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October Homework by bgHlk45


									                                February Homework
Here are the ideas for each subject for this month. I would like to see 5 activities
completed each week, one from each content area. Some assignments are written
while others are oral or involve other materials. Please initial and date next to the
activity as it is finished. The Homework is due each Monday. Please turn in all
printed materials in the blue folder. Please remember that a piece of writing is to be
returned in the folder.

Spelling                  Writing                  Math                         Science                   Language Arts
Use your regular          Read your favorite                                    Illustrate a picture of
sort spelling words       non fiction book and     Addtion and subtraction      why we have day or
for these activities:     write a summary          Game                         night.Write three         Word Ending
                          about it.                Fraction worksheet           sentences about your      Practice
Write the spelling                                                              picture.
words and circle the                                                                                      Suffix worksheet
                                                   Math Fact Game
vowels.                   Write a well
                          developed paragraph                                   Write six sentences       Skills Tutor –
Spelling Shapes- Draw
one shape for each
                          on the production of     Write fraction story         about exploring the       Language Arts and
                          Snow White that we       about sharing a candy        moon, What wold           Reading Activities
word. Then, write your
                          saw on our field trip.   bar. Explain and             yudo there and what
spelling words inside
                                                   illustrate what fractional   would you like to
each of the shapes.
                          Share a story about      part you and your            discover.
                                                   friends will get to eat.
                          your favorite Hero                                    .                         *In addition, don’t
Write a sentence with     for the Essay Contest.                                                          forget to read a book
                                                   2 digit subration with
each of your spelling     Due on Feb.3rd.                                       If you would like to      on your level for 20
words.                    See entry form in                                     try Brain Pop,watch       minutes each night!
                          HW folder.               3 digit subtraction with     the video on moon
                                                   regrouping                   phases.
Type each spelling
word 5 times and print.   Write six sentences                                                             February Book
                          about exploring the                                   Watch a short video
Write each spelling       moon, What wold
                                                   Making Change Game           about the moon               Report
word 5 times.             you do there and                                      phases                    Character Book
                          what would you like      Fraction game                                              Walk
                          to discover.                                           Read about the moon
                                                                                phases.                        2/28
                          Free Choice writing.     IXL                                                    Read Amelia Writes
                          Be sure to write         Check folders for login                                Again
                          aleast 8 sentences.      info!
                          .                        Skills Tutor – Math

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