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                                            Kindergarten Math
                                             COURSE PLANNER
Course Description:
Kindergarten students upon completion of the academic year will understand and use algebra, geometry,
measurement, number sense, statistics and probability as stated on the South Dakota Mathematic Standards.

Instructional Philosophy:
The philosophy of mathematics is reflected in the goals and related to concepts of the South Dakota Mathematic
Standards. Students must have a strong academic foundation that will enable them to expand their knowledge, to
interpret information, to make reasonable decisions, and to solve increasingly complex problems.

Instructional Delivery Plan: Students will participate in activities and discussions. Activities will be whole group,
small group, and individual and will include lecture, demonstration, use of visual aides and manipulatives, books,
and other resources as needed. Our math series builds a strong partnership among home, school, and the

Assessment Plan: Students will be evaluated according to their participation, work and quality of their work.
Basic, proficient, and advanced performance descriptors are indicated in the South Dakota Mathematic Standards.

Course Goals:
Students will:
     be introduced to basic algebraic vocabulary,
     sort, classify, and compare objects and groups of objects
     recognize and interpret addition and subtraction problems.
     explore geometric shapes by identifying, drawing, and making patterns.
     explore various units of measurement, such as money, time, calendar, and non-standard units of
     gain number awareness by reading, writing, counting, sequencing, and grouping
     explore addition and subtraction using objects, words, and numbers.
     describe data represented in simple graphs.

Major Course Projects:
Teachers have the ability to create mathematic projects as they see appropriate or when necessary.

                                           COURSE STANDARDS
  UNITS/PROJECTS                           CONTENT STANDARDS                                     RESOURCES
                                           (POWER STANDARDS)
Algebra                   Compare collections of objects to determine more, less      Math book, computer software, and
                          and equal.                                                  internet activities
                          Sort, classify, and compare objects and groups of objects   Math book, Everyday Counts
                                                                                      activities, computer software,
                          Identify, create and extend repeating patterns              Math books, manipulatives, computer
                                                                                      software, games, art projects, books,
                                                                                      people math, environmental objects
                          Recognize and interpret symbols to solve addition and       Math book, flannel board activities,
                          subtraction problems.                                       computer software, manipulatives,
                                                                                      touch point math sheets, center
Geometry                  Identify and draw basic geometric symbols                   Math books, Everyday Counts

                                                                                       activities, computer software, art
                                                                                       projects, visual aides, , books,
                             Explore various geometric patterns                        Math books, manipulatives, books,
                                                                                       computer software, visual aides,
                                                                                       center activities
Measurement                  Explore units of time                                     Math books, calendars, art activities,
                                                                                       holiday activities, visual aides,
                                                                                       discussions, songs
                             Identify coins and their value                            Math books, manipulatives, center or
                                                                                       play time activities, computer
                                                                                       software, money books, field trips
                             Estimate and explore length, height, and weight using     Math books, manipulatives, common
                             standard and non-standard units using various tools       objects, discussion
Number sense                 Read, write, count and sequence numerals                  Math books, manipulatives,
                                                                                       environmental objects,
                             Identify ordinal positions                                Math books, manipulatives, computer
                                                                                       software, environmental objects
                             Use objects to show addition and subtraction in context   Math books, manipulatives,
                             to ten                                                    environmental objects, flannel board,
                                                                                       computer software
                             Use fraction models to create one half of a whole         Math books, common objects,
                                                                                       manipulatives, flannel board, games,
                                                                                       visual aides, books, food
Statistics and probability   Use tallies, picture graphs and strategies to collect     Math books, manipulatives,
                             information                                               environmental objects, books, graphs
                                                                                       and charts
                             Describe and compare observable data                      Math books, graphs and charts, cross
                                                                                       curricular activities, environmental
                                                                                       objects, drama, books


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