Contract Renewal Option 2 Checklist of Required Documents by 7akgJz52


									          Contract Renewal Option 4 – Initial Submission

Checklist of Required Documents                           Included In Packet?
                                                              Yes     No
  1. Copy of this Checklist, filled out.

  2. Contract Renewal Request Form (HUD 9624)

  3. OCAF Worksheet (HUD 9625)

  4. Rent Comparability Study (FHA Insured or HUD-
     held only)

  5. Budget on HUD Required Budget Form 92547-a

  6. 1 Year Letter to Residents – dated approximately 1
     year prior to contract expiration.

  7. 30 Day Letter to Residents – dated approximately
     30 days prior to the submission of this packet.
     Note: If this letter is dated the date you send the
     packet to CHFA, the CHFA Officer must wait 30
     days for any tenant comments. If the 30 days is up
     after the due date, the rent increase will be delayed.

  8. Amortization Schedule– full 12 months from
     contract renewal date. For example, if your
     contract expires on 7/31/2010, you will need to
     provide the schedule for 8/1/2010-7/31/2011.

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