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Information Sheet - DOC 14 by x7U522


									                              MATH1530 Sec. A & B
                                      York University
                           Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Information sheet:                                                                       Sept. 2012

Course: Math1530.03: Introductory Math for Economics I.

Textbook:       Custom package available at York University bookstore. This package includes software for on-
                line Homework, therefore a must buy.

Instructor: Prof. Hans Raj Joshi                        Sec. A , MWF @ 10:30 in CB-121
           Office North Ross Rm. 621A                   Section B, MWF @ 11:30 in Rm CB-121
           Office Hours: MW @ 2 PM                      Tel: 416-736-5250 or 416-736-2100Ex66094
Web    Page:, then follow link in COURSES.         E-mail:

Prerequisite OAC Calculus or 12U Advanced Functions or 12U Calculus and Vectors or AS/SC/Math 1515.

Co-requisite: ECON 1000 or 1010

Degree Credit Exclusions:
                There are many; see Undergraduate Mini-calendar for Mathematics (any courses in Calculus)
Students should review topics of Chapters 1 from the textbook or any any other book on first year calculus or
your high school math book, during the first week of the classes. Most of the review work is high school grade
Algebra, Co-ordinate Geometry and Functions. Course work will be based on chapters 2 – 5, 6.1 and 6.2 in the
package. Rest of the content in this package is for Math 1540.

Homework will be assigned almost every week. Students must budget sufficient time to review the lecture
material and do their HW. HW will be graded on-line using Enhanced Web Assignment (EWA) system . E-mail
messages asking “What HW was assigned today” or “I missed the class today, what did you teach” are usually
not answered. General information will be posted on the EWA communication system.

Grading Scheme:
Two Term tests, to be given during lecture hours, will count for 40%, on-line Assignments (HW almost one per
week) 20% and the Final Exam (during Dec. Exam period) will count for 40% of the course work.

                                               Important Dates
               Test-1: Friday 12 October,        Test–2: Friday November 23 .,

              Last date to enroll without permission of the course instructor:          Sept. 19
              Last date to enroll with permission of the course instructor:             Oct. 2
              Last date to drop course without receiving a grade:                       Nov. 9
              Last day of classes: Monday 3 Dec. 2012

There are no (absolutely no) make-up tests for students who miss one or both of the tests. If an acceptable
reason is given for having missed a test, the mark for one test may be added to the final exam (which will
change formula for computing final mark).

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