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									                         Getting Acquainted Assignment

Students may submit this document in one of the following forms:
    Word document (filename.doc or .docx)
    rich text format (filename.rtf)
    plain text format (filename.txt)
At least one of the three formats should be readable in most word processors. This
assignment will enable each student and the instructor to find a file format that will
work for all graded assignments that must be submitted via the D2L drop box and for all
files to be downloaded from D2L, the faculty website, or the course software. The
options listed above are in the order of my preference.
When saving a document in your word processor, use the “save as” command and then
use the drop-down box to select a file format that is one of those listed. Name the file
GA your name with the proper text format extension. For example, I would name my
getting acquainted Word document as GA mike marzinske.doc.

The questionnaire begins on the next page. Type your answers for each numbered
item. When it is complete, save the document as described above and then submit
it via the D2L drop box. I prefer that this be done during the first week of the
semester, but it must be completed no later than January 17 at 11:59 pm to obtain
full credit.

Completion of all of the following activities count for a total of 32 points:
  1. Activate student accounts: (at least D2L and IHCC campus e-mail accounts) Go
  2. Getting Acquainted assignment: download from (also available under “Content” menu in
     D2L). Answer, save and send via D2L dropbox.
  3. Register and enroll in MyStatLab software at : See the
     welcome letter for details and registration instructions which will be posted on
  4. If you will be using MyStatLab on your own computer, run the Browser Check
     in MyStatLab to download plug-ins and players.
  5. Send me an e-mail from your Campus e-mail account with Math 1103-99 your
     name in the subject line.

All of these activities are intended to get you set up to run the software, to play the
videos and to be able to open, read, print and send documents. Hopefully, you will be
ready to go on or before the first day of class.
Getting Acquainted – Math 1103-99 Spring 2012
1.   Your name:
2.   Your IHCC student ID number:
3.   (For fun) Who do you think will win this year’s Super Bowl?:
4.   Your official IHCC-issued student e-mail address:
5.   Your personal e-mail address (for back-up purposes only):
6.   Your home phone number:
7.   Your cell phone number:
8.   Your complete home mailing address including zip code:
9.   Your preferred document type (Word.doc or Word.docx or Rich Text Format.rtf):
10. Type of statistical calculator such as TI 36, TI 83 Plus, TI 84 Plus, TI 89, etc.: Identify:
11. Internet Access:        ___ IHCC campus lab          ____ Work             ___ Home
12. Internet Access (Mark one):
       DSL ___       Cable ___       Satellite (or mobile broadband) _____          Dial-up ___
     (What is your download speed if you know it? _______)
13. Your planned course exam site (Mark one):
         IHCC campus ____                  or            Off-campus proctored site ____
     If you answered an off-campus proctored site (generally if one-way commuting distance
     exceeds 50 miles or you have extenuating circumstances), then answer the following
     (note that at this time this is only a suggestion, we will need to mutually agree to this):
          a. Name of agency & its mailing address:
          b. Name of proctor:
          c. Proctor’s phone number:
14. Reason for taking this class online:
15. Last math class (course name, semester taken, location, year):
16. Grade in last math class:
17. Number of credits this semester:
18. Number of hours employed and/or volunteered per week this semester:
19. Are there any complicating factors or issues that may interfere with your time
     commitment of at least 12-15 hours needed per week for this class?
20. Tell me three thing(s) that you like to do and/or can do really well.

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