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					                                                          Assigned      Date
Task                            Project Type              to            Created
Contact campus tours            QSEC                      AT              24-Aug-11
Follow up with Zabe - recruit
Con-Eddies                      Admin/Other               AT              11-Sep-11
Finish draft of proposal        Proposal - Writing        AT              10-Sep-11
LOI from mayor/community
reps                            Proposal - Budget/Admin   AT, LdG, RT     23-Aug-11
Display screen for ILC/Tea
Room                            General PR/Marketing      Dayna            1-Sep-11
Recruitment poster              General PR/Marketing      Dayna            1-Sep-11
Make Aeroplan poster for
community                       Aeroplan                  Dayna           10-Sep-11

Make QSEC Unveiling posters QSEC                          Dayna           10-Sep-11

Donated food from Metro         QSEC                      JY              23-Aug-11
Media interviews                Aeroplan                  JY              10-Sep-11
Organize media
blasts/interviews/articles      QSEC                      JY              10-Sep-11
Recruit volunteers for the
Unveiling                       QSEC                      JY              10-Sep-11

Set up a volunteer
orientation for the Unveiling   QSEC                      JY              10-Sep-11
Invite other groups in the
community                       QSEC                      JY              10-Sep-11

Finalizr food - VIP luncheon
and public refreshments         QSEC                      JY              10-Sep-11

Purchase all of the "stuff" for
the Unveiling                   QSEC                      JY              10-Sep-11
Justin Chin video               General PR/Marketing      JY              10-Sep-11
QSDT stickers                   General PR/Marketing      JY              10-Sep-11
Marketing - students and
community                       QSEC                      JY, Dayna       10-Sep-11
Awards/plaques                  Proposal - Sponsorship    LdG             29-Aug-11
Follow up Dunning
(letterhead)                    Admin/Other               LdG              8-Sep-11
Contact Tina Bailey             Proposal - Budget/Admin   LdG             29-Sep-11

Contact KPMG                    Proposal - Budget/Admin   LdG             10-Sep-11

Email Kingston Windows and
Doors - decal content + flier QSEC                        LdG             10-Sep-11
Mobile phone sponsor          Proposal - Sponsorship      LdG             23-Aug-11
Invite Sponsors               QSEC                        LdG              6-Sep-11
Decals                         QSEC                          LdG       23-Aug-11
                               Aeroplan, Proposal -
2nd Email blast draft          Sponsorship                   LdG        8-Sep-11

Aeroplan flier for companies   Aeroplan                      LdG       10-Sep-11
Sponsor banner                 QSEC                          LdG       23-Aug-11
Contact other alum (Merkley
style)                         Aeroplan                      LdG       10-Sep-11
Transportation sponsor         Proposal - Sponsorship        LdG       10-Sep-11
Technical expertise-->
contractors                    Proposal   -   Sponsorship    LdG       10-Sep-11
Email SD teams for budget      Proposal   -   Budget/Admin   RT        23-Aug-11
Finish Exxon Mobil draft       Proposal   -   Sponsorship    RT        17-Aug-11
Finish Canada Post draft       Proposal   -   Sponsorship    RT        17-Aug-11
Contact Amber                  QSEC                          RT         8-Sep-11
Contact Queen's Financial
Services                       Proposal - Budget/Admin       RT        10-Sep-11
Create budgets for
fundraising, website, PR       Proposal - Budget/Admin       RT        23-Aug-11
Aeroplan Campaigning - FB,
Twitter, Letter for
Corporations                   Aeroplan                      RT         8-Sep-11
SWEP                           Proposal - Budget/Admin       RT        10-Sep-11
Get printer warranty           Admin/Other                   RT        21-Sep-11

Start discussion about site    Proposal - Budget/Admin       RT, LdG   10-Sep-11
Faculty/admin support +
Board of Directors             Proposal - Budget/Admin       RT, LdG   10-Sep-11
         Date                                Finished on   Assigned
Date Due Finished       Notes                time?         by
 2-Sep-11                                    Inc           LdG

12-Sep-11                                    Inc
  ongoing                                    Inc

15-Sep-11                                    Inc           LdG

 8-Sep-11    8-Sep-11                        On Time
12-Sep-11                                    Inc           LdG

16-Sep-11                                    Inc           RT

21-Sep-11   20-Sep-11                        On Time       RT
                        Give them
15-Sep-11               letterhead           Inc           LdG
30-Sep-11                                    Inc           RT

30-Sep-11                                    Inc           RT

30-Sep-11                                    Inc           RT

30-Sep-11                                    Inc           RT

30-Sep-11                                    Inc

30-Sep-11                                    Inc

                        Stuff = napkins,
                        cutlery, plates,
30-Sep-11               table cloths, etc.   Inc           RT
15-Oct-11                                    Inc
     none                                    Inc

30-Sep-11                                    Inc
 2-Sep-11                                    Inc           LdG/RT

 9-Sep-11                                    Inc
30-Sep-11                                    Inc           RT

12-Sep-11   12-Sep-11 Meeting October 5 On Time            RT

12-Sep-11   11-Sep-11                        On Time
15-Sep-11                                    Inc           LdG
15-Sep-11                                    Inc           RT
15-Sep-11                                 Inc       LdG

16-Sep-11   19-Sep-11                     Late
                      Need to change
17-Sep-11   19-Sep-11 points to miles     Late
25-Sep-11                                 Inc       LdG

30-Sep-11                                 Inc       RT
30-Sep-11                                 Inc       RT

30-Sep-11                                 Inc       RT
 1-Sep-11                                 Inc       RT
 1-Sep-11                                 Inc       RT
 1-Sep-11                                 Inc       RT
 8-Sep-11    8-Sep-11 No response         On Time   RT

12-Sep-11                                 Inc       RT

15-Sep-11                                 Inc       KK

                      Need to change
16-Sep-11   19-Sep-11 miles to Miles      Late
30-Sep-11                                 Inc
30-Sep-11                                 Inc
                      Bringing it up at
                      the next QC
17-Sep-11   20-Sep-11 meeting             Late

  ongoing                                 Inc

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