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					                       Mathematics – Mrs. Martin

Course Description:
        This course is designed for the jr. high student. Students will maintain
previously acquired skills while extending their knowledge and thinking skills in
problem solving, percent, measurement, equations, and other mathematic essentials and
        There will be homework and a warm-up quiz nearly ever day. Homework is
important! It helps the student learn the material. Please support and encourage your
students in this area. If a student has difficulty, extra help is available before and after
        In order to guarantee your student and all the other students in class the excellent
educational climate they deserve, I ask that each student comply with the following rule:
        1. Students are expected to bring textbook, notebook with paper, a sharpened
            pencil and completed assignment and be in their seats when the tardy bell
        2. Notes should be taken daily.
        3. Students are expected to correct the mistakes that they make on tests,
            homework, quizzes, and other assignments so that they can learn from their
        4. Students must keep hands, feet, and objects to themselves.
        5. No swearing, rude gestures cruel teasing or put-downs.
        6. Students are encouraged to ask questions and take part in class discussion.
Grading Scale:
Grades are based on mastery of the material presented and may not reflect true ability or
Grades are computed on a percentage basis. The teacher reserves the option to
compensate grade percentages for particularly difficult material. The breakdown is as
       94-100 = A                                 73 - 76 = C
       90 - 93 = A-                               70 - 72 = C-
       87 - 89 = B+                               67 - 69 = D+
       83 - 86 = B                                63 - 66 = D
       80 - 82 = B-                               60 - 62 = D-
       77 - 79 = C+                               Below 60 = F

Grades are posted weekly for students to check their current status. They are also
uploaded nightly at midnight to the portal. If you would like to know how your student is
doing I welcome your calls.

Citizenship grades will be earned according to the school citizenship policy. A copy of
this may be found in the folder received during the first week of school. Additional
copies are available in the office.

Thanks for all you do, I am looking forward to a great year!
                                           Mrs. Martin
                           PRE ALGEGRA/INT. ALGEBRA
                                   7th / 8th / 9th

                            Please Print

I have reviewed Mrs. Martin’s disclosure statement for Pre Algebra/Int. Algebra. I am
aware of, and will support the academic grading standards, citizenship grading standards,
and class policies and expectations as described. I am keeping the descriptive portion of
the statement for future reference.

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