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                                             CV for Kim Weiss-Poulsen
Web and security consultant with a wide range of skills. IBM Certified Solution Developer in Visual Age and
WebSphere, with certifications in Java, Visual Age for Java, OOAD/UML and WebSphere Application Server,
Interwoven Teamsite and latest a CISSP and Prince2 certifications

Projects ranging from setting up servers, system maintenance (Windows), programming and system development
(Java, WebSphere, JSP, PHP etc.) with focus on the entire process from analysis / design to implementation and
test, supplemented by implementation of Enterprise CMS systems, Interwoven Teamsite

Has attended various IBM courses: OOAD with UML, Visual Age and a whole range of WebSphere courses:
Everyplace Suite, Application Server, Commerce Suite, Studio Application Developer and IBM WebSphere Portal

Freelance consultant with experience from starting up and running additional businesses. Business oriented IT
consultant with development and project management skills.

Present occupation: Independent software consultant – primary projects and customers: IBM Nordic, Nordic
Processor, IBM BeNeLux: Tasks within security checking (TSCM, SecAudit, other tools, manual, process, teaching
etc.), development and documentation, team lead, project management and process coordination.

Projects within banking and IT (security and teamlead), medical industry (consulting, system development),
telecom, business marketing management, J2ME development and more.

Current part time project: Maintenance and support for Danish Defence (security cleared to “secret”)

          9 years international consultancy as company owner and freelance consultant since 2003
          8 years with security compliance (ISO27000 / ISO27002, IBM processes and tools, risk and issue
           handing, quality assurance, mentor, teacher, team lead (2003 – 2011)
          6 years experience within new business development (Tislet – non IT related), since 2006
          3 years international experience as consultant for Corebit / IconMedialab (2000 – 2003)
          4 years total as team lead / process coordinator / Deputy project manager on various projects (2005 –
           2007 and ad hoc since)
          1 year as Web-Consultant for insurance company (usability architect) and Information Worker for a
           community (1997)
          More than 20 years of experience with PC (HW+SW), various applications and OS’. (Support and
           setup/configuration for private and various minor companies, mostly Wintel platform), since 1991
          Fluent in Danish and English, with good communication skills, backed by formal education and training
          Master Degree in Communication and Computer Science, graduated 2000

Personal information
Date of CV                      May 16. 2012
Name                            Kim Weiss-Poulsen
Address                         Hasselvang 9
Zip-code                        DK-2660
City                            Brøndby Strand
Country                         Denmark
Phone                           +45 40 90 49 02
Web site              
Birthday                        April 8. 1972
Nationality                     Danish
Status / children               Cohabited / 1 son (from 2008)
Car                             Drivers license and own car
                                Responsible, takes initiative, analytical, logical, humorous, personal drive, gets the
Personal abilities
                                job completed
Main sparetime interest         Miniature Harness Racing (ponytrav)                                                                                                Page 2 of 13

                   Statement                             Position                    Said by               Date
                                                                           Marko Broedersz,
“Kim is a dedicated person. You can trust that    Health Check consultant,
                                                                           Security process
work assigned to him will come to a good end           IBM Benelux,                                        09/2011
                                                                           coordinator, indirect
with high quality.”                                     2008 – 2011
“Kim and I were working in the same team with
                                                      IBM Health Check,       Michael Westlund,
security process implementation. He shows great
                                                    teamlead and process      Security Specialist, IBM
responsibility and is a trustworthy, sharp minded                                                          12/2007
                                                          coordinator,        colleague
person with very good social skills. I give him my
                                                         2005 – 2007
best recommendation.”
“Easy-going guy, whom you can always trust to                                 Johnny Bahr Jakobsen,
get the job done. Will always ensure that the work    IBM Health Check,,
at hand is based on a solid foundation and is              Denmark,           Freelance consultant,      02/2005
ready to put an extra effort into it to ensure           2003 – 2004          colleague
“I had the privilege of working with Kim on several                           Henrik Povlsen, Team
                                                    Corebit / Iconmedialab,
occasions and Kim never failed to deliver. He                                 Manager, IconMedialab,
                                                        web consultant,                                  03/2006
always see’s the positive in things and is a great                            colleague, indirect
                                                          2000 – 2003
inspiration to work with.”                                                    manager
“Kim has managed to ask the relevant and critical
questions, even when it was necessary to
challenge the agreed standards ... Meanwhile,            Topdanmark,          Tomas Friis,
Kim understood "the art of what is possible"            webconsultant,        project manager,           02/2000
within a company, limited by the business and                 1997  
resources. Kim has a pleasant character and is
able to positively contribute to projects”
“Kim works independently, thoroughly and quickly      Information worker      Ida Juhler, Information
with the tasks...”                                       trainee, 1997        worker, indirect manager

Functional experience
                   Function                                Level                                   Latest use
Software Developer                                        Advanced                   8                   2012

Technical Project Manager                                 Advanced                   6                   2011

Project manager                                          Intermediate                3                   2007

Technical Architect                                       Advanced                   5                   2006

Support                                                     Expert                  20+                  2012

HW / SW server configuration                                Expert                  20+                  2012

Security consultant                                       Advanced                   9                   2012

Technical writing, documentation                          Advanced                  10+                  2012

Team lead / coordinator security projects                   Expert                   8                   2011                                                                                          Page 3 of 13

 Period(m/y)                    Place                                        Function
                                                              Freelance / contractor, Software developer,
                                                               consultancy, security checks, teaching, company
                                                               owner, security specialist, documentation, server
                                                               support and maintenance.
09/2003 – present                            Major customers: Danish Defence, IBM (DK, SE,
                                                               NL), ATP, Nordic Processor. Various smaller
                                                               tasks and customers.
                                                              Projects for: Interim Competence, Templeton &
                                                               Partners, Prodata Consult
                                                      Commercializing of product to consumers, webdesign and
05/2006 - present                       backend, sales, promotion, investor. To be outphased, for
                                                      sale. Expected termination within a year.
04/2008 – 04/2009 Source Contracting, Netherlands     Subcontracting IBM, Health Check Consultant ITSEC NL
                                                      Software developer, web consultant, server configuration,
09/2000 – 08/2003 Corebit Consulting / IconMedialab   consultancy – portals and CMS (IBM WebSphere Portal,
                                                      Tridion, Interwoven), test, security, documentation etc.
                                                      Web consultant strategy and usability (data collection for
09/1997 – 12/1997 Topdanmark (insurance)
                                                      master thesis)
                                                      Informationworker (Web as main focus), press releases,
02/1997 – 05/1997 Hillerød Kommune (community)
                                                      documentation, quality of written outgoing material

         Language                 Understand                    Speaks                      Read / Write
English                              Fluent                       Fluent                       Fluent

Danish                               Native                       Native                       Native

German                                Good                         Fair                         Fair

Swedish                               Good                         Fair                         Fair

Norwegian                             Good                         Fair                         Fair

Dutch                                 Poor                          No                           No

 Start    End
                                     Type                                           Place
  year    year
                        Various Certifications / courses
                                                           Copenhagen, Tampere, Munich, Brussels,
   2000       ongoing   related to consultancy work. See
                                                           Stockholm, Amsterdam, Helsingborg
                        courses section for details
                        Master degree in Communication
   1992        2000     and Computer Science. See          University of Roskilde
                        below for details
                        Upper Secondary School Leaving
   1988        1992                                        Haslev Gymnasium
                        Examination (Studentereksamen).
   1979        1988     Elementary School                  Toksværd Skole                                                                                         Page 4 of 13

Master degree Communication / Computer Science – details
 Start    End
                  Education Details    Projects and courses
 year     year
                                                        World Wide Web – a characterization of a developing
   1997         2000      Master Thesis
                                                        media, Usability, webstrategy, design
                                                        Web Crawler (Impl. Simula), Design of collaborative
                                                        Search Engine (web), Usability, SQL, system
   1995         2000      Computer Science
                                                        development, Flexible Query languages, object
                                                        orientated programming
                                                        Web Consultancy – Usability
   1995         2000      Communication
                                                        Organization Theory / Media production
                                                        Science revolutions – discovery and development of
   1994         1994      Mathematic (1 semester)
                                                        fractals. Analysis and linear algebra
                          Basic Education Programme –
   1992         1994                                    Neural Networks (AI), Cryptography (RSA, DES, PKI)
                          Natural Science

  Name /
               Year                       Place                          Technologies
                       2012   Glostrup, Denmark         Prince2 project management methodology and terms
                                                        10 different IT security areas, see skills section for
CISSP / ISC2           2012   Helsingborg, Sweden
                                                        Developed the certification tests as part of teaching a
                                                        team of Polish people. Tests only used within IBM
IBM Health check
                       2011   Wroclaw, Poland           Benelux and IDC Central Europe (Poland) amd is in
                                                        its first version, not yet ready for global IBM
                                                        Interwoven Teamsite v. 5.5, Pearl, Open Deploy and
Certified              2003   Munich, Germany
IBM Certified
                       2003   Copenhagen, Denmark       WebSphere Application Server 4.0, J2EE
Product Specialist
IBM Certified
                                                        Combination of WebSphere, Visual Age, OOAD w.
Solution               2002   Copenhagen, Denmark
                                                        UML and Java certifications
IBM Certified
                       2002   Copenhagen, Denmark       WebSphere Application Server
Product Specialist
IBM Certified
                       2001   Copenhagen, Denmark       Visual Age for Java
Product Specialist
Sun Certified
Programmer for
                       2001   Copenhagen, Denmark       Java (J2SE)
the Java2
platform                                                                                        Page 5 of 13

  Year       Lasting                   Type                                            Place
                            Various Windows tools for the
                               enterprise: Further with
   2012       ongoing                            / Danish defence
                            powershell, SCOM, Win2008
                            Remedy, change and incident
   2012            1 day                                  Danish defence
                              management processes
                              Course and selfstudy for
   2012       6 weeks                                     Skententy
                                 Prince2 certification
   2011       1 month      Selfstudy for CISSP certification
                           Latest .Net framework,
                           Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
   2011       Ongoing      and 2012 (developer preview,
                           together with Windows8 dev.
                           Selfstudy: Latest Java and
                           application servers (BEA /
   2011       Ongoing                              
                           Oracle (JDeveloper) and IBM
                           Websphere v8.0
                           Microsoft Windows Powershell
   2011            1 day                                     Prodata Consult, Copenhagen
                           Various courses within IBM
   2009        2 years     processes – SARM, security        IBM BeNeLux
                           incidents and more
                             Teaching: Health Checking,
                            processes and tools, including   IBM BeNeLux, IBM South Africa and IBM Wroclaw,
   2008        3 years
                              how to use TSCM, security      Poland
                              compliance, processes etc.
                           Teaching: Security Baseline
   2006        1 year+                              – at IBM, Kista, Sweden
                           and Health Checking
                           MS Studio 2005/2008 / SQL
   2005       Ongoing      server 2005/2008 (Java / C#
                           dev. .Net)
                           OIOXML standard (electronic
   2005            1 day   invoice for Danish public
   2004       1 month      Study for J2EE Certification – postponed
                           Oracle 10G technical
   2004            1 day                                     Pro Data Consult, Copenhagen
   2004        2 days      Telecommunication (sales)         HK, Svendborg
                           Teaching: Apache HTTPS and
   2004        3 days                                   Danisco, Copenhagen
                           Teaching: Health Checking,
   2004        14 days                         – at IBM, Ballerup, Denmark
                           security processes and tools
   2003        5 days      Business plan development         Copenhagen Business School (Niels Broch)

   2003        5 days      Marketing, business knowledge Initivgruppen, Ishøj

   2003        3 days      Basic business economy            Initivgruppen, Hvidovre

                           BEA Integration course
   2003            1 day                                     Bella Center, Copenhagen
                           (Weblogic Integration)

   2003        3 days      Tridion Technical Training        IconMedialab, Copenhagen                                                                                                Page 6 of 13

                            Qualification for Installation at
   2002            1 day                                        Lundbeck, Valby, Denmark
                            Interwoven Teamsite v.5.5
   2002        14 days                                          Munich, Germany
                            Computer Associates,
   2002            1 day                                        Computer Associates, Denmark
                            CleverPath Portal Workshop
                            IBM WebSphere Portal Server
   2002        3 days                                           IBM Denmark, Lyngby
                            v. 4.0
                            IBM WebSphere Portal Server
   2001        3 days                                           IBM Denmark, Lyngby
                            v. 2.1
                            IBM WebSphere Application
   2001        3 days       Server (v. 4.0), Advanced and       IconMedialab, Copenhagen
                            Single Server edition
                            IBM Technical workshop:
   2001        2 days       WebSphere Commerce Suite            IBM Denmark, Lyngby
                            WebSphere Application Server
   2000        5 days                                           IBM Denmark, Lyngby
                            and Studio
                            Obejct Orientated analysis and
   2000        5 days                                           Corebit, Næsseslottet, Holte (IBM instructor)
   2000        5 days       IBM Visual Age for Java             IBM Denmark, Lyngby

   2000        3 days       Fast Track to Java                  Corebit, Næsseslottet, Holte, Denmark
                            System development,
                            programming, organizational
1992 - 2000    8 years                                          University of Roskilde
                            communication, SQL,
                            databases etc.

   Place /            Period
                                      Description                  Technologies               Role in project
  customer           (mm/yy)
                      04/2012 - Part time support and
 Danish Defence                                                 Not to be exposed           Support and maintenance
                       ongoing maintenance
Sikkerhedskonsul          12/2011 - Startup of dedicated            Security compliance,
  (The security        ongoing security consultancy             consultancy etc.
                           Education between                    Security in general,
                 10/2011 – customers: CISSP,                    project management,         Upgrading or maintaining
                  04/2011 Prince2, various                      Java, WebSphere,            knowledge and expertise
                           technologies                         Windows, .Net
     ATOS,                 Ad hoc assistance,                                     Technical assistance,
                  09/2011                                       WebSphere MQ, WAS7.0
 Copenhagen                WebSphere MQ                                                   logfiles
                                                                                    Quality assurance,
                                                       Tivoli Security
                             Coordinator, Cirats                                   guidance, teamlead,
                                                       Compliance Manager
  Remote working             administrator, security                            teaching, support, various
                   01/2011 –                           (TSCM), Cirats, GSD331,
  (from DK) / IBM            policy reviews and                                   security related tasks,
                    09/2011                            ITCS104, ECM,
      Benelux                approvals. Perform Health                            writing and evaluating
                                                       Compliance Database,
                             Check for BE customers                            process documentation and
                                                       Lotus Notes
                                                                               Performing Health Checks,
                             Perform Health Check for TSCM, Cirats, GSD331, teaching, support, project
Remote working
                  04/2009 – BE and NL customers,       ITCS104, ECM / Screen, improvements,
(from DK) / IBM
                  12/2010    process and tools         Compliance Database,    management status
                             improvements              Lotus Notes             reports, ensuring security
                                                                               compliance, documentation
                             Health Checking end to    TSCM, Cirats, GSD331, Performing Health Checks,
                  04/2008 – end for ITSEC NL – 4000 ITCS104, ECM / Screen, teaching, project
IBM Netherlands
                  04/2009    servers. Outsourcing      Compliance Database,    improvements,
                             customers and Delta Lloyd Lotus Notes             management status reports                                                                                                  Page 7 of 13

                                Interwoven Teamsite
Scandesigns A/S    04/2008                                    Interwoven Teamsite           Consultant, teacher
                                guidance and teaching
                                Implementing and              Rational Application
                                                                                            Support, maintanence,
                                maintaining NAFS (New         Developer v. 6.0, DB2,
                                                                                            software development,
                   11/2007 –    Administrative Common         WebSphere Appl. Server,
Hillerød / ATP                                                                              consulting, system error
                   04/2008      System) containing all        Clearcase, Java, SQL,
                                                                                            handling and
                                companies and citizens in     XML, Spring / Hibernate
                                Denmark                       framework, Unit Testing
                                                                                            Competence Process
                                                                                            Analyst (CPA – an art sub
Stockholm, IBM /                Implement Network             IBM EOP process,
                   05/2007 –                                                                project manager within
Nordic Processor /              Controls process –            firewalls, routers, mail
                   11/2007                                                                  EOP framework). Writing
Nordea                          software and hardware         gateways etc.
                                                                                            and implementing process
                   04/2007 –
                                                                                            Technical project manager
                   11/2007      Security Baseline for
Stockholm, IBM /                                              Nordic SCR, HCA, MS           / teamlead, subject matter
                   (6 month     applications – 4000
Nordic Processor /                                            SQL, IIS, DB2, Apache,        expert, teacher,
                   contract     servers, 10.000+
Nordea                                                        Domino                        coordinator, support,
                   prolonged)   applications
                                New business development      Product development (not
                                                                                            Managing Director,
                                part time.      IT related), business
                 05/2006 –                                                                  business consultant, IT                Business is about to be       plans, business
                 ongoing                                                                    responsible, sales b2b,
                                phased out / sold if anyone   consulting, sales, HTML,
                                                                                            web backend
                                is interested                 PHP, MySQL, CSS
                                                                                     Team leader, process
                                                              Tivoli Security
                                                                                     coordinator, teacher,
                   01/2006 –                                  Compliance Manager
                                                                                     security specialist,
Stockholm, IBM / 03/2007                                      (TSCM), Various security
                              Health Check process                                   Competence Process
Nordic Processor / (6 month                                   baseline tools and scripts,
                              implemenation                                          Analyst, Deputy Project
Nordea             contract                                   EOP process within IBM,
                                                                                     Manager. Security
                   prolonged)                                 Screen, USC, Nordic
                                                                                     compliance documentation
                                                                                     and QA
                                                          HC-tools for windows,      Technical project leader /
                   02/2005 –                              unix and network, SCM, Team leader / focal point,
                              Security Baselining of more
Stockholm, IBM / 12/2005 (6                               SCR, E-Esm, Access,        coordinator, architect,
                              than 10.000 devices all
Nordic Processor / month                                  Excel, MS-Project,         security specialist., teacher,
                              over Nordic and Baltic
Nordea             contract                               Windows (all server        support, reporting,
                   prolonged)                             versions), Citrix, IIS,    statistical analysis,
                                                          Terminal Services. Excel technical handover
                              Technical writing /
                              estimates, consulting for   CMS systems consulting,
                                                                                     Technical consultant
Egevang, Hansen               Mission Pharma, design      req. spec. writing, XAL,
                   07/2004 –                                                         technical architecture,
& Co. / Mission               and implementation of       Oracle Application
                   02/2005                                                           programming. Specification
Pharma                        Oracle Portal / CMS         Server, Oracle Portal,
                              solution with backend       Oracle CMS
                                                          Windows NT, 2000, 2003 Server check and
                                                          Server, Microsoft IIS, IBM automation of health check
                   09/2003 –
                                                          HTTP Server, Microsoft process.
IBM / Pro Data     12/2004
                                                          SQL Server, Exchange, In touch with more than
Consult / EDB-     (3 month   Nordic Health Check within
                                                          Citrix, Terminal Services, 1000 servers regarding
gruppen / Finnair contract    IBM (including “Big 5”
                                                          Symantec ESM, Carbon security and system
(Copenhagen /      prolonged customers Nordic wise)
                                                          Copy, Secaudit / SCR       administration on Windows
Helsinki)          four
                                                          server, DB2, WebSphere, platform. Programming,
                                                          Health Check Monitor       datahandling and -mining,
                                                          Database.                  teaching, documentation
                                                          WebSphere Application
                   04/2004 –                                                         Support, counselling,
Danisco                       WebSphere support           server 4.0.x, WPS,
                   07/2004                                                           tutoring
Egevang, Hansen 11/2003 – Technical advisor for           Architecture, hosting, MS Writer of requirement
& Co               05/2004    Nycomed                     CMS, Sharepoint portal specification
                              Writer of technical         Web strategy,
Egevang & Co.      12/2003                                                           Technical advisor
                              specifications              documentation                                                                                               Page 8 of 13

                               Test and functionality
                                                                                       Tester, documentation
IconMedialab       08/2003     description – internal time   Documentation, ASP
                                                             Java, JSP, servlets,
                                                             MVC-framework, Visual
                               Download of services to                               System architect,
TDC Mobil          08/2003                                   Age for Java, WebSphere
                               cell phones                                           programmer
                                                             Test Environment,
                                                             Tomcat, XML, DOM
                                                                                     System designer /
                               Quarterly newsletter at
Chr. Hansen        07/2003                                   Java, WebSphere         programmer, deployment,
IconMedialab /
TDC /              05/2003 –
                               OCES digital signature        OCES, PKI, VB, VBA        Consultancy
Københavns         07/2003
                                                             Java, Visual Age for
                               Shopping portal, Royal                                  Technical Project Manager,
                   05/2003 –                                 Java, WebSphere Test
IconMedialab                   Copenhagen (Royal                                       system architect, database
                   06/2003                                   Environment, Tomcat,
                               Wedding)                                                designer, programmer
                                                             DB2, MS SQL Server
                                                                                       Programmer, CMS
                               Tridion - setup and                                     configuration, CMS
                   05/2003 –                                 Tridion R5, Visual Basic,
DONG                           implementation of                                       development,
                   06/2003                                   Oracle Portal
                                                                  documentation regarding
IconMedialab       04/2003     Tridion – internal training   Tridion                   Student
                               Security fix up for           Web security, XSS, SQL Security consultant,
Lundbeck           04/2003
                                      injections, ASP        programmer
                               Internal evaluation of
IconMedialab       03/2003                                   Workshop                  Writer, evaluator
                   11/2002 –   Requirement specification
DONG                                                         Technical writing         Analysis of customer needs
                   02/2003     for
                               Campaign control system       Java, Oracle 8.1, JDBC,   Error corrections,
TDC TeleDanmark 01/2003
                               at                 Tomcat                    programmer
                                                                                       System designer /
Chr. Hansen        11/2002     Annual Rapport                WebSphere, Java           programmer, deployment,
                                                                                       Programmer, consultant,
                               Internationalization of
                   10/2002 –                               Interwoven Teamsite,        Installation Qualification
Lundbeck                       www.depnet.* for
                   12/2002                                 UTF-8, Java, ASP, VB        (IQ) writer, installation,
                               deployment in 22 countries.
                                                                                       IQ writer, test, test-
Lundbeck           10/2002     Upgrading of Teamsite         Interwoven Teamsite       installation, installation in
                               Server configuration –        Solaris, Sybase, ATG      Configuration and
Kilroy Travels     09/2002
                               Solaris                       Dynamo                    installation
                   06/2002 –   Digital Insight newsletter                              Technical architect,
Chr. Hansen                                                  JSP, Java
                   09/2002     navigation module                                       programmer
Siemens /
                                                             CA Cleverpath Portal,     Programmer, Technical
Computer           05/2002     News flash portlet
                                                             Java, JavaScript          designer
                   04/2002 –   Various technological
IconMedialab                                                 None                      Strategic planning
                   05/2002     strategic work
                   02/2002 –   Car renting module for    ATG Dynamo, DHTML,
Kilroy Travels                                                                         Programmer
                   03/2002      JSP, Java
                   11/2001 –   CMS questionnaire part of XML, XSLT, Resin, JSP,        Programmer, Technical
                   01/2002     CMS consulting service    servlets, Java                Project Manager
                                                         Vignette, WebSphere,
IconMedialab,    06/2001 –     Development and                                         architect, designer,
                                                         Java, JSP, servlets,
Tampere, Finland 10/2001       configuration of CMS                                    programmer
                                                         Oracle, Sybase
                                                         WebSphere, Tomcat,
                               Porting of various
IconMedialab       05/2001                               Resin, Java, Informix,        Programmer
                               applications to WebSphere
                                                         DB2, Visual Age                                                                                                    Page 9 of 13

                                   Refactoring and
                       03/2001 –                                  Java, JSP, JavaScript,
Nestle                             administration module for                                    Programmer
                       05/2001                                    Resin, MySQL, JDBC
                                   Internal Clearing House,
Telia / Oracle         02/2001                                    Java, MQ, XML, Oracle         Programmer
                                   number portability
                                   Installation / configuration   WebSphere Everyplace
IconMedialab           01/2001     of WebSphere Everyplace        Suite, WebSphere Appl. Techical implementer
                                   Suite                          Server, IBM HTTP server
                                   Information worker: Press
                                   releases (in Danish), editor
                                   of internal magazine,          WordPerfect,
                       02/1997 –
Hillerød Kommune                   review of written material,    DrawPerfect, Lotus            Written communication
                                   writer of strategic web        Groupwise, Adobe
                                   material, minutes of

Technology Skills – level definitions
   Level                                                          Description
      Basic            Basic knowledge but no real experience
  Intermediate         Knowledge and fair working experience from one or more projects
    Advanced           Good work experience from several projects and able to teach others in this product
     Expert            Good working experience, able to teach others. Considered an expert by others within the
                       company or by customers

Theory & Notation
     Product                                                      Level          Years /                    Last
                                                                                 Projects                   used
         Data Modeling Theory                                     Intermediate   4 / a couple                2008
         Object Oriented Analysis                                 Advanced       7 / several                 2008
         Object Orientated Design                                 Advanced       7 / several                 2008
         Security Architecture Theory                             Advanced       7 / several                 2011
         Software Architecture Theory                             Advanced       7 / several                 2008
         Testing                                                  Advanced       7 / several                 2008
         UML                                                      Intermediate   2 / a couple                2002
         Use Case Analysis                                        Advanced       2 / a couple                2003

Programming & Script languages
     Product                                                      Level          Years /                    Last
                                                                                 Projects                   used
         General Programming Skills                               Advanced       10+ / several               2011
         HTML                                                     Advanced       10+ / several               2011
         Java                                                     Expert         10 / several / Certified
                                                                                 Programmer                  2011
         Java Script                                              Intermediate   3 / several                 2007
         Java2 Micro Edition                                      Intermediate   2                           2005
         SQL                                                      Advanced       10+ / several               2011
         DHTML (ATG Dynamo)                                       Intermediate   1/1                         2002
         J2EE (Enterprise Java Beans)                             Intermediate   2                           2004
         JSP / Servlets                                           Advanced       6 / several / certified     2005
         XML / XSLT                                               Intermediate   4 / a couple                2008
         .Net                                                     Basic          1                           2011                                                                                           Page 10 of 13

       Visual Basic / VBScript                            Intermediate   1 / a couple               2003
       ASP                                                Intermediate   2 / a couple               2003
       PHP                                                Basic          3                          2011
       C#                                                 Basic          1                          2012

OS/Platforms (for operation)
     Product                                              Level          Years /                   Last
                                                                         Projects                  used
       General platform skills                            Advanced       10+                        2012
       LINUX in general                                   Intermediate   2 / superuser              2011
       UNIX in general                                    Intermediate   2/ superuser               2003
       Solaris                                            Basic          2/ superuser               2003
       AIX                                                Basic          2 / at user level          2004
       DOS / Windows 3.x / 9x / XP / Vista / 7 / 8        Expert         10+ / Administrator
       (dev.prev.)                                                                                  2012
       Windows NT Server / 2000 / 2003 / 2008 / R2        Expert         10+ / Administrator        2012

Web Servers / Application Servers
     Product                                              Level          Years /                   Last
                                                                         Projects                  used
       General Web Server skills                          Intermediate   3 / several                2008
       Apache                                             Intermediate   3                          2006
       IBM HTTP Server                                    Intermediate   4                          2008
       General Application Server Skills (Java / JSP etc.) Advanced      6 / several                2008
       ATG Dynamo                                         Intermediate   1/1                        2002
       BEA                                                Intermediate   1                          2011
       IBM WebSphere Application Server (3.0 / 3.5 std.   Advanced       7 / several                2011
       / 4.0 adv. Sse / 5.0 / 6.0 / 6.1 / 7.0, 8.0)
       Caucho Resin                                       Advanced       3 / a couple               2004
       Microsoft Internet Information Server              Advanced       3 / several                2011

Commerce Platforms / CMS / Portals / Wireless
    Product                             Level                            Years /                   Last
                                                                         Projects                  used
       General Portal / CMS Skills                        Advanced       4 / several                2005
       IBM WebSphere Portal Server                        Basic          Course knowledge           2003
       Computer Associates Cleverpath Portal              Intermediate   1                          2002
       Vignette CMS                                       Intermediate   1/1                        2001
       IBM WebSphere Commerce Suite                       Basic          Course knowledge           2002
       IBM WebSphere Everyplace Suite (1.1, AIX)          Basic          1/1                        2001
       Interwoven Teamsite                                Advanced       3 / several / certified    2008
       Tridion R4 and R5                                  Intermediate   1/1                        2003
       Oracle Application Server                          Intermediate   1/1                        2005                                                                                    Page 11 of 13

Development Tools
     Product                                       Level          Years /                   Last
                                                                  Projects                  used
       CVS / WinCVS                                Intermediate   2 / several                2002
       Rational Clearcase                          Basic          2                          2008
       IBM Visual Age for Java (3.0 – 4.0)         Advanced       3 / several / certified    2004
       Eclipse / WSAD / RAD                        Advanced       4                          2008
       Visio                                       Intermediate   3 / several                2008
       Netbeans                                    Intermediate   1                          2011
       Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 / 2008         Intermediate   2                          2009
       Oracle Jdeveloper                           Intermediate   1                          2011
       Microsoft Powershell                        Intermediate   1                          2012

Development frameworks and methods
     Product                                       Level          Years /                   Last
                                                                  Projects                  used
       Java: Hibernate                             Intermediate   1                          2008
       Java: Spring                                Intermediate   1                          2008
       Model / View / Controller (MVC), platform   Advanced       4 / several                2008
       Unit testing, JUnit                         Intermediate   1                          2008
       Agile software development                  Basic          4 / Used when              2008
                                                                  situation required it
       Scrum                                       Advanced       1 (Good knowledge of       2003
                                                                  present SCRUM,
                                                                  developed a similar
                                                                  approach myself in a
                                                                  project in 2003)

Database Systems & Directory Services
     Product                                       Level          Years /                   Last
                                                                  Projects                  used
       General Database and Directory skills       Intermediate   6 / several                2012
       DB2                                         Intermediate   5 / several                2009
       Oracle                                      Intermediate   4 / several                2011
       MS SQL server                               Intermediate   3 / a couple               2005
       MySQL                                       Intermediate   4 / a couple               2012
       Sybase                                      Intermediate   3 / several                2003
       MS Access                                   Intermediate   1                          2005
       MS Active Directory                         Intermediate   1                          2012                                                                                           Page 12 of 13

     Product                                               Level          Years /                  Last
                                                                          Projects                 used
       Authentication Techniques                           Intermediate    8                        2011
       Cryptology / Cryptography                           Advanced       5 / able to teach         2007
       Public Key Infrastructure                           Advanced       5 / able to teach         2007
       UNIX security                                       Intermediate    5                        2009
       Windows security                                    Expert         10+                       2012
       Symantic Enterprise Security Manager                Expert         2                         2004
       Secaudit (SCR factory / extractor) – IBM tool       Expert         4                         2007
       Tivoli Security Compliance Manager (TSCM)           Expert         5 / able to teach         2011
       Health Checking / ISCD / GSD331 / ITCS104 /         Expert         8 / able to teach         2011
       ISEC, based on ISO27002
       Security Compliance                                 Expert         8 / several, able to      2011

Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP) areas
      Product                            Level     Years /                                         Last
                                                   Projects                                        used
       Access control                                      Advanced       8 / integral part of      2011
                                                                          IBM projects
       Telecommunication and network security              Advanced       8 / integral part of      2012
                                                                          IBM projects
       Information security, Governance and risk           Expert         8 / integral part of      2011
       management                                                         IBM projects, primary
       Application development security                    Advanced       3 / Basic academic        2003
                                                                          knowledge as well as
                                                                          practical projects
                                                                          from IconMedialab
                                                                          customers (Lundbeck
       Cryptography                                        Expert         Various projecs, as       2008
                                                                          well as able to teach
                                                                          in the area
       Security Architecture and design                    Advanced       8 / integral part of      2011
                                                                          IBM projects
       Operations security                                 Advanced       8 / integral part of      2011
                                                                          IBM projects
       Business Continuity & Disaster recovery planning Basic             Have not been              N/A
                                                                          working directly with
                                                                          BC / DRP, but have
                                                                          basic knowledge from
                                                                          CISSP material
       Legal, regulations, investigations and compliance   Advanced       8 / integral part of      2011
                                                                          IBM projects. Expert
                                                                          on the compliance
       Physical security                                   Basic          Have not been              N/A
                                                                          working directly with
                                                                          physical security, but
                                                                          have basic
                                                                          knowledge from
                                                                          CISSP material                                                                                        Page 13 of 13

IBM products and technologies
     Product                                               Level          Years /               Last
                                                                          Projects              used
       Secaudit (SCR factory / extractor) – IBM tool       Expert         4                      2007
       Tivoli Security Compliance Manager (SCM or          Expert         5 / able to teach      2011
       Health Checking / ISCD / GSD331 / ITCS104 /         Expert         8 / able to teach      2011
       Cirats                                              Advanced       8 / able to teach /    2011
       Lotus Notes                                         Advanced       8                      2011
       IBM notation and terminology                        Advanced       8                      2011
       Tacacs / AT&T network setup                         Advanced       8                      2011
       Risk and Issue management                           Advanced       8                      2011
       TSCM policy and suppressions, creation, setup       Expert         8                      2011
       and security compliance / Quality Assurance
       IBM Lotus Symphony                                  Basic          1                      2011

Communication skillls
   Product                                                 Level          Years /               Last
                                                                          Projects              used
       Press releases                                      Intermediate   1                      1997
       Technical writing (documentation etc)               Advanced       10+                    2011
       Reviews of documentation and processes              Advanced       8                      2011
       Workinstructions and handover                       Advanced       10+                    2011
       Translation to and from Danish and English          Intermediate   10+                    2011
       International projects (working language English)   Advanced       10+                    2011
       National projects (working language Danish)         Advanced       10+                    2011
       Proofreading, QA, projects, documentation etc.      Advanced       10+                    2011
       English and Danish alike

Management skillls
    Product                                                Level          Years /               Last
                                                                          Projects              used
       Team lead                                           Advanced       4                      2011
       Project manager                                     Intermediate   3                      2007
       Mentor / teacher, technical                         Intermediate   8                      2011
       Teacher non technical (handling of horses,          Advanced       10+                    2007
       Technical coordination                              Advanced       7                      2011

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