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									                                   Math 7
                                   Mrs. Cavalier
                                 298-3900 ext. 2836

       Math 7 FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions
 What are the teacher’s expectations and rules?

  They are very simple! First and foremost, please show RESPECT at all times – this
  means respect your teacher, classmates and their belongings/property. Next
  expectation is that you come to class prepared everyday– this means with your binder,
  book, pencil, calculator and completed assignments. Lastly, I ask that you please
  listen and follow directions so that we can make the best possible use of our class

 How will I be graded?

   Grades will be determined according to the following:

  a.    Tests/Projects                                           50%
  b.    Quizzes                                                  30%
  c.    Homework (see note below!)                               10%
  d.    Class                                                     10%
       (Open Binder Checks, Prepared, Do-Now, Exit Tickets, etc)

 How often will I have homework?

  You can expect to have a homework assignment every night. Homework will be
  checked or collected at the beginning of each class period. Each assignment will be
  worth 5 points, based on completion/attempt of all problems, (not accuracy), with
  work shown and explanations given. Deductions will be taken for incomplete
  assignments or if work is not shown or explanations not given when required.
  No credit will be given for late homework!! No credit will be given for HW that is
  copied!! The agendas provided will help you to keep track of all the homework that
  is assigned.
 What should I do if I forget to copy my homework down in my agenda book?

  You can also go to the school’s website,, select NBC Middle
  School, Team Pages, Wizards, and then Homework. All of the team’s assignments
  will be listed here!!

 How can I check my grade?

   Your math grades will be accessible online through a link, Power School, on the
   school’s web page. Your parents have been given a username and password and
   will be able to check to see if you are doing your homework and what your test
   and quiz grades are. You will also be able to access your grades using your
   school’s username and password from tech connect class. Grades will be updated
   on a weekly basis.

 What do I do if I am absent?

  It is your responsibility to ask me for the work that you missed if you are absent.
  You will need to complete the do-now problem, journal, and homework that were
  assigned. Field trips, guidance appointments, chorus/band activities, etc. do not
  excuse you from the work that you missed. In the event that you are absent on
  the day a test or quiz is given, you will need to make it up during your lunch
  period or in the Greyhound Learning Center (GLC) after school. GLC is open on
  _________________________________. Long term absences will be handled on an
  individual basis.

 Is there extra credit?

   No, but there will be opportunities to earn Bonus Bucks throughout the marking
   period. Bonus Bucks are coupons that will be given at random for good efforts and
   accomplishments. They can also be earned by completing the Work Out
   Worksheets (W.O.W.’s), which are posted on the front bulletin board and include
   some of the more challenging problems from each investigation. The coupons will
   be worth one point each and may be used on tests and quizzes, or in exchange for
   other privileges. It is your responsibility to keep track of your coupons, as
   replacements will not be given.

 What should I do if I don’t understand something?

  First, you should look in your Journal section of your binder for a similar problem.
     You can also look in your Toolkit section, which will include new definitions and
     examples. For additional help you can also visit my website where I will have
     HW Help and other useful links for each unit. Finally, you can stay after school for
     extra help. I will be available one day a week after school. Please check the board
     to see what day I am available because it will vary each week.

   What is Math Counts?

      Math Counts is an after school extra-curricular activity for students looking for
      further math enrichment. Students who attend will be given the opportunity to
      compete against other schools in math competitions. Even if you don’t choose to
      compete, you can still participate and enhance your problem solving skills!

                               HOMEWORK #1
Bring this home and have your parents/guardians read through the Frequently Asked
Questions, as well as the attached information about our first unit.

Keep that information at home and just return this page with the following information

This is due   by Tuesday, Sept. 10th and will count as your first homework grade!!

Student’s Name:        ____________________________________

Parent/Guardian Name(s): (please print)            Parent/Guardian Signature(s):

_______________________________                    ____________________________

_______________________________                    ____________________________

If there is any information you would like to share with me that might help me
better meet your child’s need, please describe below:



                      Thank You!! 

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