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					                                                                               Public Relations
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  UK Honors Donors, Celebrates Success of Billion Dollar Campaign

       LEXINGTON, Ky. (Sept. 29, 2006) − The University of Kentucky will recognize major
donors and announce fundraising successes of the past year at the annual Fellows Society
recognition dinner at 7 p.m. tonight at Rupp Arena.
       The university also will honor the members of the Development Council at a lunch earlier
in the day at the Hyatt Hotel in downtown Lexington where officials will announce that the
university has reached $950 million toward The Campaign: Phase II, UK's billion dollar
campaign. The Campaign is scheduled to end in Dec. 2007.
       "I cannot laud our Fellows Society enough for their dedication to this university," said UK
President Lee T. Todd, Jr. "UK could not - and would not - be in the position we are today
without such strong support. Private giving plays a major role in our ability to provide the best
public education in Kentucky and will play an even larger role as we continue in our quest to
build a Top 20 public research university."
       The Fellows Society is composed of members who have contributed or committed
$10,000 or more to UK. Since the program began in 1966, more than 8,000 Fellows have made
or pledged gifts in excess of $625 million. The program honors various levels of giving:
University Fellows ($10,000 or more, individuals only); Barker Fellows ($50,000 or more);
Bowman Fellows ($250,000 or more); Patterson Fellows ($500,000 or more); and Presidential
Fellows ($1 million or more).
       UK will recognize 236 new Fellows and 52 current Fellows who increased their level of
giving within the last year. The 2006 Fellows are:
       PRESIDENTIAL: Wanda B. Coleman, In Memoriam; Joseph W. Craft III, Tulsa, Ola.;
Thomas W. and Janet R. Lewis, Tempe, Ariz.; E. Vernon Smith, Cincinnati, Ohio; Eloise A.
Smith, In Memoriam; George Strawbridge, Wilmington, Del.
       PATTERSON: Automsoft International, Ltd., Dublin, Ireland; Elanco Animal Health,

                                     An Equal Opportunity University

2006 UK Fellows                                                                              2-2-2

Greenfield, Ind.; Andy and Brooke Haymaker, Lexington, Ky.; Kentucky Hospital Association,
Louisville, Ky.; Kentucky Social Welfare Foundation, Louisville, Ky.; Lexington Opera Society,
Lexington, Ky.; Dianne L. McKaig, In Memoriam; Ethelyn O’Neal, In Memoriam; W. Todd
Skaggs, Ashland, Ky.; Sean S. Smith, Alpharetta, Ga.; Thomas J. and Viva B. Timmons, In

       BOWMAN: James R. and Elise W. Boyd, Lexington, Ky.; James M. Dickerson Jr., Fort
Thomas, Ky.; John R. and Donna S. Hall, Lexington, Ky.; William T. and Edith H. Harmon, In
Memoriam; H. Louis Kirkpatrick, Beckley, W.Va.; Labe P. and Carol E. Jackson, Lexington, Ky.;
Rey M. Longyear, In Memoriam; Keith B. and Phyllis A. MacAdam, Lexington, Ky.; Emler A. and
Celeste M. Neuman, Paris, Ky.; Northern KY/Greater Cincinnati UK Alumni Club, Fort Mitchell,
Ky.; Kenneth N. and Carol Lee Robertson, Houston, Texas; Ruth Southam, In Memoriam;
Farrell R. Worley, In Memoriam.

       BARKER: Alma Jo Atkins-McGuire, Lexington, Ky.; Stephen P. and Teresa Holland
Bachman, Louisville, Ky.; Jean M. Barnhart, In Memoriam; The Barth Foundation, Louisville,
Ky.; Steven L. and Jane K. Beshear, Lexington, Ky.; Annell Brent, In Memoriam; R. Steve
Canfield, Prospect, Ky.; Paul D. and Rebecca B. Cheek, London, Ky.; The Chest Foundation,
Northbrook, Ill.; Citizens National Corporation, Pikeville, Ky.; John H. and Lynn Schuster
Clements, Lexington, Ky.; John P. and Rebecca M. Cooper, Georgetown, Ky.; Ben G. and
Rhonda H. Cormney, Richmond, Ky.; D. Michael and Moninda D. Coyle, Elizabethtown, Ky.;
Douglas and Stephanie Cronk, Lexington, Ky.; Timothy Kevin and Lisa A. Dixon, Ashland, Ky.;
Dow AgroSciences, LLC, Indianapolis, Ind.; George A. and Ruth H. Duncan, Lexington, Ky.;
James Lanier and Suzanne Huffines Elliott, Lexington, Ky.; Roy L. and Jeanne English, Benton,
Ky.; Farm Credit Services, Shelbyville, Ky.; Fayette County UK Alumni Club, Lexington, Ky.;
Patrick A. and Terese K. Fister, Louisville, Ky.; William L. and Linn W. Fouse, San Rafael, Calif.;
Fuller, Mossbarger, Scott & May Engineers, Inc., Lexington, Ky.; W. D. and Josephine K.
Funkhouser, In Memoriam; O. Gene Gabbard, Cary, N.C.; Robert W. Gidel, Windermere, Fla.;
John David Goodlette, In Memoriam; Curtis C. and Linda H. Green, Lexington, Ky.; James Pryor
and Barbara Heinz Hancock, Louisville, Ky.; Michael J. and Beverly J. Harrison, Lexington, Ky.;
HCS Healthcare Systems, Montgomery, Ala.; Brian P. Holloway, Crestwood, Ky.; John
Castleman Hubbard, In Memoriam; David N. and Patricia F. Huff, Corbin, Ky.; Frank H. Ikerd,
Somerset, Ky.; Judith Miller Janssen, Alexandria, Va.; Judy Construction, Inc., Cynthiana, Ky.;
Keeneland Concours d’Elegance, Lexington, Ky.; Kentucky Eagle Beer, Inc., Lexington, Ky.;
Kentucky Forest Industries Association, Frankfort, Ky.; Bernice Peo Koehnlein, In Memoriam;
Nicholas Shane Kouns, Lexington, Ky.; The Lexington Foundation, Inc., Lexington, Ky.; Herbert

2006 UK Fellows                                                                            3-3-3

F. Massey, Lexington, Ky.; Jeannine Massey, In Memoriam; Michael K. McKinney Jr., Minnie,
Ky.; Daniel W. and Ann A. McMahan, Crestwood, Ky.; Mary Agnes Melton, Lexington, Ky.;
Thomas W. and Cathy Chrouser Miller, Lexington, Ky.; National Horseman's Administration
Corporation, Lexington, Ky.; Timothy Allen Newcomer, Prospect, Ky.; Paul Davis Restoration
and Remodeling of Lexington, Nicholasville, Ky.; Donna Turner Petersen, Sun Valley, Calif.;
John M. and Judy A. Poppas, Lexington, Ky.; Stephen Douglas Quillen, In Memoriam; Barbara
Ricke, Lexington, Ky.; Jacqueline C. Royalty, Lexington, Ky.; The Saha Foundation, Lexington,
Ky.; William E. Seale, Annapolis, Md.; Richard D. and Dana L. Siegel, Cincinnati, Ohio; Robert
E. Sims, Nashville, Tenn.; John T. and Barbara N. Slevin, Lexington, Ky.; Creed F. and Patricia
F. Smith, Kingwood, Texas; Eric F. and Melissa P. Smith, Fairborn, Ohio; T. Eugene Spragens
Jr., In Memoriam; Alan M. and Kathy W. Stein, Lexington, Ky.; Grady J. and Catherine D.
Stephens, Pikeville, Ky.; John C. and Mary P. Stewart, Ashland, Ky.; William E. and Doris
Nowak Stilwell, Lexington, Ky.; Robert and Ruth D. Straus, Lexington, Ky.; Suburban Woman’s
Club of Lexington, Lexington, Ky.; John Patrick and Becky Lynn Sullivan, Lexington, Ky.;
Swedish Match North America Inc., Owensboro, Ky.; Bernard V. and Andrea B. Tew, Lexington,
Ky.; Tier 1 Performance Solutions, LLC, Covington, Ky.; Tinder-Krauss-Tinder, Lexington, Ky.;
Tissue Regeneration Technologies, LLC, Woodstock, Ga.; Robert B. Trussell Jr., Lexington,
Ky.; Thomas F. II and Gay H. VanMeter, Lexington, Ky.; Elmon Lafe and Terri Smith Walters,
Pikeville, Ky.; Marjorie Palmore Warner, Fort Wayne, Ind.; Whayne Supply Company, Louisville,
Ky.; Kenneth E. and Linda L. Wiggins, Hartford, Ky.; Timothy Chandler and Susan C. Wilson
Lexington, Ky.; Ballard D. and Elizabeth P. Wright, Lexington, Ky.; Yaupon Therapeutics, Inc.
Radnor, Pa.; Jerry Yon and Pamela Mathis-Yon, Lexington, Ky.; Raymond A. and Bobbie
Yozwiak, Lexington, Ky.

       UNIVERSITY: Bob and Kathy Allen, Danville, Ky.; Rondal Gene and Lilli Margaret Allen,
Lexington, Ky.; James S. Audia, Vienna, Va.; Craig and Dori Avery, Nicholasville, Ky.; William
D. Bach, Lexington, Ky.; Faraj Abdulsamad Behbehani, Safat, Kuwait; Fred and Ida Bennett,
Maitland, Fla.; John R. and Patricia N. Bell, Paris, Ky.; Robert J. and Tanya F. Bell, Lexington,
Ky.; Gary D. and Sheila C. Bello, Lexington, Ky.; William and Ann Bevins, Georgetown, Ky.;
Larry and Tara Blandford, Louisville, Ky.; Jay Blanton, Lexington, Ky.; William Lee and Lisa
Greer Bustle, London, Ky.; Joe D. and Patsy R. Blount, Somerset, Ky.; Stephen G. Blume and
Jennifer L. Leavengood, Clearwater, Fla.; John Hodges and Beth Bondurant, Lexington, Ky.;
George S. and Joy Bale Boone, In Memoriam; Kathryn Anne Bowling, Louisville, Ky.; Kelley A.
Bozeman, Lexington, Ky.; James A. and Ollie Earlene Bradbury, Brentwood, Tenn.; Carolyn
Breeding, Richmond, Ky.; William D. and Melissa A. Brown, Lexington, Ky.; Thomas E. Jr. and

2006 UK Fellows                                                                            4-4-4

Betsy Brooks Bulleit, Lexington, Ky.; Jack D. and Christa F. Bunnell, Hardyville, Ky.; Shane T.
Carlin, Hilliard, Ohio; James C. and Audrey T. Carr, Georgetown, Ky.; Annette Y. Castle,
Lexington, Ky.; Thomas L. Caywood and Martha A. Nash-Caywood, Dallas, Texas; Jere L. and
Ruth D. Chandler, Birmingham, Ala.; Christopher G. and Suzanne E. Chase, Louisville, Ky.;
James G. and Margaret Cibulka, Nicholasville, Ky.; John Cirigliano, Lexington, Ky.; Richard R.
and Regina R. Clayton, Georgetown, Ky.; Kelly Ruth Compton. Birmingham, Mich.; Kevin and
Julie Conrey, Chesterfield, Mo.; Linda Crabtree Cornell, Cincinnati, Ohio; Joe R. and Barbara S.
Cowles, Blacksburg, Va.; Foy Wallace Cox; Penn Valley, Calif.; William M. Sr. and Edith
Pritchett Cox, Louisville, Ky.; M. Ward and Joan T. Crowe, Versailles, Ky.; J. Thomas and
Amelia S. Crutcher, Cincinnati, Ohio; William B. Delker, Lexington, Ky.; Richard D. and Joyce J.
Donovan, Rumson, N.J.; Scott A. and Michelle T. Douglas. Louisville, Ky.; Charlie B.
Edgington, Lexington, Ky.; Jewell Deene Ellis, Frankfort, Ky.; Ollie B. and Dolores Evelyn
Emerine, Elizabethtown, Ky.; Donald G. and Debbie J. Feheley, Lexington, Ky.; Philip R. and
Cheryl B. Feigel, Lexington, Ky.; Holloway Fields Jr., In Memoriam; Jim L. Flegle, Dallas, Texas;
Robert Cecil Flick and Jane Marie Kirschling, Lexington, Ky.; Terry W. and Patty C. Flinchum,
Somerset, Ky.; Victor and Virginia Gaines Fox, Frankfort, Ky.; Richard S. and Celia Gates,
Wilmore, Ky.; Norma Jean Gibson, In Memoriam; Scott and Anne Trefz Gibson, Winter Haven,
Fla.; Geneva C. Glasscock, Gravel Switch, Ky.; Mark A. and Carol S. Graham, San Antonio,
Texas; Matthew B. and Beth Garthee Grant, Lexington, Ky.; Elmo Lee and Marsha S. Greer,
London, Ky.; Robert W. and Mary H. Griffith, Louisville, Ky.; Dorsey Hall, Lexington, Ky.; G.
Lawrence and Sharon M. Hall, Elizabethtown, Ky.; Thomas G. Sr. and Elaine T. Handy,
Winston-Salem, N.C.; Julia Heather Hanks, Washington, D.C.; John Cooper Hartley, Lexington,
Ky.; Henry Gerald and Katherine Sparks Hester, Lexington, Ky.; Shelia Everly Highgenboten,
Dallas, Texas; Justin Matthew Holbrook, Nashville, Tenn.; Joseph Martin and Carol Stowe
Hood, Lexington, Ky.; Susan I. Holman, Lexington, Ky.; Ernest Matt House, London, Ky.; John
H. Huang, Lexington, Ky.; Carol E. Jordan, Lexington, Ky.; J. Douglas Kannapell, Louisville, Ky.;
Kevin J. and Jessica Delker Klein, Louisville, Ky.; Dell and Nancy King, Nashville, Tenn.; J.
Ralph and Janis G. King, Lexington, Ky.; Robert Ross and Mattie Wood Kirkpatrick, Millersburg,
Ky.; Benjamin Kent Koostra, Lexington, Ky.; Beth Kunhein, Edgewood, Ky.; Rodney N. and Lois
V. Lanthorne, San Diego, Calif.; Margaret Eblen Layman, New Orleans, La.; Brian D. Lee,
Foster City, Calif.; Pamela Gibson Longwell, Louisville, Ky.; Anna B. Lucas, Waynesburg, Ky.;
Lucille D. Marshall, Lexington, Ky.; C. Gerald and Angela S. Martin, Winchester, Ky.; Daryl and
Connie Martin, Georgetown, Ky.; Greg C. and Laurel Raimondo Martin, Lexington, Ky.; Samuel
C. Matheny, Lexington, Ky.; Loys L. and Sonja Eriksen Mather, Lexington, Ky.; David Lawrence

2006 UK Fellows                                                                               5-5-5

and Edith Williams Mathews, Lexington, Ky.; Robert L. McAuliffe, Prospect, Ky.; Josephine Mae
McCallum, Charlotte, N.C.; Sherry R. McDonald, Paintsville, Ky.; Kevin T. McDonagh and Leslie
J. Crofford, Lexington, Ky.; James Michael McGowan, New York, N.Y.; Frank A. Mellon and
Jacque Dunn, Elizabethtown, Ky.; Hub Metry, Lexington, Ky.; Amanda Mills, Frankfort, Ky.;
Robert Mittendorf, Chicago, Ill.;James D. and Joanna W. Moore, Lexington, Ky.; Escum L. and
Sally C. Moore, Lexington, Ky.; Edward L. and Gerri Morgan, Beattyville, Ky.; Michael Justin
Morrill, Lexington, Ky.; Glen and Stephanie Murphy, Cox’s Creek, Ky.; Douglas K. and Jennifer
W. Mynear, Nicholasville, Ky.; Jonathan Samuel Nalli, Collegeville, Pa.; Joe Browne and
Jessica Bell Nicholson, Lexington, Ky.; Nick and Susan Nicholson, Lexington, Ky.; C. Stephen
and Merylee N. Ortmayer, Lexington, Ky.; William H. and Sandy Bugie Patterson, Fort Thomas,
Ky.; Kevin L. and Sue G. Porter, Lexington, Ky.; Brian K. and Mary Lou Priddle, Somerset, Ky.;
John P. and Virginia C. Reinhart, Louisville, Ky.; James Clayton Rhodes, Louisville, Ky.; Roy D.
and Lillian H. Rice, Maysville, Ky.; Earnest O. Robbins II, Dunn Loring, Va.; Gerald I. and
Barbara R. Roth, Lexington, Ky.; Michael J. and Margaret P. Ruehling, Alexandria, Va.; Robert
D. and Mary Lou Kees Rust, Crestview Hills, Ky.; John F. Samuels, Lebanon Junction, Ky.;
Wally Scott, Hopkinsville, Ky.; Brooks and Holly Scudder. Lexington, Ky.; James A. Seale
McLean,Va.' Walt and Joan Moore Shropshire, Lexington, Ky.; Mace Siegel, Beverly Hills, Calif.;
John W. and Donna M. Smither, Lexington, Ky.; Marc Adair Sousley, Paris, Ky.; William E. and
Doris Nowak Stilwell, Lexington, Ky.; Glenn A. Stith, Rancho Cordova, Calif.; John Whitney and
Gina C. Stith, Union, Ky.; Robert G. Strickley, Foster City, Calif.; Bart C. Sullivan, Chesterfield,
Mo.; Clifton L. and Barbara E. Taylor, Alachua, Fla.; Durran H. and Lori Ann Taylor, Lexington,
Ky.; Daniel V. III and Judith J. Terrell, Lexington, Ky.; Chester M. Thomas, Hanson, Ky.; Mark K.
and Susan Hoff Thomas, Lexington, Ky.; Catherine C. Thompson, Lexington, Ky.; Edward P.
and Marilyn C. Todd, Lexington, Ky.; William Patrick and Katherine Trefz, Naples, Fla.; Rita
Trefz, Naples, Fla.; William R. Trefz, In Memoriam; Arnold C. Trimble, Nicholasville, Ky.;
Rodney W. and Charlotte R. Tulloch, Lexington, Ky.; A. W. Jr. and Sharon P. Turner, Versailles,
Ky.; Gardner L. and Marilyn R. Turner, Lexington, Ky.; William Craig and Madonna L. Turner,
Lexington, Ky.; William Hobert and Vivian Love Turner, Lexington, Ky.; James J. and Sandra M.
Varellas, Lexington, Ky.; John O. Venable, Winchester, Ky.; Bernard L. and Barbara
Vonderheide, Lexington, Ky.; Mark Leo Vonderheide, New York, N.Y.; Lee G. Waddle,
Louisville, Ky.; Richard K. Walker, Dallas, Texas; Judy Rhea Wells, Versailles, Ky.; Lona L.
West, Richmond, Ky.; Grace G. White, The Woodlands, Texas; John C. White, Lexington, Ky.;
John R. and Ginger S. White, Lexington, Ky.; William White III, Louisville, Ky.; Reginald E. and
Lisa A. Wilcox, Vero Beach, Fla.; Raffo Wimsett Jr., Bardstown, Ky.; Suzanne R. Wingo, New

2006 UK Fellows                                                                                      6-6-6

York, N.Y.; Stephen Wilson Wyatt, Lexington, Ky.; and J. Steven and Gail L. Zeh, Louisville, Ky.

In striving to become a Top 20 public research institution, the University of Kentucky is a catalyst for a
new Commonwealth – a Kentucky that is healthier, better educated, and positioned to compete in a
global and changing economy. For more information about UK’s efforts to become a Top 20 university,
please go to http://www.uky.edu/OPBPA/Top20.html

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