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					                              CURRICULUM COMMITTEE
                                APPROVED MINUTES
                                         January 27, 2009

                 Voting:   Ron, Glahn, Mercy Herrera, Jon Satko, Bret Davis, Catherine Hodges,
                           Mary Jo Jordan, Jay Hargis, Miles Vega, Jeff Morris

                 Advisory: Bill Henry, Virginia Gurrola, Susan LaLabelle who is replacing Carol
                           Wilkins as curriculum representative for Disability Resource Center

                 Voting:    Muriel Josten

                 Advisory: Antonia Ecung

Call To Order:

                 Dr. Glahn called the January 27, 2009 meeting to order at 2:30 PM.


                 Dr. Glahn asked for additions or changes to the agenda.

Dr. Glahn added review sharepoint and explain curriculum procedures since the curriculum
committee has new members. Also, add curricunet to agenda for discussion.

                 Motion:       To approve agenda with minor modifications.

                 M/S/C:        Hargis/Herrera


                 Dr. Glahn asked for additions or changes to the minutes.

Email received after the January 27th meeting from Ms. Gurrola stating she was not at the
December 9th meeting.

                 Motion:       To approve minutes from December 9, 2008 with

                 M/S/C:        Hargis/Davis

Old Business:

           1. Curriculum Handbook:
The curriculum handbook is now completed and Ms. Gurrola requested the curriculum secretary
to post the handbook to sharepoint for final review from the curriculum committee.

           2. Program SLOs:
              a. Liberal Studies-Pending Jay Hargis

Mr. Hargis stated the Program SLOs have not been completed.

New Business:

           1. TBA Hours-State Chancellors office

Posted to sharepoint by curriculum secretary for division review and information. Dr. Glahn
suggested bring this back to curriculum after divisions have had time to review for followup.

           2. Curricunet

KCCD has set up a meeting to view a curriculum program. Division chairs, curriculum
representatives, and administration received email inviting them to view the demonstration at the
District office on January 30th.

Course Inactivations/Deletions:

None submitted.

Outlines Returned with Corrections - 2nd Reading

None submitted.

List of Outlines Returned to Divisions – Awaiting Action for Revision:

AGRI P102-Agriculutral Economics
AGRI P103-Agricultural Sales
AGRI P104-Computer Applications in Agriculture
AGRI P106-Introduction to Soil Science
AGRI P131-Introduction to Plant Science
ENGL P118-The Bible as Literature
HIST P104-History of Western Civilization I
HIST P105- History of Western Civilization II
MUSC P111-Introduction to Music
MUSC P112-Introduction to Music
MUSC P116-Handbell Choir
MUSC P127-Concert Band
SOCI P102-Critical Sociology and Social Problems
SPAN P101-Elementary Spanish
SPAN P102-Elementary Spanish
SPAN P103-Intermediate Spanish
SPAN P104-Intermediate Spanish

Course Outline Review-1St Reading:

ENGL P119-Forms of Literature: Poetry

Mr. Vega noted CSU (AREA C) and UC (Area 3) needs checked. Mr. Hargis made two
comments to SLOs.

            Return to division for minor modifications.


Prerequisites and recommendations need clarification. Student learning objectives needed
reformatted. Mr. Hargis noted suggestions to SLOs.

            Return to division for modifications.


Mr. Vega stated that universities are requesting lab content on course outlines when the course
has a lab. Discussion issued regarding the procedure to handle this request. Committee agreed
that when there is a lab component faculty will add 15 (B) and to add lab content in the course

            Return to division for modifications.


Dr. Glahn made suggestions to catalog description. Mr. Vega checked boxes regarding
articulation that were left blank. Also, checked CSU (Area D) and IGETC(AREA 4) not
completed. Mr. Satko made suggestion regarding formatting of course content. Content review
percentages need corrected to 100% instead of 24%.

            Return to division for minor modifications.


Discussion continued regarding unit value of courses. Dr. Glahn again noted that unit value
affects block scheduling, load, and financial aid. A suggestion was made to look at how course
articulates, but this will be a problem for any course that does not transfer. Mr. Satko stated that
we are holding courses that unit values are in question and the committee does not have an
answer to unit value at this time. When unit value is determined Mr. Satko stated that instructor
opinion should have strong weight on course unit value. Courses should be forwarded and when
curriculum can address unit value courses can be returned for review.
              Motion:        To approve courses with existing unit values pending unit
                             value criteria.

               M/S/C:         Satko/Vega

Mr. Vega that with new guidelines for fall that student will require 50 units in General Education
next year to graduate. He noted that how will it be possible for students to receive an Associate
Degree in two years.

Next Scheduled Meeting:

           February 10, 2009 at 2:30 in SM-125


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