2 Daily Math Attack 3rd Grade Name _____ by 68fxOejs


									2 Daily Math Attack 3rd Grade                      Name ____________________________

1. Carina was making a chart of the total number of miles traveled by students in each

In order from the most to least miles traveled, how should she arrange these classrooms on her
final chart?
O Soto, Gonzalez, Balboa
O Gonzalez, Balboa, Soto
O Balboa, Soto, Gonalez
O Gonzalez, Soto, Balboa

2. Which number sentence is in the same family of facts as
O 8 + 7 = 15
O 56 - 7 = 49
O 8 x 7 = 56

3. Look at the shape. How many sides does the shape have? Mark your answer.

O   2
O   3
O   4
O   5

4. About how many bricks tall is the arrow? Mark your answer.
5. The graph shows the favorite football team of students at Elliott Point Elementary.

Which team was liked the least? Mark your answer.
O Cowboys
O 49ers
O Oilers
O Dolphins

6. There are 8 ants, 2 cows, and 14 flies in the cage. How many bugs were in the cage?

O   24
O   22
O   16
O   10

7. Raymond had 50¢. He spent 20¢ on an apple. How much money did Raymond have then? Mark
your answer.

8. Armando had 3 groups of Ts. There were 4 Ts in each group. Which picture show how many
Ts Armando had? Mark your answer.

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