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					       JAMS GAZETTE
THE change you want to see in the world - Gandhi                                                               APRIL/MAY 2012

Be the

                                                                                                                                       Photo by Olivia Hosbein
                                                                JOHN ADAMS MIDDLE SCHOOL PTSA

                       Message from the Principal                                          GOLDEN OAK Service Award
                       Greetings Parents and Guardians,                                    Presented to
                         Recently some concerns have been raised about students car-       Becky Turk
                         rying heavy backpacks. In investigating these concerns I have
                         spoken with several parents, several students, our school Site    The Golden Oak
Council, our school nurse and our teachers. In an effort to reduce the load immedi-        Service Award is
ately, I asked every teacher to take some class time to help students clean out their      the most presti-
notebooks. This process helped students throw out what was no longer needed,               gious PTA award
determine what needed to be kept in notebooks and what could be kept at home.              in California and

                                                                                                                                       Photo by Amanda Tung
In helping their students, many teachers and parents reported that their students          as such is only
were carrying around much more than they needed.                                           awarded for
                                                                                           truly outstand-
Parents have shared many ideas about what might be put in place to lighten the load.       ing contributions
I’d like to share my ideas.                                                                to the welfare of
First, none of our students ever have to carry textbooks. Books are the heaviest items     our children and community. We are
in American backpacks (In China, books are thin little pamphlet type booklets!). In        very pleased to present this award to a
addition to providing each students with a set of books, the school has purchased one      most deserving parent, Becky Turk.
classroom set. JAMS also has “book drop”. This is a feature of the schedule that allows
all our students to take their backpacks and drop them off at their next class before      Becky has tirelessly given of her time,
nutrition and lunch. Additionally, one benefit of block scheduling is that students have   energy and talents since she started as
only three periods per day which limits how much they have to carry their books.           a kindergarten parent. While a parent
Next, let’s look at the distances students carry backpacks. Due to construction, none      at Grant Elementary, she ran the Mon-
of us has access to the shortest routes. Additionally, classroom closures and the open-    ster Mash, Silent Auction, Direct Dona-
ing of relocatable classrooms have meant teachers had to be moved to areas that            tion, Carnival and held almost every
undermined grade-level proximity of classes. The good news is, construction will be        PTA office including PTA President.
complete in early fall. The new 80s wings will house our 7th grade students. Shifting
7th grade teachers to this area allows us to be strategic in movement of 6th and 8th       At JAMS, she has served as PTSA
grade teachers, so that we generate grade zones on campus. This change will result in      President, Rock N ‘Run Chair, Volun-
shorter distances to each class!                                                           teer Coordinator and is involved in the
                                                                                           Science Magnet and serves on our Site
While I know that some have suggested installing lockers, I’m not sure that they will      Governance Committee. She cares
help as much as folks might think. First, the only locations we have to install lockers    deeply about our students and has
is in the center hall area, and the area curling up through the 20s and 10s. Next year,
                                                                                           been an AVID math tutor for the past
this will be the 6th grade zone. For most 6th grade movement, I don’t know that go-
                                                                                           few years.
ing to their locker wouldn’t be going just as far as their classroom. It could help when
they go to PE, or if they have music. For both 7th and 8th grade, going back and forth     She has given generously of herself to
to lockers would actually entail moving farther with the backpack than they would          help our kids and we are very grateful
otherwise have to move. Even without considering the cost of purchasing, installing        for all that she has done over the years.
and maintaining metal lockers in our sea air, the cost-benefit ratio is not favorable.
                                                                                           She is most deserving of this great
Another idea being considered is rolling backpacks. For every parent I’ve spoken to        honor. Thank you Becky! We wish
who believes they should be mandatory, I’ve had several others who have voiced             you and your family all the best in your
strong opposition. Parent concerns primarily revolve around two things: 1) Their chil-     move and we will miss you!
dren bike or skate to school and they will not be able to do this with a rolling back-
(Message from the Principal continued from Page 1)
pack; 2) They are concerned that their                PTSA PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE
child may be bullied.                                 by Joan Krenik
While all of us administrators have                   This year has flown by! I would like to thank you for your sup-
observed multiple students using rolling
                                                      port of our JAMS PTSA both through your donations and your
backpacks, none of us have ever witnessed
a student being bullied over this. This, of           volunteer support!
course, does not mean it hasn’t or doesn’t            Because of your donations, PTSA has been able to provide
happen but, at no point, has any child or
                                                      funding for many important programs at JAMS. PTSA fund-
parent brought to us a bullying or conflict
situation that involved rolling backpacks.            ing helped provide new computers for Computer Lab 2, grade
First and foremost, if your child is being            level enrichment programs, academic coaches and counselors, classroom supplies,
harassed or bullied, please let us know so            field trips, theatre, tutoring, campus beautification… and many other things. We ap-
that we can step in and work to stop the              preciate your support!
behavior; secondly, during a time when im-
age is everything, and fear of losing social          We also have many many parents that give tirelessly of themselves to support our
status is one of the top fears our kids               school and our children. Their service and dedication deserves recognition and is a
have, I wonder how much of child resis-               perfect example of why our school is so fantastic. It was very difficult to narrow the
tance to rolling backpacks is a function              list as there are so many hard working parents. We greatly appreciate all that you do
of this fear of being perceived as uncool             for JAMS – we could not do it without you. At Open House, we will publically thank
(and therefore unaccepted by their valued             the following individuals for their service to JAMS and our kids: Delia Lopez, Sylvia
peer group) as opposed to fear of being
                                                      Mendoza, Florence Benjamin and Volvo of Santa Monica, Colby Evett, Debbie Arvesen,
bullied. Something for us to explore, to be
sure. While I am not in favor of mandating            Yosi Drori, Lisa Balfas, Julie Algood, Michelle Lomonoco, Cheryl Clark. We are espe-
rolling backpacks, I do we could work as              cially pleased to award the Golden Oak to Becky Turk.
a team (parents, students, and staff) to de-
sign rolling backpacks that are considered            Finally, we have a big PTSA event coming up. Our Rock N Run is an important
cool by a wide variety of students.                   fundraiser and the money raised will be used for further technology upgrades and
                                                      library support. This fun event will be held on Friday, May 18th during 3rd and
Next steps will take a bit of time. In the
                                                      4th periods. It is an opportunity for your child to have fun, get some exercise and
meantime, there are steps we can take
immediately to support good spine health.             hang out with friends. We will have a DJ, lots of enthusiasm and great prizes. A $5.00
The list below outlines these recommen-               donation will allow your child to participate. For donations of $10 or more, students
dations.                                              will be entered into an opportunity drawing to win gift cards and lots of great prizes.
                                                      Students donating more than $10 will have more opportunities to win. Check out
Promoting good spine health:                          the flyer for details. At the end, students get popsicles and an early lunch period. (We
• Many students indicated that they car-              will have the BBQ that day!). Donors who have given more than $250 will get to go
  ried notebooks and supplies they need               on a stretch limosine ride lunch. We appreciate your support of this event!
  for every class every day (including
  those classes that are not meeting that
  day). The rationale they shared: They
  were afraid they might forget to put in
  what they needed for the next day.
 How can you help: Create a space in your
 home for placing notebooks and sup-
 plies needed for the next day. Establish a
 routine for packing backpacks with the
 next day’s needs before bed.
• Encourage your child to wear BOTH
  straps of their backpacks, not just one.
  This makes a HUGE difference!
• Encourage your child to buckle waist
  straps (if their backpacks have them)
• Make sure your child isn’t carrying
  around a lot of personal stuff they do
  not need.
• Create a weekly ritual to help your child
  file schoolwork they do not need to
  carry in their notebooks, and backpacks
  are cleaned of items not needed.
       We here at school will encourage
 2     all students to do likewise .                February 14th, 2012 The first “Heart Day” at JAMS was a resounding success!
Astrocamp 2012
The 8th grade Magnet students experienced several fun and engaging hands-on activi-
                                                                                                  JAMS BOOKFAIR!
ties involving Physics and Astronomy concepts during their three day stay at Astrocamp.             Come and support JAMS PTSA –
From building and launching bottle rockets 200 – 300 feet in the air, to building and             Buy a book at the BOOKFAIR! This
dropping a Cosmic Lander on the “surface” of Mars, to climbing a “canyon” on Mars and               is a great opportunity to get your
to experiencing free fall from 50 feet high, our students thoroughly enjoyed their time at           child’s required summer reading
this scenic mountain school. In addition, many students were able to use telescopes to             books and other great books (and
view Venus, Jupiter and four of Jupiter’s planets, as well as other stars and constellations.      cool stuff!) while supporting JAMS!
Their time learning about space, lights and lasers, laws of motion and gravity was invalu-          The Book Fair will be open May
able. Another important class involved Team Building activities in which students were               7-11 during the following hours:
able to work collaboratively with each other. By Mr. Brown
                                                                                                         Monday – Wednesday
“Without a doubt I think the best, most exciting and the most thrilling activity at Astro-            7:30-8:10am – before school
camp was the Skycoaster. Once I was about 40 feet above the ground, I couldn’t wait                        12-1:30pm – lunch
to release the ripcord and enjoy the mini pendulum. Overall, Astrocamp was great and I                  3-3:30pm – after school
wouldn’t mind going back there.” By Zain Delawalla, 8th grade Magnet student
                                                                                                         Thursday: Open House
                                                                                                             (minimum day)
                                                                                                      7:30-8:10am – before school
                                                                                                          1-2pm – after school
                                                                                                         6-9pm – Open House

                                                                                                           Last Day: Friday
                                                                                                      Open only 8:30-9:15am and
                                                                                                          1-1:30pm - lunch

Science Outreach to the Elementary Schools BIKE IT DAY
The 8th Grade Science Magnet students completed their science outreach project in               at JAMS
which they designed hands-on science experiments and demonstrated them to the vari-             Friday, May 11
ous elementary schools in Santa Monica. Working in small groups, the students instruct-
ed children from kindergarten to 5th grade in science topics including Newton’s laws,           SMMUSD students
chemical reactions, the science of colors, optical illusions, and simple rockets.               are getting out their
                                                                                                bikes, scooters, skateboards and walking
Our students very much enjoyed being the “teacher” for a day. They were able to clearly
                                                                                                shoes in preparation for Bike It! Walk It!
explain a scientific concept in a fun and exciting way by having the elementary students
actively participate by doing the experiments.                                                  Day at fourteen local schools in May. All
                                                                                                students living close enough to walk or
We visited Muir, Rogers, Edison, Grant, McKinley, Roosevelt, and Franklin during the first      roll to school are urged to participate,
week in March. Our students also encouraged those students who come to JAMS to be
                                                                                                but for those who live too far away, car-
part of the Science Magnet Program.
                                                                                                pooling or riding the bus to school are
                                                                                                also rewarded for reducing traffic con-
                                                                                                gestion around schools. Bike It! Walk it!
                                                                                                Day is a very special celebration because
                                                                                                it is one of the few environmental events
                                                                                                at SMMUSD schools where everyone
                                                                                                comes together for a common cause.
                                                                                                Students arrive energized and ready to
                                                                                                learn and parents rediscover their neigh-
                                                                                                bors and the joys of nature on the walk
                                                                                                or ride to school.

          JOIN JAMS PALS an informal mailing list for the                                       Join the Santa Monica Malibu Unified
       JAMS community. Contact:                                         School District in reducing our carbon
               to have your name added to the list.                                             footprints as we bike, bus, scooter,
                                                                                                skateboard, and walk to school.       3
                               JAMS             Notes from the Podium
                              MUSIC             by Angela Woo, Apryl Garcia, and Cecile Blanchard

                                                As we head into the remainder of the school year, we reflect upon and
                                                celebrate all that our musicians have accomplished thus far. Here are a few
                                                highlights of all that has occurred involving our 600+ JAMS musicians.
                                                JAMS MUSICIANS HONORED!
                                                Congratulations to JAMS musicians selected for the 2012 SCSBOA All-State Jr. High
                                                Honor Band, the 2012 CBDA All-Southern Jr. High Honor Band (below left) and the
2012 California Band Directors                  2012 SCVA Jr. High Honor Treble Choir (below right)
     Association All-State
   Junior High Honor Band
          Emily Arvesen, clarinet, 8th
       Amar Bhardwaj, french horn, 8th
        Emma Brown, french horn, 7th
       Emma Encinas, french horn, 8th
    Henry Felstiner, contrabass clarinet, 8th
      Bradley Finkelstein, percussion, 8th
          Sam Guyette, clarinet, 8th
      Hayden Kirschbaum, clarinet, 8th          THE JAMS CONCERT WINDS HOSTS THE SECOND ANNUAL JAMS
       Kate Rusk-Kosa, french horn, 8th
                                                MUSIC EXCHANGE
      Olive Sherman, clarinet, 8th grade
                                                After months of electronic pen-pal exchanges via video clips, the JAMS Concert
       Jessi Thixton, trumpet, 8th grade
                                                Winds, conducted by Mrs. Apryl Garcia, and the A.E. Wright Middle School Wind En-
      2012 Southern California                  semble, conducted by Mrs. Ashley Suhr, finally met in person on Thursday, March 1st
     School Band and Orchestra                  for the Second Annual John Adams Middle School Music Exchange. After perform-
      Association All-Southern                  ing for each other and receiving a clinic from Ms. Jessica Swift, SMMUSD Elementary
       Junior High Honor Band                   Teacher, both ensembles celebrated their hard work by sharing a pizza party!
      Amar Bhardwaj, french horn, 8th
    Henry Felstiner, contrabass clarinet, 8th
      Hayden Kirschbaum, clarinet, 8th
      Kate Rusk-Kosa, french horn, 8th

      2012 Southern California
    Vocal Association Junior High
         Honor Treble Choir                     STAIRWAY OF THE STARS
           Tiana Binns, Ilana Cohen,
                                                The annual presentation of the SMMUSD’s music performance curriculum was
       Lauryn French, Danica Buckner,
                                                proudly presented on March 22nd and 23rd at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium
              Belle Cunningham,
                                                by the SMMUSD Music Department and nearly 1,000 instrumental and vocal music
     Gabriela Hernandez, Harry Clennon,
                                                students, grades 4-12. Representing JAMS was our Wind Ensemble, Philharmonic
        Lilyana Fabian, Karina Murcia
                                                Orchestra, and Norseman Honor Choir.

                                                The 63rd Annual Stairway of the Stars took place on March 22nd and 23rd at the Santa
4                                               Monica Civic Auditorium
                                                                                           FUTURE JAMS MUSIC
                                                                                           • April 28th, 6pm, Lincoln MS - SCVA
                                                                                             Honor Choir Concert
                                                                                           • May 9th, 5-8pm, JAMS – Kiwanis
                   JAMS Wind Ensemble, Philharmonic                                          Club / Vocal Solo Final Auditions
             Orchestra and Senior Girls’ Chorus at their
                       respective festival performances.                                   • May 24th, 7pm, Spring Choral
                                                                                           • May 30th, 7pm, Spring Band Concert
                                                                                           • May 31st, 7pm, Spring Orchestra
On March 28th and 29th, the JAMS Wind Ensemble and JAMS Philharmonic Orches-               • June 2nd, 10am-12pm, Lincoln MS –
tra, conducted by Ms. Angela Woo, participated in the Southern California School             Kiwanis Club Instrumental Solo Final
Band and Orchestra Festival held at Santa Monica High School. Each ensemble                  Auditions
presented a 30-minute concert for three adjudicators, and a fourth adjudicator evalu-
                                                                                           • June 18-22, JAMS – Pacific Blue
ated the sight-reading skills of the ensemble. The Wind Ensemble and Philharmonic
                                                                                             Music Camp
Orchestra proudly earned the highest possible ratings of “Unanimous Superior” for
their concert performance and a “Superior” for their sight-reading performance. The
comments from all the adjudicators were incredibly complimentary, recognizing the
hard work, commitment, and poise of our students. Thank you to our families who
attended the festival to support us!                                                      JAMS OPEN HOUSE
                                                                                          Thursday, May 10 from 6-9pm
We need help! Over the last many years, the enrollment of the JAMS Instrumental
Music program has steadily increased. Next year’s bands and orchestras may include
over 450 students! Our current instrument inventory is unable to provide for the             The JAMS GAZETTE is a
number of anticipated students needing an instrument, so we are asking families and        publication of the John Adams
community members to consider donating old/unused instruments. (We will gladly                  Middle School PTSA.
furnish a letter of receipt for tax purposes.) Please contact Ms. Woo at awoo@sm- or (310) 452-2326 ext. 72-226 for more information. Thank you!                      Santa Monica Malibu School
                                                                                          District PTA 33rd District/CCPTS
PACIFIC BLUE ’12!                                                                                Principal: Eva Mayoral
Monday, June 18 – Friday, June 22 at John Adams Middle School
The 16th Annual Pacific Blue Music Camp is almost here! This one-week music day              PTSA President: Joan Krenik
camp held at JAMS welcomes any middle school-aged student with a minimum of one
year of instrumental music experience. Students participate in either a large ensem-            Editor: Kathleen Micham
ble orchestra or concert band, and throughout the day, music sectionals and master
                                                                                                  Layout & Design:
classes are held for students to work within small learning groups.
                                                                                                 Katherine Inglis Hosbein
Since 1996, Pacific Blue has become a well-loved tradition for music families in
our community; 90% of the camp participants are SMMUSD students. Pacific Blue               Contributors: Dan Brown, Janie
serves as an invaluable transition activity for incoming 6th grade JAMS students          Buelow, Joan Krenik, Eva Mayoral, April
(and parents) to help ease into middle school life. Both Ms. Woo and Mrs. Garcia           Garcia, Angela Woo, Cecile Blanchard
on are staff at Pacific Blue, and look forward every summer to the “lighter side” of          Please send comments, questions
fun music-making!
                                                                                          and/or submissions to: Kathleen Micham
Returning to Pacific Blue ’12 as our special guest clinicians are Robert Anderson                 at
and Jacob Szekely, co-founders of String Project L.A., Los Angeles’ leading alternative
strings ensemble. Students will participate in a two-day creative strings master class
that reinforces fundamental performance practices through various musical genres,
including jazz, hip-hop, rock, and blues.

For more information, contact Ms. Woo at or visit the Pacific
Blue website at Hurry – enrollment for the 2012
session ends very soon!                                                                                                           5
East Meets West; West Meets East                                            by Eva Mayoral
This fall each of the Santa Monica middle     schools from elementary school through        asked us if teachers in the U.S. were mean
schools had the opportunity to get to         university, including a vocational school.    and whether they yelled at kids when
know two middle school principals from                                                      they got an answer wrong. This, of course,
China. The pair visited each school for a    In China, compulsory education ends            prompted us to ask if their teachers were
period of two weeks. While visiting at       with grade nine (which is the last year of     mean and yelled at them. They all chanted,
JAMS, the two principals stayed with me in   their middle school). Acceptance into high     “YES!!! They yell at us very much!!!”
my home. This allowed us to spend many       school is extremely competitive and based
wonderful hours getting to know one          solely on the results of an exam given at      Most classroom teaching we observed
another and to share professional experi-    the end of middle school. Competition          was very traditional. The teacher lectured.
ences, victories, and challenges across our  is even higher for the very best of high       Students were frequently put on the
two very different cultures.                 schools, which are more likely to feed the     spot, having to rise and answer whenever
                                             very best universities. For this reason, the   question was directed toward them. The
The principals were stunned by how few       stakes are very high in middle school. Stu-    teacher frequently asked additional ques-
staff and dollars we had for the number      dents treat the middle school experience       tions of the students and the level of relief
of students. Each of their schools has       much less as something that is being done      the student felt after it was over was obvi-
800 students (compared to our 1100),         TO them, and much more as something            ous in any language.
but have double the faculty and triple the   that is being done FOR them. Even to get
administrative staff. While class sizes are  into a vocational high school, students        At the high school, there were dedicated
higher in China (40 students, compared to must score sufficiently high on the place-        robotics labs, and I was surprised and
our staffing ratio of 33:1), teachers teach  ment exam. Students who do not get into        thrilled to see the very same probe-
only two periods per day (each 45 minutes high school or vocational high school go          wear and data collection software (with
long). The remainder of the day, teachers    to work in factories or fields. There are no   Chinese axes, of course!) we have just
collaborate, plan, research teaching prac-   discipline issues. This is due both to high    purchased for our JAMS students (thanks
tices, and enhance their knowledge base.     stakes as well as the underlying culture in    Science Magnet Board!). In a physics class
During the summer, Chinese teachers are China to not challenge or second-guess              I observed, student group presentations
provided professional development oppor- authority figures.                                 showing representations and applications
tunities that often involve conferences and                                                 of particular concepts were thoughtfully,
experiences in other countries. In addition, Heavy backpacks are not an issue in            skillfully, effectively, and seamlessly nested
at the discretion of the principal, teachers China (at least not during the school day),    into a lecture I observed on electromag-
are regularly provided monetary bonuses. because students do not travel to differ-          netic radiation. It was great fun to have
The criterion generally used to earn such ent rooms. Rather, the students stay in the       the science be my translator!
a bonus is student achievement on exams. classroom and, at the end of each period           During lunch, every student and every
Everyone is motivated!                       (which is marked by playing of classical
                                             music over the PA ), the TEACHERS ro-         staff member is served a free, hot, fresh-
Despite our comparative resource short- tate to the next class. Students wait quiet-        cooked, balanced meal. There are not mul-
fall, the principals were very impressed by ly and patiently for the next teacher. Upon     tiple options, although the menu changes
many features at JAMS. They were very        arrival (and departure) of the teacher, the    each day. Everyone eats the same thing.
interested in our professional develop-      students all stand, greet the teacher, and     Everyone eats in the cafeteria (there is a
ment program and requested all the plans bow. Textbooks are incredibly thin work-           separate staff section).
and materials I created. I was honored to    books (a different one for each semester).     All students are taught traditional arts as
find they are implementing this work at      Each teacher is provided exactly what          they rotate through their middle school
their schools. In classrooms, they were      should be taught each day. There are no        career. We observed a lesson on carving
impressed by lessons involving student       broad standards to be followed.                detailed scenes and representations onto
discussion, debates, Socratic seminars                                                      a large olive pit! Some were so detailed
(wherein students analyzed and discussed All students in China learn English. One           you could see the teeth on the people!
articles), project-based learning, student   interesting billboard I observed stated:
                                             “Live a better life. Learn English.” While     We also observed a calligraphy lesson,
collaboration, hands-on opportunities,                                                      and saw the best of these works displayed
and application of technology in building    not everyone was able to communicate
                                                                                            around the school, thereby allowing the
and representing understanding. Mostly, of in English, many students and teachers           campus to be adorned with slogans,
course, they were impressed by our warm were able to communicate directly with              poems, and encouraging statements to
and wonderful students .                    us. We also, of course, had an interpreter.
                                             In one observation, while the teachers         all. We saw classes where students made
During spring break, all three Santa         were rotating, we had an opportunity to        paper flowers, created blocks for printing,
Monica middle school principals traveled     ask a class some questions (and they had       sang as a choir, learned and performed tra-
to China to observe schools. One third       an opportunity to ask us questions). When      ditional dances, and participated in drama.
of the cost was supported by UCLA’s          I asked what their favorite class was, the     Visiting art classes was awesome because
Confucius Institute, the remaining two-      ENTIRE class shouted: PE!! This proves         students were allowed (and eager) to
thirds was funded by each of us personally. that 7th graders worldwide would prefer         teach us their newfound skills. They taught
        In China we observed all levels of   to romp about!  One student then              us to write our names in Chinese char-
 6                                                                                          acters, carve an olive pit, and allow us to
make our own screen print bag with the
blocks they had carved. We didn’t want to
                                               National Jr. Honor Society Update
                                               PENNIES FOR PATIENTS – FINAL RESULTS
The biggest difference was a three-day
holiday on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednes-        Dear Parents and Guardians,
day called “grave sweeping” wherein            On behalf of the National Jr. Honor Society, we would like to thank everyone for
people visited cemeteries and returned         supporting our Pennies for Patients Fundraiser. It was really inspiring to see so many
to the areas of their ancestors. Since this    students, staff members, and parents give to this worthy cause. Your generosity truly
                                               made this project a great success.
three-day holiday was coming up, the
work (and school week) was shifted to          We would like to acknowledge the following SSR classes and teachers for their extra
include Saturday and Sunday for every-         effort and enthusiasm in raising money. Here were the top five classes: Ms. Valentiner,
                                               Ms. Hale, Ms. Dresher, and Ms. Loopesko. The top fundraising class with the most par-
one—imagine that!!! Due to the upcom-          ticipation was Mr. Zrinzo with a total of $399.13. Congratulations Mr. Z and to your
ing Memorial Day holiday, we will be           class. Total Donations for this year’s Pennies for Patients Fundraiser was $2,448.48.
holding classes on the Saturday—would
                                               We also took great pride in assisting with the LA Marathon, the Special Games at
that be okay with you?                         Loyola Marymount, and fundraising for the Knock Foundation.
Overall, it was an incredible experience.      The Knock Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Los Angeles which sup-
I honored a promise to my son by eating        ports and manages the Matumaini Childcare Center in Rau, Tanzania, Africa. It man-
something that was amazing and some-           ages various educational and lunch programs at the Mrupanga and Longuo Primary
thing that scared me every day. It was not     Schools. The goal of the NJHS is to help support the lunch program at Longuo so the
                                               students can have a daily nutritious meal during the school day. By providing lunch
a hard promise to keep! Hospitality was        for these kids there has been an increase of 25% in attendance. For many children,
second to none. Everyone we came upon          this is the only meal of the day.
was warm and gracious. Coming back to
                                               We plan to raise money by selling Jamba Juice and hot chocolate and selling hand-
single-story Santa Monica was a shock          made bracelets. We also want to send personal decorative notecards with a special
after experiencing the extreme height          message to the students of Longuo Primary School.
of Shanghai--tightly packed 10+ story
                                               We encourage all 7th grade students who have excellent citizenship (mostly E’s in
apartments/condos seemed to be the             citizenship) and who wish to be leaders and role models to other students to apply
living norm, at least in Shanghai! That kind   for admission to the National Jr. Honor Society next year. Our mission is to be of
of height is needed to accommodate the         service to others.
people of the city with the largest density                                               Mr. Brown and Mr. Silvers – Advisors to the NJHS
in the world!

  Summer is almost here! Which usu-            Stay Cool and Green! The high de-              but you want to make sure you’re not
  ally means having fun in the SUN! But        mand for electricity in summer months          lathering your skin in toxic chemi-
  global climate change can mean record        causes an increase in energy produc-           cals. To find the best sunscreen op-
  high temperatures, making your sum-          tion, which contributes to global              tions, visits Environmental Working
  mer outing not quite so fun. Not to          climate change. Stay cool and minimize         Groups’ Sunscreen Guide at ewg.
  mention high gas prices, which can put       your energy use by setting your ther-          org/2011sunscreen/. You can also
  a damper on summer travel.                   mostat to 78 degrees or higher and by          checking the safety of your other
  Here are just a few tips from Sustain-       cleaning or replacing your air condi-          cosmetics, at the EWG’s “Skin Deep”
  able Works, a Santa Monica based non-        tioner filter(s) every month to maintain       database:
  profit environmental education orga-         its efficiency. Even better, install ceiling   Join a Green Living Workshop: Now
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Measure BB Update:                                                                                             Building footing installation at the 80’s east wing
                                                                                                  includes components such as rebar, anchor bolts, and concrete.
                                                                                                                The footings are the lowest layer of the building.
JAMS Rainstore3
As a part of the JAMS New Construction
and Modernization Project, two Rainstore3
systems were installed, one at the Com-
mons Space near the 80’s east wing and
another at the front entry. Rainstore3 is a
structure used to store rainwater under-
ground during and after a rain event. Some
of the benefits of the system are land
conservation and reduced pollution to our
The process of installing this system
includes excavating below the ground to
create the space, installing layers of geogrid
fabric and geotextiles around the Rain-
store3 blocks, and surrounding the entire
                                                 The Rainstore3 system prevents storm
                                                 water from running into storm drains that          JAMS Modernization
system with gravel. Geogrids and geotex-         lead to the ocean. Urban runoff flowing            Footings, the lowest layer of a building’s
tiles, commonly made out of polyester, are       through storm drains is the greatest single        structure, support and distribute the weight
wrapped around the Rainstorm3 system.            source of pollution to our beaches and             of the building. The installation of the build-
The Rainstorm3 water storage system,             shore waters of the Santa Monica Bay. The          ing’s foundation includes staking out the
made from molded plastic, is made up of          catch basin, which is designed to collect the      buildings on site, digging trenches for the
blocks with air space for water to col-          rainwater, contains a sediment filter. The         footings, installing rebar, anchor bolts, and
lect. The blocks in the system are stacked,      sediment filter removes dirt, debris, and          pouring concrete.
similar to Lego™ blocks, to create stor-         contaminants from the storm water before           Rebar is a steel bar used to strengthen the
age space. Once the installation system is       it enters the holding cells. After the water       concrete footings. Another strengthen-
complete, the system is strong enough to         is filtered, it is drained into the Rainstore3     ing element of the rebar comes from the
support the weight of vehicles above.            system, which percolates the water back            designed ridges, which acts as an anchor
                                                 into the ground.                                   in the concrete preventing the rebar from
The system conserves land space because
                                                                                                    moving during an event such as an earth-
the storm water that is pooled on campus         The District strives to incorporate sus-
                                                                                                    quake. The rebar is formed into cages and
is managed underground versus creating           tainable design throughout each phase of
                                                                                                    installed in the footing trenches.
a manmade pond above ground. Once                construction. This system is just one way
the storm water is collected within the          the District is working towards providing          After the rebar is in place, the construc-
Rainstore3 system, it allows the water to        a more sustainable and environmentally             tion crew installs the anchor bolts, which
percolate back into the ground.                  friendly campus!                                   connect the concrete footings to the walls
                                                                                                    of the building. Once all elements of the
                                                                                                    footings are in place, the construction
                                                                                                    crew will pour the concrete. The footings
                                                                                                    installation is nearly complete for the 80’s
                                                                                                    east wing and new attendance office at the
                                                                                                    front entry.
                                                                                                    The next phase of construction includes
                                                                                                    the installation of the stem walls. Stem
                                                                                                    walls are supporting structures built with
                                                                                                    concrete and steel, which connect the
                                                                                                    foundation footings to the walls of the
                                                                                                    building. The stem wall and foundation
                                                                                                    together create a solid support system for
                                                                                                    the building. The stem wall prevents poten-
                                                                                                    tial damage to the building’s interior walls
                                                                                                    caused by ground moisture and insects.
                                                                                                    The stem wall installation process began in
                                                                                                    March and was completed in April.
                                                                                                          Questions, comments or suggestions for the next
                                                                                                         Measure BB JAMS Gazette update, email: measure
                                                                                                      For more information on
 8                                                                                                         Measure BB projects, visit:

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