Skipping Team Chapman Champs.

    Anne Simpson

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