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               Post Bag No.1701, Marikunnu Post, Calicut -673 012, Kerala, India,
              Ph: 2731410, 2730906 Fax: 0091-495-2731187 Email: mail@spices.res.in

No. F.4/Plan/Stores/20010-11                                                         Dated: 10-8-2010


Sealed and competitive tenders are invited by the undersigned for supply of the following equipments.
Biological Sample Analysis System, DGGE System, Moisture Analyzer, Incubators, Deep freezers,
Chemiluminescence system, Nanophotometer , Portable Photosynthetic system, Colour Meter, Hot
Air Oven , Spiral separator, Broad bed maker, Electronic Balance, Branded Computers & Server, 5
& 3 KVA UPS and 250 KVA Gen set. Tender form, detailed specification of the equipment, other terms
and conditions of procurement etc. are available at our website: www.spices.res.in. Sealed tenders for each
item separately superscribed as “Quotation for equipments” should be furnished to this office latest by 25-9-
2010 along with non-refundable processing fee (Rs.200/-) by demand draft drawn in favour of ICAR Unit:
IISR, Calicut.


                      FOR IISR, CALICUT

                      1. Biological Sample Analysis System – 1No.

System should be based on automated technologies, computer controlled, integrated analyzer
capable of measuring:
        1. Size, Integrity and concentration of nucleic acids (DNA and RNA and Small RNAs)
        2. Size, purity and concentration of proteins
        3. Flow cytometry analysis
Sample preparations may include PCR and RT-PCR fragments, restriction digests, total RNA and
mRNA, cell lysates, column fractions and purified proteins. Exchangeable cartridge for different
electrophoresis applications- A system equipped with the electrophoresis set must be capable of
processing protein analysis, DNA analysis, or RNA analysis. A system with the cell assay
extension providing simple flow cytometry analysis for the analysis of apoptosis, transfection
efficiency modeling and protein expression monitoring.
        All analytical functions should be automated via microfluidics control including sample
delivery, sample injection, electrophoretic separation, staining and de-staining, fluorescence
detection, data analysis and display, printing and archiving.

4. Separates proteins or peptides according to their isoelectric points, whereby the separated
   components are recovered in liquid-phase. Up- or downstream sample processing steps like
   immunodepletion, protein digestion and liquid chromatography can be easily interfaced with this
   method for multi-dimensional separations of complex samples. In addition to fractionating
   samples in OFFGEL mode (liquid-phase recovery) the protein Fractionator should be capable of
   running conventional in-gel IEF (isoelectric focusing, 1st dimension of 2D gel-electrophoresis).
   The system should measure and integrate the current that flows through each individual sample
   during the fractionation. It shall be capable of monitoring power and voltage and stores up to
   1200 data files. The data file should serve as a diagnostic tool to assess the quality of the
   fractionation and can be exported via USB and analyzed in Excel. An excel macro for easy
   viewing of the data is available. The system should be capable of fractionating upto 16 samples
   in parallel at a time. Each sample is fractionated into 12 or 24 fractions depending on the
   consumable kit that is used. Two individual high voltage power supplies shall provide voltage
   from 500V to 10 kV and allow fractionation of samples with 2 different fractionation conditions
   at the same time on 2 individual trays. The design of the instrument lid should allow the analysis
   of light sensitive samples.

Provision for Smear analysis option for DNA, RNA & PROTEIN samples . Various data-display
options as gel view, electropherograms and tables should also be available.

The system should include all Chip kits, Chip Reader, Chip priming station, Chip vortexer,
operating softwares, data display options, Evaluation Tools, PCs – laptops (2Nos.) with latest
configurations, Printers etc.
The following Chip kits or equivalent must be available:
  1. DNA 1000 Kit for sizing and quantitation of dsDNA fragments from 25 to 1000 bp;
  2. DNA 7500 Kit for sizing and quantitation of dsDNA fragments from 100-7500bp;
  3. DNA 12000 Kit for sizing and quantitiationquantitation of dsDNA fragments from 100-
  4. RNA 6000 Pico Kit for high sensitivity analysis of total and mRNA samples
  5. RNA 6000 Nano Kit for analysis and quantitation of total and mRNA samples
   6.    Small RNA Kit for sizing and quantification of ss and ds Nucleotides from 6-150 nt
   7.    Protein 80 Kit for sizing and analysis of proteins from 5 to 50kDa.
   8.    Protein 230 Kit for sizing and analysis of proteins from 14 to 200 kDa
   9.    High Sensitivity Protein 250 Kit (HSP-250) for sizing and analysis of proteins from 10 to
         250 kDA in a silver staining sensitivity (200 pg total protein, 1 pg/µl BSA on Chip)

Cost of all consumables including disposable probes may be quoted separately.
3 Year Warranty for the equipments and for all software with free upgradation.
Vendor must be able to provide upon request a reference list of users (in-country) who purchased the
system (not beta sites), as well as be able to provide citations in peer reviewed publications demonstrating
use of instrument for each type of assay
Operational training should be provided to the satisfaction of the user.
Cost of conduct of different assays ( cost of kits and approximate expenses for conducting different tests) should also be provided.
Vendor should also disclose the life of different kits under specific storage condition

                                                2.   DGGE System – 1 No.

Dual Cassette System:
One reinforced buffer tank/lower reservoir with platinum electrodes and attached anode power lead
& safety cover with electrical interlock buffer tank drain valve
Heater/Stirrer/Buffer Cycler: Heating element and thermostat for temperature stability (±0.2º)
and minimizing thermal stratification during DGGE. Temperature control between 0 and 70oC.
Optional connections should exist for an external cooler and should have high temperature and low-
level cut off to offer protection over the entire temperature range. Stirrer: Immersion-style impeller
pumps for even distribution of heated buffer. Buffer cycler: External peristaltic pump to recycle
Dual Gel Cassette(s)/Upper Reservoir: Dual gel cassettes with upper reservoirs with a silicone
gasket and platinum electrodes. Both sides of the glass plates to be continually exposed to the
circulating temperature controlled buffer. Provision of polypropylene spring clamps for gel casting,
terminals should be of titanium to prevent corrosion, 100% leak free during gel casting, accurate
temperature control in both the gels. Should allow analysis of more than 90 samples in one run. 4
Gel Wrap gaskets 30 white spring clamps Gradient maker, 20mls per side Thermometer 4 Gel
Cassette Sealer gaskets Transparent wall to allow monitoring of the gel while it runs. General
electrophoresis systems for routine use in separation of DNA and amplified gene products
Accessories: Power Supply: High voltage power pack suitable for DGGE with power leads,
stabilizer and spike buster Combs: Teflon combs (2 each 1-well combs and 2 each 16-rectangular
well combs) Spacers : Heat stable polycarbonate spacer sets for gel thicknesses of 0.4mm, 0.5mm,
0.75mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm, and 2.0mm Glass plates: 2 sets of glass plates (notched and rectangular) -
made in Borosilicate glass for direct scanning by fluorimetry. Soil DNA extraction kit and a device
for quantification of DNA extracted from soil. Anti-smiling kit consisting of two spacers made of a
purposely designed plastic, loading liquid for 2 outer lanes of the gel (i) In order to avoid post-
supply typical excuses like ‘machine is NOT performing because it requires X or Y’, tender should
include all the essential accessories like PC/UPS/CVT/Temperature & humidity control device/
data cable etc., as the case may be, for stand-alone installation of the equipment and its subsequent
smooth operation of the machine. (ii) It should include a standard starter kit for post-installation
immediate wet demonstrations, validation as well as for initial sample setup of at least 100
reactions. (iii) The system should be equally suitable to other techniques such as CDGE (Constant
Denaturing Gel Electrophoresis), SSCP (Single Strand Conformation Polymorphism), TGGE
(Temperature Gradient Gel Electrophoresis), HA (Heteroduplex analysis), and PTT (Protein
Truncation Test). (iv) Warranty: 2 years and installation and demonstration free of cost. Must
include: (i) An updated user list of ONLY DGGE with valid email ID and/or Contact No. showing
clearly the name of the model and date of installation. Please only give the users from reputed
Govt. Laboratories
                               3. Moisture Analyser 100 g - 1 No.
Weighing capacity100g, sapmle quantity minimum5-10g,readability0.01g, accuracy1mg,measuring
range 0.01to 100%,analysis mode-% moisture, %dry weight,%ratio mg weight loss, g residue,
power 230V 50Hz, heating mode-standard and gentle drying,Analysis mode- automatic, semi
automatic and Timer mode, Option -printer provision, RS-232 interface, barcode scaner
connectivity, Warranty period should be 2 years

                                        4. Incubators – 4 Nos.
Temperature range 4-100oC,Temperature indicator, Build in stabilizer or external stabilizer, Glass or
transparent inner door, Automatic cycling of light intensity, Control for internal O2 concentration, Stainless
steel racks with perforation, With good quality internal fan for circulation, With wheel for movement ,
Warranty period should be 2 years

                                  5. Deep freezer -30 OC - 1 No.
Capacity 600 lit, Vertical model, Double door with multiple racks, With good quality stabilizer, Non CFC
refrigerant, Temperature indicator with buzzers, With retractable wheels for movement, With protective
hand gloves for handling samples

                                  6. Deep freezer -80 OC - 1 No.

Capacity 600 lit, Vertical model, Double door with multiple racks, With good quality stabilizer, Non CFC
refrigerant, Temperature indicator with buzzers, With retractable wheels for movement, With protective
hand gloves for handling samples and scrappers for removal of ice.

                            7. Chemiluminescence system – 1 No.

Suitable for DNA/RNA/Protein/TLC plates/Petri plate, 200nm - 1100nm (Center wavelength: 400-450nm),
With multiple filters suitable for each application,Epi and Trans UV and White light Large work area (40cm
X 40cm X 60cm) to accommodate large gel plates (e.g. AFLP), Colour Digital Still Camera and Colour
Video Capture options with high resolution imaging, Cooling option to reduce the heat generation, UV
protection shield and transparent glass or unbreakable door with easy operation, With computers and thermal
printers with printing papers, Software to analyse the image, Direct conversion of the image into
dendrogram and analysis, With UPS suitable to the power requirement .

                                    8. Nanophotometer – 1 No.
Least Sample volume 0.5 ul-1.0 ul, Sample concentration upto 50X, Cuvette-less reading, Ready to read
protein (Lowry, Bradford, BCA), RNA, DNA, Carbohydrate10mm light path readings, Wave length 190-
1100 nm, With appropriate softwares, computer hardwares with latest configuration, With wipes for
cleaning the sample platform, Warranty should be two years from the date of installation, Free AMC for
atleast one year

                               9. Portable Photosynthetic system
Should have open path CO2 and H2O analysers, CO2 in the range of 0-2500 u moles per molar, H2O in the
range of 0-50 u moles per molar, temperature in the range of 0-500 C, Air flow from 0-700 u moles and
should have system console with ram and flash memories. Should have measurement for CO2 and Light
response curves.
                                          10. Colour Meter - 1 No.

Port – up measurement orientation, ideal for measuring solids, powders, pastes, opaque or translucent liquids
. Dual Beam Pulsed Xenon Spectrophotometer 400 to 700 nmShould have 45/0 geometry for visual
correlationBuilt in Color Quality Control Package in Firmware . Color Values in XYZ, HunterLab CIE
L*a*b*, Yxy Color Differences delta E, detla E*, delta Ecmc hue differences, yellowness index ASTM D
1925, Whiteness Index E313, Z% Brightness Large LCD Screen to display color values, color differences,
color Plot, spectral plot, spectral data and Pass/Fail indication. 99 user definable set-ups for easy
measurement of a variety of products. 999 color values storage should be possible. Compatible with
Easymatch Quality Control Software

                                      11. Hot Air Oven - 1 No.
Hot air oven with Air Circulating Fan,Inside Chamber made of Stainless Steel , Temperature from +50 deg
C upto 150 degC .Thermostatic control with an accuracy of +/- 1 deg C., Double walled inside to work on
220/230 volts AC., Inner Size (WxDxH) : 600 x 600 x 900 mm, No.of Chambers:5 , Electronic Digital
Temperature controller cum Indicator 1

                                    12. Spiral separator – 1 No.
Suitable for pre cleaning of black pepper, Holding capacity of 25 kg / batch.

                                   13. Broad bed maker – 1 No.
Attachment suitable to work with a 47 hp tractor, To be operated in laterite soil, Should make raised broad
beds of size not less than 0.60 m to a maximum of 1 m width and height of 0.30 to 0.45 m

                            14. Electronic Balance portable – 1 No.

To weigh up to 30 kg with , least count of 1 g, Auto Zero tracking, Micro Processor Controller, High
Brightness LED, Auto Power off, Re chargeable Battery back up, Portable, Check weighing 1

                            15. Electronic Balance portable – 1 No.
Weighing capacity: Up to 2 kg, Readability: .01 g, Repeatability : 0.01g, Linearity:0.02g, Mono Bloc
weighing technology, Built in batteries slot ideal to work in field whenever power supply is hard.

                               16. Branded Computers - 10 Nos.

Processor:Intel® Core™2 Duo processor E7500 • 2.93 GHz, 3 MB L2 Cache, 1066 MHz FSB(Latest Intel®
Core™ i3/i5 Processor withSpeed: 2.2 GHz or more can be recommended according to the availability),
Operating system:Genuine Windows® 7 Professional , Memory: 4GB Dual-Channel DDR3 SDRAM at
1333MHz , Chipset: Intel original, Monitor: 19-inch Wide Screen Flat Panel LCD Monitor, Hard drive:500
GB S ATA hard drive (7200 rpm), Optical device: 16X DVD+/- RW , Mouse: Optical Scroll, Keyboard:
Multimedia, speakers: Multimedia Normal, Graphics: integrated, LAN: Integrated NIC, Port: 6 USB 2.0
ports (2 front, 4 rear), LAN, Warranty:3 years.
                               17. Server – 1 No.

Processor type
Quad Core Intel
Xeon E5506,
2.13GHz, 4M
Cache, 4.86 GT/s


4 GB (1 x 2GB) PC3-10600E Unbuffered Advanced ECC memory


Hard Disk Drive
3 x 146GB 15K RPM SAS Hot Plug Hard Drive

Optical drives
SATA DVD-ROM Optical Drive

Power Supply          Redundant (2x 670 W )Power Supply

Form Factor           5U Tower
Storage Controller    ServeRAID M5014 SAS/SATA Controller ( RAID 5 card)
                      Supports RAID 0,1,5 & 10

Communication features

Network interface
Input Devices
Integrated dual Gigabit Ethernet
USB Keyboard (English)
USB Optical Mouse (Black)

3 Yrs Onsite

                    18 – UPS (3 KVA) with 1 Hr back up – 2 Nos.
Parameters                          Remarks
Technology                                    Online double conversion IGBT with Micro-
Input Power Factor at full load               0.98
Input Harmonic Distortion - Current (         <10%
THD i) at full load
Input Frequecny range                         46~54Hz(defualt 50Hz)/ 56~64Hz(defualt 60Hz)

Is Static bypass available using SCR          Yes
Is Manual Bypass Available                    Yes
Crest Factor                                  3:1

No of UPS can be paralleled.                  3
Output Voltage Regulation                     ±1%
Total Voltage distortion across a linear      2%
Total voltage distortion across a Non-        6%
Linear Load
Load power facotor range                      Standard - 0.6 to unity
Maximum phase angle Variation                 ≤3º
Maximum Rate of change of output              1 Hz per Sec.
UPS output PF                                 0.8
Software - Shutdown & monitoring s/w          Yes
Software - SNMP compatability?                yes
Visual                                        LCD Display Operation on
                                              mains,battery,inverter,bypass and load/battery-
                                              charging levels
VRLA SMF Batteries                            100 ah x 8 Nos

Transfer time from UPS to Bypass &            <5ms
Bypass to UPS
Alarm Extention possible by any               yes
Remote Display / Alarm unit?
Noise level                                   <55dB
Humidity                                      <95%
ISO                                           ISO Certification
Warranty                                      2 years

                        19 – UPS (5 KVA) with 1 hr back – 3 Nos.

                                           Technical Specification
Topology                                    True On Line double conversion, VFI as per IEC 62040-3
Technology                                  IGBT Based rectifier and inverter with transformer less design.

Nominal output power                        5KVA / 4.5 KW
Overall efficiency in VFI mode              Up to 93%
Overall efficiency in Eco mode              Up to 98%
Audible noise level                         < 50 db (A) at 1 meter 53 dB (A) according ISO 7779
Operating temperature range UPS:             0°C to 40°C
Relative humidity                           Max. 95% (non-condensing)
Protection degree                           IP 20 (IEC 60529)
Standards & Confirmations                   EN 50091 / IEC 62040, CE marking
EMC Standards                               EN 50091-2 / IEC 62040-2 Class A
Certifications                              ISO 9001:2000 to Manufacturer, Supplier & Service Provider
Backfeed Protection                         Inbuilt electromechanical backfeed protection as per IEC standards
Technology                                IGBT rectifier technology for active PF correction
Standard input voltage                                         • 160-276V at 75% (4050W/4500VA)
                                                               •   140-276V at 50% (2700W/3000VA)
                                                               • 230V (can be set to 208/220/240V)

Input frequency                           50 or 60 Hz (frequency converter mode available)
Input Power factor                        >0.99 lag.
Input Current Harmonic Distortion         < 5%
Battery charging current limit            Field Programmable preferred
Battery Backup                            1 Hr.
Battery Type                              Valve regulated lead-acid (VRLA) SMF
Recharge time                             6 to 8 hours
Battery Management                        Advanced battery management technology uses unique 3 stage
                                          charging technique that extends battery service life and optimizes
                                          recharge time.
                                          Battery Management technology that only recharges the battery
                                          when necessary, so the battery experiences less corrosion and
                                          service life is prolonged by up to 50%

Nominal output power factor               >0.9
Nominal output voltage                    230 (Single phase)
Inverter bridge                           PWM with IGBT technology and transformerless design
Output waveform                           Sine Wave
Output voltage THD for 100% linear        <2%
Output voltage THD for 100% non-          <3%
linear load (EN 50091)
Output voltage tolerance at 100%          +/- 3%
unbalanced load (Ph-N)
Output frequency                          50/60 Hz (selectable)
Output frequency tolerance:               Free-running+/- 0.1% and mains synchronisation adjustable to+/-
Overload capability                       125% - 10 minutes, 150% - 1 minute
Short-circuit characteristic              Electronic short-circuit protection, current limit to 2.2 times In for
                                          200 ms
Protection clearance capability           20% In within 5-10 ms (with MTCB class C)
LCD Display                               Intuitive LCD
                                          Provides real-time updates of UPS status, screen power
                                          usage, battery runtime remaining and other critical UPS
Crest factor                              >3:1
Bypass modes                              Required Automatic Static and Manual Maintenance Bypass
Voltage limits for inverter/bypass load   +/- 10% (adjustable)
Overload on bypass                        200% for 5 minutes and 1000% for 10 ms, non repetitive
Serial Communication                      Serial channel RS232 (on Delta 9 pin connector) as standard with
                                          interfacing software
Contact Closure                           6 programmable signalling voltage-free contacts on Delta and
                                          block terminals at least minimum of 27 user settable signals
Input signals                             Emergency Power Off, GEN ON and Auxillary signals
                                          Product test certificate to be provided from authorized testing
                                          ISO 9001:2000 certification
Warranty                                2 years

                 20. Technical specification for 250 kVA, 415V, 50Hz, 3Phase
                                   Diesel -Generator set – 1 No.

1      Scope of the Work

Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of 250kVA, 415V, 50Hz, Diesel-Generator set with
complete accessories as per the requirement/relevant standards , weather proof acoustic enclosure
and AMF and control panel for providing stand-by source of power supply.

2       Detailed specification for Diesel engine and Generator set

The Engine Alternator set shall be suitable to generate 250 KVA capacity at 50 °C & at P.F.not less
than 0.8, 415 volts, 3 phase 4 wire, 50 Hz, AC supply and driven with diesel engine (minimum 296
BHP for the prime power ) at NTP. It shall be mounted on a common base frame through a suitable
direct flexible coupling. It will generate the required power at 1500 R.P.M. It shall be rated for
constant speed and shall confirm to ratings as per BS 649/ BS 5514 / ISO 3046 / IS 13018 and shall
be complete with class A-I governing , all necessary interconnecting piping and the following
standard accessories as per requirement.

The diesel engine shall be capable of developing specified BHP (at NTP) as specified at 1500 rpm
to drive 250kVA alternator, with overload capacity of ten percent for one hour in every twelve
hours of continuous operation at full load.

Minimum accessories as per requirement: Suitable fly wheel and housing, flexible coupling ,
coupling guard, Air cleaner, Radiator – heavy duty type suitable for 50oC ambient , Cooling fan,
Exhaust turbo charger & after coolers (whenever required),Water circulating pump, Corrosion
resistor /inhibitor, PT fuel pump, Electronic governing control (EGC), Fuel filter/ Fuel lines, Fuel
shut down solenoid, Lubricating oil filter and pumping/splashing system, Oil cooler, By pass filter,
Silencer (Residential type), Self starter suitable for easy start and operation.

Engine instrument panel with Lubricating oil temperature, Lubricating oil pressure gauge, Water/
Coolant temperature gauge, Hour meter and speedometer, Starting switch key (for manual operation
if essential)/ Manual Start push button, Exhaust gas thermometer, Emergency stop push button outside
the enclosure. The engine should have Safety control trip for low lube oil pressure, for high lube
oil temp., for high water temp. and for engine over speed.

The diesel engine shall be furnished with all the required equipments as per standard practice. The
engine should develop rated horse power as indicated. The engine shall operate at 1500 rpm rated
speed and shall be able to meet the site conditions with regard to Voltage, frequency, regulation
equipped with A1 accuracy class.
The required auxiliaries, guarantee of fuel consumption for rated output, provision for parallel
operation, governor performance and torsional vibration shall be in accordance with BS : 649 or
relevant IS. The engine shall be provided with an exhaust gas turbo charger and a charged air
cooler, integral air intake filter and silencer ( residential silencer in built in the acoustic enclosure).
The engine should have throttle control, the engine water cooling should have radiator. For charged
air cooler, the cooling water inlet flow shall be thermostatically controlled. All standard accessories
in respect of radiator or heat exchanger like inlet, outlet connections, fill connection, drain plug etc.
shall be provided

Fuel (Diesel) system to the engine shall be supplied from a fuel tank. The supplier should provide a
fuel tank, built-in enclosure, of adequate capacity ensuring operation of the engine at least 8 hours
(with sufficient reserve margin) on base load. The supplier should provide mechanical fuel level
indicator with ‘Low’ and ‘High’ markings. Also fuel level indication should be provided in the
AMF panel with alarm for Fuel level ‘low’( if fuel level falls the specified limit) The fuel tank shall
be free standing, floor mounting type with mounting brackets, fuel inlet and outlet, air vent , drain
plug, opening with cover for direct filling from the top of the tank. Provide suitable fuel pipe lines
for suction and return with bends, collars etc. An engine driven booster pump shall be provided, if
required as per the design and standard, to deliver fuel from the supply line to the fuel injector
through fuel filters (multi disc or felt type). Fuel tank shall be fabricated from 2 mm (minimum)
thick M.S. sheet and suitable stiffeners. The fuel tank shall be fitted on M.S. frame inside the
canopy as per the regulations. Good quality Steel braided flexible fuel pipe shall be used from fuel
tank to engine. M.S. pipes & fittings where ever used shall be ISI marked. Treatment / primer
coating/ Finishing-painting etc as per the standard shall be provided on all MS items.

The automatic pressure lubrication shall be provided. This system should be complete with an oil
cooler and suitable number of filters of adequate capacity. Lubricating oil filter shall be provided
for operation of 500 hrs. without any necessity of replacement or cleaning

Starting of the diesel engine shall be of electric starting. The electric starting system (Engine
starting relay & starter motor, local and remote operation of starter, automatic starting through
AMF panel) with Lead acid Batteries of suitable adequate capacity, battery charger and necessary
instruments, accessories to indicate the condition of the batteries/starting conditions and
cabling/wiring with suitable protection schemes are included in the scope of the supply. The
batteries shall be sized taking in to account the starting load requirement of the D-G set without
motor struggling, and with suitable capacity of battery cable. The batteries must be capable to try 3
unsuccessful starts continuously or better. The batteries have to be placed on a suitable well painted
steel stand as per the standard/electrical inspectorate norms.

Air intake system: Air intake system should have requisite air filters and complete interconnecting
piping, supports etc.

Engine exhaust system shall consist of exhaust gas driven turbo charger with lagged piping,
interconnecting cylinder head out lets with the turbo charger inlet. Exhaust gas from the turbo
charger shall be let out through exhaust gas silencer (built-in enclosure). The exhaust gas silencer,
necessary pipes etc., shall be provided by the supplier. Exhaust piping shall be shall be insulated
with mineral wool etc. (minimum 25 mm thick unbounded glass wool with minimum of 32 kg/cu.
m. density). The pipe surface where the insulation is to be provided shall be thoroughly cleaned
with wire brush & rendered free from all dust & grease. The insulation shall be covered with GI
wire mesh with all the joints lashed. The insulation of exhaust pipe shall be finished with 0.63mm
(24guage) aluminium sheet cladding as required.

The silencer should be of residential type domestic type of minimum insertion loss of 25 db(A).
Test certificate for the residential/domestic silencer shall be supplied.
Suitable Flexible connection (expansion joints) shall be provided in the exhaust piping to avoid
transmission of vibration from engine to the structure (acoustic and weather proof enclosure etc.)-
minimum 200mm. Also the exhaust line with suitable bends, collars, flanges, angle supports and
accessories like condensate trap with drain plug etc should be provided. Provide necessary
arrangements to avoid entry of rain water, falling dust etc. at the top of the exhaust pipe. The
exhaust piping system should be designed and laid upto a height of 5 Meters (minimum) above the
acoustic enclosure or as directed by the authorities to suit the site and environmental condition as
per the pollution control board, IS or equivalent standards.
The engine shall operate on 1500 RPM, and be able to meet site conditions with regard to Voltage,
Speed, Frequency and regulation equipped with governor of Class A1 accuracy. An over speed trip
mechanism shall be provided to automatically shut off the fuel supply incase of set speed reading
about 110% of rated speed.
The Alternator shall be brushless type and shall be totally enclosed ,self excited, ‘F’ or ’H’ class
insulation and with enclosure class min. IP 23. It will be 415V, 50 Hz, 3 phase 4 wires connected
and continuously rated to give an out put of 200kW/250kVA at 0.8 pf. (lag) or better ,1500 rpm
confirming to IS. Neutral shall be brought out suitably for independent earthing. The alternator
will be star connected and suitable to generate 250 KVA at site at 1500 synchronous R.P.M. It will
be self regulated (with voltage regulation of ± 0.5% ) and excited with built in PMG and
conforming to IS 4722/1992 or IEC 34. It shall be screen protected drip proof confirming to IS
4691 with sealed antifriction ball/roller bearings. It will be suitable to take 10% overload for one
hour in every 12 hours of continuous operation. The Alternator shall be suitable for coupling with
engine on a common base frame through a flexible coupling and shall be horizontal foot mounted
single bearing type confirming to BS5000/IS4722.

The insulating material of the alternator shall be non-hygroscopic and fully tropicalisesd. The
alternator shall be suitable for operation with its neutral solidly grounded. The neutral shall be
formed at the terminal box. All the terminals points of the alternator shall be enclosed in a terminal
box for connecting the load. The alternator terminal box is made out of 16 SWG sheet steel having
louvers and removable type bottom gland plate, top inspection cover and 600A capacity tinned
Copper Bus-bars for all phases and Neutral. The terminals shall be suitable for termination
arrangement of suitable size solid conductor. The Bus-bar should be properly supported with
porcelain / resin cast epoxy molded bus supports. Provide sufficient clearances between phases and
earth as per BS / IS standards. Power cable shall be 2 runs of 3.5 C X 185 sq mm XLPE insulated
and sheathed with proper armoring (so that additional currents under non-sinusoidal conditions will
be taken).

The interconnections/cabling from alternator to AMF control panel and from AMF control panel to
the load control panel and back (load control panel is already existing) are to be provided by the
supplier firm without any extra cost. Approximate distance between DG set location and load
control panel room is 20 m. Further in case of AMF panel is provided inside the canopy then the
agency shall also extend connections for panel to outside canopy at a suitable location along with
provision of terminals for suitable connection from outside the canopy.

Mounting of suitably designed, fabricated with suitable base frame, which is a welded construction
using channel iron etc. for the D-G set shall be provided The whole set and base frame should be
mounted on 12 Nos. (min) of heavy duty type Anti vibration mounts of ‘DUNLOP’ (b – SERIES)
or its equivalent make if required. Base frame and plate required for the acoustic enclosure enable
to move as a set wherever required (ready to use model).

3      Detailed specification for AMF/ control panel
The automatic mains failure (AMF) panel shall be floor mounting, cubical type, indoor, dust and
worm in proof, totally enclosed, made out of 16SWG CRCA sheet steel suitable for outdoor
application, powder coated /painted with two coats of approved quality/shade synthetic enamel
paint after seven tank process of degreasing, de-rusting and having hinged door and with
removable type bottom gland plates for in and out cable terminations. The doors/covers shall be
provided with neoprene gasket to ensure vermin/dust proof as per IP52.

The AMF panel should be designed and fitted with latest state- of- art technology (numerical
/digital) DG set controller for the complete control, monitoring and protection of engine and
alternator with all necessary components like mains contactor, control relays, timers, busbars,
protective relays, metering, battery charger, indication annunciation system etc.

Provision shall be given for bypassing the mains in case of failure or repair of AMF panel.

The AMF Panel should be erected at switch gear room or at a location as directed IISR authorities.
All necessary wiring and connections shall be provided as per the relevant standards by the supplier
without any extra cost.
The panel shall be so designed that in the case of main supply failure, the diesel engine and the
generator shall be started with all required and necessary conditions satisfied and on checking the
generator voltage and frequency make available the generator power to the essential loads. On
restoration of main supply, the generator supply shall not be cut off immediately but after time lag
of 45-60 seconds i.e. after stabilization of restored main supply and thereafter the engine shall be
shut down automatically. If the engine fails to start after three attempts or fails to pick up rated
speed, the engine starter shall trip automatically and there shall be an audio alarm to sound an
unhealthy condition of the generator set. The panel shall have suitable circuitry incorporated therein
for this purpose.
Suitable incoming and outgoing changeover breakers will be provided with control to ensure the
smooth on/off and changeover the load to DG and Electricity board and vice versa.

DG set and the controls will be suitable for synchronization with other DG sets of any make and
rating installed already or to be installed in future in the site.

The components used in the fabrication of the panel shall be of high quality/reliability and shall be
of reputed make, IS certified, the spares of which are readily available in the local market.

The design, drawings and complete specification of the panel shall be got approved from the local
electrical inspectorate and/ or Kerala State Electricity Board by the supplier before and after the
installation, whenever required and necessary.

Bus-bar should be of 600A minimum capacity tinned copper for all the phases and Neutral with
color coded heat shrinkable sleeves. Sufficient capacity of earth bus should be provided for Full
length copper earth bus at the bottom of the panel.

The AMF should be operated in Test/ manual / auto mode and 3 attempt starting facility with
necessary control relays.

Minimum Requirements in AMF panel:
      Four pole Air break contactor for Mains and for Alternator of 630A (minimum) capacity
      Three phase over current relay for generator protection
      Instantaneous earth fault Rely through Neutral CT
      Field failure relay
      HRC fuses for short circuit protection on both mains and for alternator.
      Mode selector switch ( Auto / Manual / test / off)
      Voltmeter with selector switch 0 – 500V A.C. Cl 0.5, 144 sq cm Flush type Analog
      3 separate Ammeter for each phase 0 – 500A, A.C. Cl 0.5, 144 sq cm Flush type Analog
      Line voltage monitor (3phase) with adjustment for presetting the voltage
      Current transformers of suitable ratio (support with calculations in the tender) 5P10 for
      protection and class 0.5 for measuring, 15 VA or adequate capacity
      kW and kWh meter ( energy meter) 3Phase, 4wire unbalanced type
      Digital Power/harmonic anlayser- 3 phase/4 wire /current/voltage clamps/sensors with
      provision for PC interfacing facility
      Digital Power factor and frequency meter
      Frequency monitor

Battery charging unit of double rate comprising of suitable rating voltage transformer, semi-
conductor rectifier, RC filter network, with DC voltmeter, DC ammeter ,MCB/HRC fuses on AC
and DC for protection and trickle/boost charging selector switch, in control panel

Apart from the above, the panel should have necessary DC/AC aux. relays, control fuses, MCBs,
pushbuttons for start, stop, accept, reset, test, emergency, indication (group LED) lamps for load on,
healthy, trip, faulty indication, fuel level low, dc alarm (hooter with on-off toggle) with all
indication for various faults, indications for battery on charge and charge low, R-Y-B phase
indication (group LED) lamps.

All the controls and wiring shall be made suitable for interfacing with PC or SCADA system to be
installed at a later stage if required. Necessary provisions shall be made in the panel.

Note: The line voltage monitor (LVM) should monitor the voltage condition of the mains supply
and bring the D-G set in to operation if the line voltage falls below ±10% or any specified value
indicted by the authority from the rated voltage of 415V.
All the above items shall be as per the relevant IS.

4      Control Wiring
Use minimum of 2.5sq.mm PVC insulated copper wire for control circuit. The control wiring shall
be provided with identification ferrules at each end. More than two wires shall not be terminated at
any one terminal. The wires shall be arranged and supported in such a manner that they shall be
bunched. Runs of wires shall be neatly bunched and suitably supported and clamped. A.C and D.C
wiring shall be separately bunched. All control wiring meant for external connections are to be
brought out on a terminal board.

5      Foundation
Provide a suitable reinforced cement concrete Pedestal for both the D-G set and fuel tank with
concrete proportion of 1:2:4 and reinforcing steel rods of 12mm dia . RCC bed should rise at least
0.3m above the ground level.

6      Earthing
Four numbers of plate earth stations conforming to IS 3043/1966 and BS 6043 with copper earth
plates, GI pipe, funnel, CI cover etc. (two for neutral earthing, two for equipment earthing) shall be
provided along with 32mm x 4mm copper earth strip from generator neutral to earth station,
various equipments to earth station and from earth station to earth station.

7      Factory Tests
Supplier shall perform all the standard tests on engine and alternator at the manufacturing
site/factory or in an accredited testing centre in presence of IISR authorities/authorized
representatives. Copies of all test reports should be submitted along with the invoice.

DG set shall be tested for a continuous run of two hours each at different load conditions-
25%,50% ,75% and five hours with 100% load during which one hour continuously with 110%
load. Performance of all parameters shall be satisfactory and fuel consumption in g/kWh and or
liters/hour will be noted and compared with the values indicated in the offer by the authority for
giving permission of the set for dispatch to site. All other parameters shall be tested as per relevant
IS. On completion of test necessary test report shall be furnished.
The following tests as per IS are to be carried out for the AMF panel and necessary certificates be
submitted by the supplier before despatch of the panel to the site.
        _ Insulation resistance test with 1000 V megger with all switchgear in closed position.
                1) Phase to phase
                2) Phase to neutral
        _ Meters and relay calibrated and tested through secondary injection tests. Test certificates
        should be submitted.
It is the responsibility of supplier to arrange the all the necessary loads, cooling arrangements, fuel,
lube oil, tools and test /measuring equipment/tools required to carry out the tests at the site without
any additional cost.

8. Commissioning tests

Supplier shall perform the following tests at site to the satisfaction of IISR
        a) Testing the set in Auto / Manual / Test modes.
        b) Testing for all Interlocks
        c) Full load test on the set for Eight hours
Other tests to be conducted at site after installation to the satisfaction of IISR:
        All routine/acceptance tests, physical check, earth resistance test, temperature rise test (if
required), fuel consumption test, overload test , insulation test, battery test, governor and
regulation tests as per relevant standards /norms specified by authorities and any other tests
specified by the local electrical inspectorate and/ or Kerala State Electricity Board .

It is the responsibility of supplier to arrange the all the necessary loads, cooling arrangements, fuel,
lube oil, tools and test /measuring equipment required to carry out the tests at the site without any
additional cost.

It is the responsibility of the supplier to get the work certified by the local electrical inspectorate and/
or Kerala State Electricity Board or any other local authority.

9. Acoustic and Weather proof Enclosure
Supply and installation of out door type acoustic and weather proof and environment friendly
  enclosure for the healthy operation of 250 kVA D-G set at site. Provide sufficient working
clearance around the D-G set inside the enclosure. Compact, modular construction and sleek design
with low noise level: 75 dbA at a distance of 1 meter in open environment.

Ready-to-use silent set will be installed as per the manufacturer’s design/requirements. The
acoustic enclosure is manufactured, powder coated and lined with fire proof acoustic material light
resin rock wool as per relevant IS. The material shall be of 48 kg/m3 density and the layer shall be
75 mm thick covered in the fibre glass sheet and perforate powder coated sheet. Special acoustic
panels of optimum sound attenuation using special aluminium sheets (perforated) and acoustic
grade high density wool sandwiched with gypsum may also be provided.

Made out of 2 mm thick CRCA sheet, compact sleek design confirming to international standards
to provide insertion loss of 25 dbA meeting CPCB norms. Steel outer construction with heavy duty
fabricated base frame and inbuilt fuel tank. Attenuators shall be placed in the hot air outlet and
cooling air inlet. Self insulated ventilation louvers for proper air aspiration and temperature control
with suitable incorporation of special blower / axial fans of heavy duty depending on the on-site
fresh air needs. Corrugated steel frames and sturdy supporting material for housing the panels,
effective sealing with the right gasket/ neoprene materials. Well fabricated smooth doors to be
provided for easy access to the set. Suitable locking ( Pressure locks from outside and bolts from
inside) arrangement has to be provided on the doors. Doors should be gasketted with high quality
EPDN gaskets to avoid leakage of sound.
Acoustic and weather proof enclosure system should be complete in all respect as per prevailing
standards. Adequate and suitable lighting arrangement ( 2 sets of 2 x 40 watts TL box type fixtures)
inside the acoustic enclosure shall be made with separate MCBs. All nuts and bolts, hardware shall
be Zinc coated.
In-built fuel tank to be provided with breather, drain plugs for filling & draining diesel from outside
the enclosure. The fuel level gauge to be provided visible from outside the enclosure. Drain plugs
shall be provided for draining lub oil. Battery shall be provided in a tray inside the enclosure as per
the standard.
All joints to be sealed with fireproof neoprene gaskets to withstand temperature and pressure at site
conditions. All high temperature exposed surfaces to be insulated by glass wool with aluminium
cladding upto the silencer. Painted with weatherproof, acid proof, heat resistant, powder coated
after pretreatment for degreasing, de-rusting, pickling, phosphating and passivation.

10       Specific Conditions/requirements:
1      Only those contractors / original equipment manufacturers who have minimum 5 years of
       experience in the field of undertaking the similar work and who fulfill the following
       prequalification criteria are eligible to tender :
       * Two successfully completed works of supply,installation,testing and commissioning of
       set works individually costing not less than Rs. 10 Lakhs during last 5 years
       * Have a service set up in Calicut for rendering after sales service by qualified
       technicians/engineers (maximum time to attend a call shall be within 8 hours from
       intimation over phone or e-mail/ sms etc failing which penalty will be deducted from the
       performance security amount as decided by IISR authorities)
       Copies of the detailed work orders indicating date of award, value of awarded work, time
       given for completing the work etc. and the corresponding completion certificates indicating
       actual date of completion and actual value of executed similar works should be enclosed in
       proof of the work experience.

2      The tenderer should submit the certificate of his performance from the clients in Public
       sector. Written information about the names and addresses of clients along with full details,
       like names,postal addresses,e-mail ID’s,telephone (landline and mobile)nos.,fax nos.,etc.of
       the contact executives (i.e.the persons who can be contacted in case it is so needed)should
       be furnished.

3      The rates quoted shall be firm and for the entire work i.e. supply, installation, testing and
       commissioning of D.G. set, A.M.F. control panel, Acoustic enclosure ,cabling ,battery etc
       with all and complete accessories and shall include charges for all taxes, duties, levies,
       consumables, labour, transport and insurance for transit, handling, storage and erection. The
       insurance policies if required, shall be taken and the cost thereof shall be included in the
       quoted rates.

4      Water and power at site will be given on chargeable basis by IISR. The supplier has to
       organise necessary lines etc at his cost.

5      The security and safe custody of the materials delivered shall be the responsibility of the

6      DG set and all the equipments supplied shall be guaranteed against all types of defects for a
       minimum period of three year from the date of handling over to IISR and defect(s) found
       within this period shall be rectified by the supplier free of cost within reasonable time
       decided by IISR. During this period, monthly servicing shall be carried out free of cost.
       Tenderer shall also indicate service facility they can offer at the place of installation.

7      The service contract may be taken from the fourth year of the post warranty period. Rates
       for the same (for additional 5 years) shall be indicated separately in the price bid. Tenders
       need not be evaluated on the basis of capital cost but also may be taking into account (if
     decided by the IISR ) the effect of rates quoted for comprehensive maintenance and service
     contract ( cost of spares/consumables if any required –separately indicate cost for such
     items during the AMC period) for an additional period of 9 years after the expiry of three
     year defect liability period.

8    The offers shall be accompanied by leaflets/literatures, general arrangement drawing for
     installations and full specifications of the equipments offered. The successful tenderer on
     completion of the work shall furnish in laminated covers -three sets of schematic diagrams,
     physical layout drawings ,maintenance manuals, O& M Manual of all equipment/ items,_
     Spare parts list of all equipment, Test Certificates of all equipment/ items

9    Following terms of payment shall be applicable. 95 % of the quoted rate against delivery of
     materials after checking the same at site and producing manufacturer's test certificates.
     Balance 5% (This is treated as performance security deposit) along with the earnest money
     deposit after expiry of guarantee period of three year from the date of handing over the

10   Entire work shall be completed within 3 months from day of issue of letter of intent, failing
     which, liquidated damages, @ 0.25% of the contract value per month will be recovered for
     delay beyond the stipulated period of completion. The supplier can submit valid reasons
     satisfactory to IISR if any to waive the penalty charges.

11   The successful tenderer shall execute an agreement with the IISR, on stamped paper within
     14 (fourteen) days of issue of letter of acceptance. However, the issue of letter of
     acceptance by IISR shall be construed as a binding contract as though such an agreement
     has been executed and all the terms and conditions shall apply on this contract.

12   The whole of the works included in the Contract shall be executed by the supplier and the
     contractor shall not directly or indirectly transfer, assign or under-let the supplier or any part
     share thereof or any interest therein without the prior written consent of the Employer and
     not undertaking shall relieve the Contractor from the full and entire responsibility of the
     supplier r from active superintendence of the works during their progress.

13   After all the equipments are erected, they shall be given two coats of approved quality paint
     as required. Acoustic Enclosure shall be given weather proof enamel paint.

14   Necessary electrical and physical layout drawings shall be prepared in consultation with the
     IISR. The drawings, if necessary, shall be submitted to the local electrical inspectorate or
     any other statutory authority for their approval. It is complete responsibility of the supplier
     to get the approval of all such authorities at their own expenditure. The supplier shall
     arrange for inspection of the installations by the competent statutory authorities and the
     entire installationshall be got certified. Defects, if any, pointed out by the above authorities
     shall be rectified free of cost. However, any item of work beyond the scope of this work is
     to be carried out to meet their requirements, the same shall be carried out at mutually
     agreed extra rates.

15   The tenderers shall separately quote (rate and quantities) for recommended list of essential
     spares required for both, the engines and alternators (including rectifier, etc) for three-year
     normal operation. Similarly, the list of standard tools to be supplied along with the
     generating set (without any extra cost) shall be furnished along with the tender.

16   The supplier shall be responsible for all injury to persons, animals or things, and for all
     structural and decorative damage to property which may arise from the operation or neglect
     of himself or of any nominated sub-contractor or any employee of either, whether such
     injury or damage arises from carelessness accident or any other clause whatever in any
        connected with the carrying out of this Contract. This clause shall be held to include inter
        alia, any damage to buildings,whether immediately adjacent or otherwise, and any damage
        to road, streets, foot-paths,bridges or ways as well as damage caused to the buildings and
        works forming the subject of this contract by frost, rain, win d or other inclemency of

17     Tenderer shall submit a document along with the tender in their letter head with authorized
        signature and seal that they fully agree to all the specifications listed by IISR with
        deviations listed clearly and separately. Tender will be evaluated based on this document
        also and deviations not listed in this list will be considered as accepted conditions.

18     Tenderer shall also submit the data sheet enclosed completely filled along with the tender.

19     Tender need not be evaluated on the initial cost but can also be based on different factors (if
        decided by IISR) like : life period of engine for satisfactory operation , fuel consumption
        rate, after sales support/AMC charges, overhauling periods.

20      Director , IISR is not bound to accept the lowest tender and reserves the right to accept
        either in full or in part any tender. Director, IISR also reserves the right to reject all the
        tenders without assigning any reason thereof.

                                         TENDER FORM

Submission of Tender/quotations:

Tenders/quotations for technical and financial aspects should be furnished separately in closed
envelopes superscribing as technical bid for supply of quoted (Equipments name) and
financial bid for supply of quoted (Equipments name) in the tender forms enclosed.

Both the technical and financial tender covers may be put in one cover and name of item may
be written on the outer cover also for each equipment/item.

Quotation for each item to be furnished separately.

1. Last date and time of receipt of quotation will be: 25-9-2010 (4 pm)
   Quotations received after the date will not be accepted.

2. Processing fee- Processing fee Rs. 200/- should be furnished by DD drawn in favour of
   ICAR Unit IISR, Calicut along with Technical tender which is non refundable. Quotation
   without processing fee will be rejected.

3. Detailed specifications such as make and other distinguishing marks with respect to the
   standard/quality of the item(s) wherever necessary should be indicated in the quotation.

4. If the article(s) is/are taxable the rate of tax should be indicated separately, otherwise it
   would be treated as non taxable item.

The rate should be FOR destination (Indian Institute of Spices Research, Marikunnu P.O,
Calicut 673 012) and should include all charges such as packing, forwarding etc. including
loading/ unloading. The insurance charges, if any, are to be borne by the suppliers.

5. The quotation should be kept valid for a minimum period of Six months from the date

6. The bid security (EMD) @2% of the estimated value of goods is to be submitted along with
   the bid by DD in favour of ICAR Unit IISR, Calicut. The bidders who are registered with
   the Central Purchase Organization, NSIC are exempted form it.

7. The performance security (Security Deposit) @5% of the value of the item will be obtained
   from the successful bidder after confirmation of order.

                         II     GENERAL CONDITIONS OF SUPPLY
1. Guarantee – The equipments supplied should have guarantee for minimum period of two
   years from the date of installation.

2. Arranging the installation and test running at IISR has to be done at the cost of
   supplier/agent for acceptance of the same.

3. Payment will be made by cheque in favour of the firm/party on receipt of the articles in
   satisfactory condition along with stamped pre-receipted bill (triplicate) drawn in favour
   CALICUT -12, Advance payment is not permitted.

4. The Director reserves the right to accept or reject any or all the quotations without
   assigning any reason.

5. In case your quotation are not received within the date and time stipulated herein it will
   be presumed that the firm is not in a position to supply the same. However, it is
   advisable that the position be informed by return post so that the address is retained in
   our mailing list.
                               III     TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF IMPORT

1. Payment

a)    By irrevocable letter of credit through our bankers STATE BANK OF INDIA, MAIN
      BRANCH,CALICUT, KERALA, INDIA open for 45 days for Shipment and 15 days for
      document negotiation

b)    Alternatively we will be able to arrange advance purchase of foreign DD in favour of your
      principals/suppliers and photocopy of the same will be sent in advance. Original DD will be
      released only after supply/installation of the equipment.

2. Validity – 60 days- validity of your quotation may be extended accordingly.

3. Shipment -- By air to Cochin ( Kerala, India ) partial shipment
               prohibited, Transshipment allowed.

4. Insurance – Will be arranged by this Institute.

5. Air fright – Will be paid by this Institute in Indian rupee.

6. Agency Commission –
            Agency Commission will be paid in Indian rupees only to the local agent after
             receipt of the items. Percentage and amount of agency commission should be
             indicated clearly and shown deducted in the invoice.

7. Quotation may be given on FOB basis.

                                      TECHNICAL TENDER

        To: The Director,
            Indian Institute of Spices Research,
            Marikunnu, P.O,
            Calicut- 673 012.


                I/We have pleasure in furnishing our quotation along with technical specifications
        for supply of following equipments/stores intended by you. I/We agree to the terms and
        conditions of supply given in the tender form. The rates quoted are for supply of items at

        DD worth Rs. 200/- towards Processing Fee and EMD @ 2% of the estimated value of
        goods (DD No. ____________________dated_____________) is enclosed

                                             TENDER TECHNICAL

SL         Category          Technical Specifications                        Special Features
No.        No./ID No.

                                                                                 Yours faithfully,

                                                             Signature of the authorized officer.

                                     FINANCIAL TENDER

 To: The Director,
      Indian Institute of Spices Research,
      Marikunnu P.O.,
      Calicut- 673012.
      I/We have pleasure in furnishing our competitive rates and terms for supply of the following
 equipments/stores intended by you. I/we agree to the terms and conditions of supply given in the
 tender form.

  Sl No.   Category No. /ID NO.                                 Cost/Unit       Amount (Rs.)


           Agency Commission ( ________ %)                                      ----------------------

           Installation charges/other charges if any                            Rs.
                       TOTAL                                                    Rs.

           Year wise AMC charges                                                Rs.
           (rate for 1 year/2years/3year/s4 years/5years to                     ----------------------

                                                                                   Yours faithfully,

                                                       Signature of the authorized officer.

 1. FOR IISR, Calicut rate in respect of Indian items to be furnished.
 2. Indicate special discounts, taxes payable extra and any other condition deserving.
 3. Cost in foreign currency and Indian rupees are to be indicated clearly. In case you
     offer for both the Indian and Foreign item please furnish the same separately.
 4. If DGS&D rates are available quote that also.

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