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									           STP7A/12 Triangles and Quadrilaterals
7/46       Angles of a Triangle         p217 Ex 12C nos 10,16                                                                  RGS Mathematics
7/47       Constructing Triangles        p220 Ex 12D no 1                                                                           Year 7
                                         p221 Ex 12E no 1                                                                     STUDENT'S CHARTER
                                         p223 Ex 12F no 1
7/48       Angles of a Quadrilateral    p225 Ex 12H no 2
7/49       Equilateral and Isosceles     p229 Ex 12I no 19                                          Name                                                          Form             Teacher
           Triangles 
NRich      Investigation                 P234
           Further Algebra                                                                      This document sets out the work you are to cover during the course of this year, and the framework
7/50       Completion/ revision Of Equations from 7/16                                          in which that work will be done.
7/51       Simplifying expressions with  Departmental sheets                                    Textbooks and equipment
           brackets                                                                            You will have a copy of STP National Curriculum Mathematics 7A (STP7A for short) for your use.
7/52       Equations involving brackets  Departmental sheets                                    You will need drawing instruments (ruler, protractor, compasses) for occasional use as well as a
                                                                                               glue stick such as Prittstick. A calculator will also be required from the start of year 8 (School rules
           STP7A/8 Metric Units                                                                 stipulate that mobile phones are not to be in evidence in the classroom, so you may not use a
7/53       Units of Length and Mass      p147 Ex 8C nos 13,14                                   mobile phone’s calculator facility as a substitute). It is your responsibility to be properly equipped for
                                         p149 Ex 8D nos 15,16                                   every lesson.
                                         p149 Ex 8E nos 6,15                                    Methods of work
                                         p152 Ex 8F nos 37,39,50                                Always begin any exercise set with an appropriate page reference (eg p 63, ex 2) so that you can
           STP7A/9 Imperial Units                                                               identify it later for revision purposes. Organise your homework so that it gets its proper attention and
7/54       Rough conversions             p162 Ex 9C nos 11,13,32                                so that you can be proud of it; make sure that you note down the task to be completed carefully and
                                                                                                deliver it on time when required to do so. If you find difficulties, give even partially completed
           STP7A/14 Area
                                                                                                solutions in so that your teacher has a better chance of diagnosing your problem.
7/55       Area of a Rectangle           p263 Ex 14C nos 2,12                                   If you feel that you have not mastered a topic, you can seek help outside the classroom from your
           USING EXCEL FORMULAS          Class exercise                                         teacher or another member of the department or by attending Maths Clinic during lunch times.
7/56       Compound Figures              p265 Ex 14D no 6                                       Absence
                                         p268 Ex 14E nos 15,20                                  If you have been absent, you can reasonably expect your class teacher to help you catch up. First,
7/57       Changing Units                p272 Ex 14F nos 16,18                                  however, you should make a note of work missed from one of your classmates. You may very well
           STP7A/15 Parallel Lines                                                              find that this is sufficient to enable you to catch up. On the other hand, once you have done this,
7/58       Corresponding Angles         p283 Ex 15E nos 1,2                                    your class teacher will be better able to decide how to help you if you need it.
7/59       Alternate Angles             p288 Ex 15G nos 3,8                                    Assessment
7/60       Interior Angles               p292 Ex15I nos 3,4                                     During the course of the year, your teacher will report to your parents via the school's report system.
NRich      Investigation                 p295                                                   This comprises a grade letter from A to D and an overall impression grade from 1 to 3.
           STP7A/16 Coordinates                                                                 The grade letter will be made predominantly on the basis of tests: these tests will occur each half
7/61       Coordinates                   p309 Ex 16E no 11                                      term and will culminate in the end of year examination at the end of the third term.
           Investigation                 p312                                                   The overall impression grade will be made by your teacher on the basis of his/her assessment of
           Problem Solving Journal 009                                                          your progress and commitment. S/he will discuss the way this will be done at the beginning of the
           STP7A/18 Straight Line Graphs
                                                                                                Programme of study
7/62       Coordinates and Straight      p345 Ex 18C nos1,2                                     The table which follows details the Mathematics you are to learn during the course of the year. You
           Lines                                                                                should use it in conjunction with your textbook to mark your progress during the year, and as a guide
           STP7A/20 Solids                                                                      to revision.
7/63       Volume of a Cuboid            p380 Ex 20E nos 12,14,24                               All of the topics you must cover are numbered in the first column. For an extra challenge and some
7/64       Changing Units                p383 Ex 20F nos 1,13                                   fun, there are charter points labelled NRich.
7/65       Capacity                      p385 Ex 20G nos 15,21
7/66       Imperial Units of Capacity    p387 Ex 20H nos 1,2,3                                  Additionally, several points are marked with a  sign. This indicates that an internet page may be of
           Further Algebra                                                                      use to you. The link to these pages can be found at:
7/67       Simplifying expressions with  Departmental sheets
           fractions                                                                            http://www.rgsnewcastle.com/RGSmaths1/resources/resources.htm

Junior Maths Challenge This is a national competition held in April every year. There will be
opportunities for practice on past question papers before the challenge.                        At the end of the line for each topic mentioned, there are spaces for you to use in order to mark your
                                                                                                progress. You should mark off each topic as you cover it in column 1; tick column 2 when you have
A.D 2009                                                                                        done that question or questions and have got it/them correct. The remaining columns are for you to
                                                                                                use at your discretion as an aid to revision. Your teacher may discuss with you the best way to use
                                                                                                them. You will have covered the year’s work satisfactorily when you have mastered all these
RGS Mathematics : Year 7 Programme of Study                            7/27    Fractions of a Quantity       p87 Ex 5K nos 8,17
          STP7A/2 Whole Numbers                                        7/28    Comparing Fractions and        p90 Ex 5L nos 17,27
 7/1      Multiplication by multiples of p23 Ex 2C nos 31,36                   Decimals                       p92 Ex 5M nos 7,12
          10,100 etc.                                                  NRich   Investigation                  P95
 7/2      Long Multiplication           p24 Ex 2D nos 3,23                    STP7A/13 Probability
 7/3      Order of operations            p32 Ex 2J nos 28,29           7/29    Basic Probability              P238 Ex 13C nos 5,9
                                                                                                              P239 Ex 13D nos 6, 8, 11
           STP7A/17 Formulas                                                   STP7A/6 Addition and Subtraction of Fractions
 7/4       Using letters for unknown       p318 Ex 17C nos1,4,10       7/30    Adding Fractions              p97 Ex 6B no 11
           numbers                                                                                            p99 Ex 6C nos 4,14,36
 7/5       Using a formula                 p321 Ex 17E nos 2,4,10      7/31    Subtracting Fractions         p102 Ex 6D nos 12,21
                                           p323 Ex 17F nos 11,12                                              p103 Ex 6E nos 10,20
 7/6       Directed Numbers                p327 Ex 17H nos 35,38       7/32    Mixed Numbers and Improper     p106 Ex 6F nos 7,17
 7/7       Extending the Number Line       p328 Ex 17I nos 4,8                 Fractions                      p107 Ex 6G no 3
 7/8       Addition and Subtraction with   p330 Ex 17J nos 18,24       7/33    More Addition and Subtraction  p109 Ex 6H nos 12,13
           Directed Numbers               p332 Ex 17K nos10,11,51             of Fractions                  p111 Ex 6I nos 13,16
 7/9       Multiplying and Dividing        p335 Ex 17L nos 2,10        7/34    Multiplication of Fractions   Departmental sheets
           Directed Numbers                                           7/35    Division of Fractions         Departmental sheets
 7/10      Substitution                   p336 Ex 17M no 12           NRich   Investigation                  p119
           STP7A/21 Equations                                                  STP7A/19 Summarising and Comparing Data
 7/11      Solving Equations              p395 Ex 21C nos 8,18,28     7/36    Range and Mean                p359 Ex19B nos 2,4
                                           p398 Ex 21D nos 4,42                                               p361 Ex 19C no 1
                                           p400 Ex 21E nos 8,17                                               p362 Ex 19D no 1
                                           p403 Ex 21G nos1,23,34,40   7/37    Median and Mode               p364 Ex 19E nos 1,3,6
 7/12      Simplifying Expressions        p405 Ex 21H nos 6,9                                                p367 Ex 19F no 8
                                           p406 Ex 21I no 17           7/38    Data Handling using Excel      Mean for class data
 7/13      Further Equations              p407 Ex 21J nos 4,10                STP7A/6 Addition and Subtraction of Decimals
                                           p409 Ex 21K nos 5,51,62     7/39    Addition and Subtraction of    p116 Ex 6L nos 4,12,21
 NRich     Investigation                   P413                                Decimals
           Problem Solving Journal                                             STP7A/7 More on Decimals
           STP7A/2 Whole Numbers                                       7/40    Multiplication and Division of p123 Ex 7C nos 18,28
 7/14      Estimation                      p25 Ex 2E nos 2,10                  Decimals                       p124 Ex 7D nos 7,17
 7/15      Division (‘Short’)              p29 Ex 2G nos 32,46                                                p125 Ex 7E nos 21,31,51
 7/16      Long Division                   p30 Ex 2I nos 21,40                                                p131 Ex 7J nos 9,23,39
 NRich     Investigation                   p37                         7/41    Changing Fractions to          p128 Ex 7G nos 2,4
 7/17       Data Handling using Excel      Charts for class data               Decimals
           STP7A/4 Number and Patterns                                 7/42    Correcting (using decimal      p134 Ex 7K nos 1,10
 7/18      Prime Numbers                  p51 Ex 4D   nos 4,6,8               places)
 7/19      Index Numbers                   p53 Ex 4E   nos 9,17        7/43    Division by Decimals           p138 Ex 7M nos 4,14
 7/20      Products of Prime Numbers       p54 Ex 4F   nos 7,15                                               p140 Ex 7N nos 1,10
           Divisibility Rules and          p55 Ex 4G   no 11           NRich   Investigation                  p143
           Expressing a Number in Prime    p56 Ex 4H   nos 8,10                Problem Solving Journal (008)
           Factors 
 7/21      Highest Common Factor          p56 Ex 4I nos 8,13                  STP7A/10 Introducing Geometry
 7/22      Lowest Common Multiple         p57 Ex 4J nos 8,13          7/44    Angles                       p178 Ex 10D   nos 1,2,3
 7/23      Mixed Problems                  p57 Ex 4K nos 2,6                                                 p179 Ex 10E   nos 12,20
 NRich     Rectangular and Square          p60 Ex 4N nos 1,2,3                                               p182 Ex 10F   nos 7,11,20
           Numbers                                                                                           p187 Ex 10H   nos 11,12
 NRich     Triangular Numbers              p61 Ex 4P nos 1,2           7/45    Vertically Opposite          p192 Ex 10K   nos 21,22
 NRich     Investigation                   p63 or p339                         Angles on a Straight Line and p194 Ex 10L   no 12
           STP7A/5 Parts of a Whole                                            at a Point 
 7/24      Equivalent Fractions           p74 Ex 5B   no 33           NRich   Investigation                 P196
 7/25      Simplifying Fractions          p76 Ex 5C   no15
 7/26      Changing between                p80 Ex 5F   nos 7,12
           Percentages, Fractions and      p82 Ex 5G   nos 4,9
           Decimals                       p83 Ex 5H   nos 8,9,23

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