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					                                        Mill Creek High School
                                                     COURSE SYLLABUS

         COURSE TITLE .....Integrated Algebra 2 (CP)                                TERM .........................Fall 2012
         TEACHER .............Mr. McQuade                                           Room #......................1.645
 Email Address                 Michael_McQuade@gwinnett.k12.ga.us
 School Web Page               http://www.millcreekhighschool.org/index.php Go to: TEACHERS => MATH => MICHAEL MCQUADE
                               I am usually available before school starting at 6:45 am. I will be available every day after school except for
 Teacher Support               Monday. Please realize that other responsibilities and commitments may arise that limit my availability.
                               Additional help sessions are available through the Math Department on Tuesdays and Thursdays both
                               before and after school, so check the bulletin boards for updated times and locations.

This is the third class in a sequence of college preparatory mathematics courses designed to prepare students to enter college
at the calculus level. This course includes linear systems, exponential and logarithmic functions, matrices, polynomial
functions of higher degree, conic sections, and normal distributions. With successful completion of this course, students are
expected to take Integrated Trigonometry next year.

Prerequisites: Students must have successfully completed all credits in Integrated Algebra I and Integrated Geometry.

The entire list of Academic, Knowledge and Skills for each of the following curriculum strands in this course can be accessed through the
district web address at www.gwinnett.k12.ga.us

                         AKS STRANDS                                                              UNITS/TOPICS
    A.   Process Skills                                                        1.   Algebra: Linear Systems, Matrices, Vertex-Edge
    B.   Geometry                                                                   Graphs
    C.   Algebra                                                               2.   Algebra: Polynomial Functions
    D.   Data Analysis and Probability                                         3.   Algebra: Rational Exponents, Square Root
    E.   Reading Across the Curriculum                                              Functions
                                                                               4.   Algebra: Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
                                                                               5.   Geometry – Conic Sections
                                                                               6.   Data Analysis and Probability

                   Published Materials                                                    Instructional Supplies
McDougal Littell: Mathematics 3 (Green Book)                                  1. Pen /Pencil
                                                                              2. Paper/Graph Paper/Notebook/Binder/Folder/Brain
(Book is also available online for students free of charge)                       Cells
                                                                              3. Graphing Calculator (Ti-83/84/89) and/or Ti-30X

          Assignments                                       Grade Weights                                     Grading Scale
Homework & Classwork                      Classroom Assessments: 35%                              A:      90 and above
Quizzes                                       Homework/HW Quizzes/Tasks 5%                        B:      80 – 89
Tests                                         Quizzes 30%                                         C:      74 – 79
Performance Final                          Summative Assessments: 45%                             D:      70 – 73
Final Exam                                 Final Exam: 20%                                        F:      69 or below
                                              Performance Final Exam 5%
                                              Objective Final Exam 15%

                                                                                              Integrated Algebra 2 Course Syllabus – Page 1
Expectations for Academic Success                               Additional Requirements/Resources
 (1) Two words: Attitude and Effort                                 Tutoring available before or after school.
 (2) Get a study buddy, learn how to work together.                 Khan Academy: http://www.khanacademy.org/
 (3) Try all of the homework prior to class.
 (4) Keep work and notes organized.                                  (Contains video lessons and guided practice)
 (5) Summarize/Review daily.                                        On-line textbook: Contains plenty of practice and
 (6) Ask questions, ask questions, ask questions!!!                  review activities, as well as practice quizzes and tests.



Listed below are the grade replacement opportunities for the semester.

(1)    If a student scores better on the test than on the quiz, the test grade will replace the quiz grade. This applies only to
       assessments over the same material, and it is possible that a single test grade may replace more than 1 quiz grade.
(2)    Near the end of the semester, students will have an opportunity to re-take one test from the semester that they have
       failed, in an effort to raise that test grade to a maximum of a 70. Students will be allowed one re-test attempt. If
       the student does not improve on the re-take, the original grade stands. Re-take opportunities will be offered only at
       times designated by the teacher, and all re-takes will be near the end of the semester. It is the student’s responsibility
       to make time in their schedule to attend the re-take opportunities.
(3)    The grade on the multiple choice portion of the final exam can be used to replace the lowest test grade of the
       semester (including the midterm). That grade WILL NOT replace any quiz grades.

NOTE: The midterm exam will count as a test grade, and it cannot be used to replace any quiz grades.

Materials Needed:
You are responsible for keeping yourself organized. I recommend a binder with paper or a notebook
with a folder. You may write in pencil or pen (it better be neat), and always have your calculator.

Daily Work:
Recommended textbook problems and practice worksheets will be assigned regularly but typically will
not be graded. However, they are an important part of this course and are designed to reinforce material
presented in class. The completion of all assignments gives you the best opportunity to be successful.

Attendance/Make-Up Work/Late Work:
the day before a test or quiz, you will likely be asked to take it with everyone else. If you are absent the
day of the test/quiz, you will need to take the make-up promptly. The make-up version will most-likely
be different than the originial assessment. Read your agenda book for the school policy on late work.

Students Entering After the Beginning of the Semester:
Any student entering this class after the beginning of the semester will have their transfer grade replace
any grades they have missed here at Mill Creek. However, the final exam is comprehensive, and you
will be responsible for learning the material covered before you arrived.

Lost or Damaged Materials:
If a textbook is lost or damaged beyond repair, the student will be financially responsible for it.

                                                                                       Integrated Algebra 2 Course Syllabus – Page 2
Discipline Issues:
If there are minor discipline issues, I will assign detentions. It is not something that I prefer to do, but I
will. If you do not serve your detention in a timely fashion, an administrative referral will be submitted.

Cell Phones / Electronic Devices:
Any use of a cell phone or electronic device during an assessment will be considered cheating. This
results in a grade of zero, parental contact, and possible disciplinary action.

Extra Help:
If you need extra help, take advantage of the many opportunities outside of class. If you do not ask
questions or request help, then I will assume that you understand the material.

See the “Tardies” section of your Agenda Book or a posted tardy policy sheet.

Hall Passes:
Hall passes are granted at the teacher’s discretion. Bring your Agenda book.

Progress Reports / Grades:
MCHS will issue printed 6-week and 12-week progress reports directly to students. I will not email
home grades unless specifically instructed by an administrator, counselor or a student’s IEP.
Updated students’ grades, attendance, and discipline information are available through the GCPS
PARENT PORTAL. If you have questions about signing up to access the Parent Portal, please go to the
school’s main web page: http://www.millcreekhighschool.org/.

Contacting Me:
My e-mail address is Michael_McQuade@gwinnett.k12.ga.us
E-mail is by far the best way to contact me. Also, responses will be much quicker.
Otherwise, please leave a message for me through the front office: (678) 714-5850.

Mill Creek High School Mathematics Honor Code
Mission: Mill Creek High School Math Department places a high value on both academic integrity and social
responsibility. Activities such as lying, cheating, stealing, and plagiarizing violate the fundamental principles which
guarantee each Mill Creek student the right to an enlightened and fair education. Thus, an honorable person
recognizes no distinction between attempting a dishonest act and getting caught in that act, and does not tolerate
dishonesty of others. Involvement in unethical and dishonest activities demands consequences that reflect these high
standards to which we all aspire.
Code of Conduct: The academic integrity of Mill Creek High School will be maintained by each student who refuses to
participate in the following activities:

- Cheating of any kind on test, quiz, or other type of assessment.
Cheating can be defined as all attempts to gain unfair access to answers. These include (but are not limited to) looking on
another’s test, taking a cheat sheet into the test, loading answers/equations into a calculator, communication with another
student during a test, having unauthorized materials out during a test, writing answers on desks, clothes, skin, or other places
around the student.
- Copying the work of others or collaborating on assignments, without teacher authorization.
- Unauthorized borrowing of published work without properly citing the sources used. (also known as plagiarizing)

Consequences: When a violation is noticed, the teacher will:
   a) Inform the student
   b) Record a zero for assignment (no make-up work for assignment allowed)
   c) Document the incident and refer violations to the student’s counselor & administrator on a discipline referral form.
   d) Contact student’s parent either by email or phone call.

The syllabus may be updated as needed throughout the semester.
                                                                                      Integrated Algebra 2 Course Syllabus – Page 3

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