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Intermediate Math Attitude Survey by Nck7ze1


									  Name _____________________                             Date ________________

                          Intermediate Math Attitude Survey

                                                       AGREE   UNDECIDED     DISAGREE
1. I know I can learn math.

2. I can see math being used in the world
   around me.

3. I enjoy talking about math.

4. I understand the math that I am learning.

5. I feel confident when solving math
6. I am able to use manipulatives to help me
   understand the math.
7. I am confident when I communicate my
   math thinking.

8. I know how I am doing in math.

9. I use different strategies to find solutions.

10. I can make connections with things I
    already know to the new math that I am

11. My strengths in Math are:

12. The areas in Math that I need to work on

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