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					Mr. Hellstrom                                    Disclosure Statement       North Ogden Junior High                Secondary Mathematics I Honors                                    801-452-4800
                           Copies of this disclosure found at

COURSE DESCRIPTION—Secondary Mathematics I Honors is new to NOJH this year, as well as most of the state of Utah,
so you may have questions. If so, please visit
for a detailed version of the expected curriculum.

Teacher Availability: 7:15-7:45 AM and 2:30-3:15 PM unless otherwise noted.

CLASSROOM RULES—Knights’ Code of Conduct
    Be Respectful
    Be Responsible
    Be In Class And Ready
    Follow Directions
    Keep Hands And Feet To Yourself

MATERIALS NEEDED—Items to be brought everyday
    Homework—COMPLETED No work shown will result in zero credit.
    ??Textbook: We will be using the Geometry and Algebra Text books. However, due to availability, we will not be
      checking them out. This means, work needs to be done IN CLASS or with the use of the online text book. See
          o is the site for our text book
    Some form of organization for assignments and notes: i.e. notebook, binder.
    Writing tool: You will be using a pen or pencil daily, so bring one. Preferably a PENCIL, as we will often use a
      pencil for testing sheets.
    Calculator: We will utilize our calculators in this class. We will be performing labs with graphing calculators. The
      purchase of one, (preferably a TI-83 or TI-84) would be very helpful as far as classroom resources go. I have been
      using a TI-83 since 9th grade. The TI-84 has become more user friendly. Either one is a high quality calculator.
      Again, the purchase of a graphing calculator is NOT required, but is helpful.

LATE WORK—Late work only hurts a student’s learning, especially in math where the current assignment is built upon the
previous. Refrain from late work because you will get behind quickly! THIS IS AN HONORS CLASS AND LATE WORK IS
UNACCEPTABLE. However, each student will be given 2 "Late Pass Cards" per quarter which allows him/her to submit a
late assignment for full credit. The "Late Pass Card" must be attached to the assignment and is only good for that specific
quarter. Otherwise:

                         1-3 days late = 50%      4+ days late = 10%

ABSENCES—Absences are tricky in this class because of the in-class expectations. Absent students must make up the
missed class work WITHIN THREE (3) SCHOOL DAYS OF THEIR RETURN; late work policy will then take effect.
Extended absences must make arrangements: just email me, please!!!.

GRADES—Since this is the first time I have taught this class, the grading policies may change throughout the year based
on performance and experience. Tentatively grading will be as follows:

                    NOTES: 10%       QUIZ: 20%        HOMEWORK: 30%            TEST: 40%

Homework Grading Policy: Homework is necessary to practice the skills learned in math. Homework done correctly
indicates that the skills have been learned. In order to get full credit for homework, a student must get 80% on the
Mr. Hellstrom                                     Disclosure Statement             North Ogden Junior High                Secondary Mathematics I Honors                                             801-452-4800
                          Copies of this disclosure found at
assignment AND the assignment must be completed. Scores less than 80% will receive the percentage earned, i.e. if I
receive a 47% on an assignment, I will receive 4.7 points out of 10. If I receive an 83% on an assignment then I will get 10
points out of 10.

Notes will be TURNED IN ON TEST DAYS ONLY. So if we have a test, you are expected to turn in your notes. Notes must
be labeled for which section they cover for full points.

Arrangements for Test and Quiz Retakes must be made within 3 school days of receiving your corrected test. So
can you retake a test or a quiz??? YES!!!! Only if arrangements are…

Assignments will be posted on the blog:

Grades will be as follows:
90%+ = A; 80-89% = B; 70-79% = C; 60-69% = D; below 60% = F
Example: (80-82% = B-; 83-86% = B; 87-89% = B+; etc.)

****Students involved with cheating will receive an automatic zero “0” on that assignment, quiz, test, project, etc.
Talking during quizzes will be considered cheating and result in an automatic zero “0”and a possible drop in
citizenship. ****

CITIZENSHIP—Students will be given a citizenship mark for each time they choose to act inappropriately, break a
classroom rule, or disrupt the classroom. Anyone who misbehaves for a substitute will receive an automatic N or U. These
marks are nonnegotiable.

                           0-2 marks/tardies = S 3-4 marks/tardies = N 5+ marks/tardies = U

AVAILABLE HELP—I will be available to help in the morning before school. Students must be in my classroom BEFORE
7:30 to receive help. I will also be available after school. Requests can also be made. Homework Haven will be Monday-
Wednesday after school. This is available for all students.

Online Help: (username: mknights password: KNIGHTS)

PARENTS—Current grades, along with absences and tardies will be updated frequently on the portal. If you do not know
how to access this, please find out quickly. This website is accessible from home, the writing lab at school, and any public
library. Parents’ responsibilities are to HELP their student(s) with daily homework, not to do it for them, and to monitor their
student’s progress on a weekly basis. If you wait until the last week to inquire about a grade, I cannot guarantee the results
you would like.

                       (Please cut off this portion, I do not want the whole disclosure returned.)
I have read and understand the terms of the disclosure statement.

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