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									  Find the TAKS Test Solution that is Right for Your Child!

                      TAKS Test                                        TAKS Test                        TAKS Test
                     Accelerator                                         Skills                          Success

 The flexible, six-week                           This 10-week program                 Did not pass TAKS before? If
 program is designed to                           provides a more involved             so, this program is likely the
 provide test taking                              approach for students who            solution as it focuses on
 strategies and basic math or                     are falling behind. Our              Skill Mastery. Personalized
 language arts or science or                      assessment pinpoints                 learning plan for math or
 social studies review to help                    strengths and problem areas.         language arts based on our
 your child’s TAKS Test                           Certified instructors help           Skills Assessment. Our
 score.                                           grow your child’s confidence         expert educators will focus
                                                  prior to the test. Practice          on TAKS strategies and
 $1500                                            tests to help lower anxiety.         content while filling in gaps.
 Monthly options starting at $95!
                                                  $2100                                Starting at $2700

                                                                                          Sylvan of Baytown
  Flexible payment options to fit your budget. Monthly options as low as $95
                                                                                            4804 East Freeway
TAKS Test Packages Include                     Accelerator    Skills       Success          Baytown, TX 77521
Practice TAKS Tests - to improve confidence        ✓           ✓             ✓
Test Taking Strategies                             ✓           ✓             ✓
Sylvan Skills Assessment - to pinpoint needs                   ✓             ✓
                                                                                        (281) 421-4169
Parent Conferences                                 1            2          Ongoing
Contact with Your Child's Teacher(s)                           ✓             ✓               1-888-EDUCATE
Skill Gap Consultation with Director                           ✓             ✓
                                                                                              Email Address
Personalized Learning Plan                                                   ✓
Duration - Based on 4 sessions per week          6 weeks     10 weeks     Customized
Flexible Scheduling                                ✓           ✓             ✓

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