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									Stats Resources and Data
                                                               Joy of Stats Videos

Statistical Reference Statistics glossary                                Statlib                           Stats reference site
                                                        World factbook                                  Gallup site (political)                                   Transport                              CTI Statistics                           UK Data archive CIA factbook 2002                               Advertising                   Psychometric tests                             ROSPA Accident                                Star UK (holiday data)                    Vision of Britain                        National Lottery Data

Trends, Census, National Statistics                                  US Census bureau                           UK National Stats                             Census Knowledge Base            Trends                                UN pop data               World population                               Census at school

Environment                                  Weather                                Climate                                 Environmental education                                   Tidal info
Housing            UN housing stats                             Housing Data

Health               Department of Health                                    World Health Organisation                            Health Stats                             World Health

Food and agriculture                              Environmental food and
                                                      rural affairs   UN food and agriculture

School league tables             School Performance
Tables                         Results for A levels etc

Teaching Stats Probability weblink DISCUS           More Discus ideas                              Maths and Stats search                     Steps Stats software

Statistical Associations                                Amer Stat Association                                        Royal Statistical Society

Sporting Datasets                        Football 365                                   Athletics                     Athletics                      Track and Field Stats
Statistical Datasets                                    Sources of statistical data Data library         JSE datasets                      Statlib Dataset

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