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									                         Lord Kitchener Elementary School
                       Parent Advisory Council (PAC) Meeting
                                 September 6, 2011

1.     PAC chair Heather Benna called the meeting to order at 7:04

2.     June minutes were approved by Tina Wiebe and seconded by Jane Sydie.

The intentions of the Executive PAC meeting on June 21st was to reach out to more
cultural groups in our community. The Mandarin Community in particular. Lai Pheng
has volunteered to translate our communications for all of the Kitchener Community.
The second intention of that meeting was to encourage positive messages about the
changes at our school.

Approval of June Minutes by Joyce Cheung and seconded by Jane Sydie.

3.     Reports

       A. Principal’s Report - Rosemary Love
Rosemary introduced our new Vice Principal, Sean Marlyn. This is his first position as
a Vice Principal. He previously taught at Henderson. Sean has been teaching in
Vancouver since 1986. He likes Kitchener school and it’s community and is looking
forward to working here. He will be teaching grades 3 and 4 along with Ms. Skarsgard
this year.

As we all know, the teachers are on Job action. They are in phase one of the job
action. The teachers will withdraw from supervision before and after school. The
children are being supervised by the SSA’s (Student Supervision Aids) before and after
school. It is within the SSA’s job description and it also falls within their working hours.
Teachers will not attend staff meetings or receive written information from the office. If
this job action goes on for a while, there will be no report cards, parent conferences etc.
The teachers are still required to keep track of grades. The students will likely not be
affected by this job action. Parents will be affected by having less communication with
the teachers. Parents will have to try and schedule some time to meet with the teachers
during the school day.
Sports are voluntary so will not likely be affected by the strike. Athletics will likely
continue in most schools. Some of the other clubs may be affected depending on
teacher involvement.
The teachers can meet with Rosemary to discuss class placement until the end of
Friday only. After Monday the teachers will not be discussing classroom placement with
There will not be a Meet the Teacher night this year due to the job action. Sean Marlyn
is considered an administrator, even though he will be teaching this year as well.
Content of the Professional development days may be affected. Often a principal
organizes a speaker or a presenter and the teachers will not attend. School Planning
Pro D's will focus on the whole school plan, including how the new school will be run
and how it all will work.
Rosemary will look into whether the library volunteers can keep the library open before
and after school.
The grade seven articulations have to be addressed since the students first term grades
will be needed when applying to the mini schools.

       B. Treasurer's Report - Peggy Alca

Peggy is working on setting up Pay Pal which will be completed by Monday.
Our new Co-treasurer is Anna Nelson.
The following 5 people have signing authorities for the Lord Kitchener Chequing
Peggy Alca, Anna Nelson, Tracy Norman, Kathi McTaggart and Heather Benna.
Margie Gray and Janet Mitchell will no longer have signing authority for this account.

The following three people have signing authority for Lord Kitchener’s Gaming Account:
Peggy Alca, Heather Benna and Kathi McTaggart
Margie Gray will no longer have signing authority for this account.

Our budget for 2010/11 was $20,995.00. We spent $20,000.00. Details are on the
budget 2010/11 form.
Wish list had $33,000.00 of which we spent $24,000.00. Two Smart boards will be
purchased for $8,000.00 to make up the budget.
Last page money in and money out. $164,000. Total out $151,000. If the $8000 had
been spent on the smart board we would have spent closer to the total.
Peggy will do a budget discussion next month so please forward any ideas to Peggy at
that time for Wish List.
The budget includes the allotment for classrooms on the budget. Teachers will plan to
use the money for field trips etc. instead of collecting from the students.

       C. Seismic Committee Report - Kosta Chatzispiros

We have a very active and large seismic committee here at our school. For example;
General Gordon started out at the same time as us but do not have a set of approved
drawings for their school. The parents here at Kitchener have really pushed it forward
to make our construction get under way faster. The Heritage Frame Building was
moved a few weeks ago. It was an exciting day with lots of onlookers. Some parents
took photos of the move that they hope to show everyone in the near future. The frame
building is not rotting and the concrete is in good condition as well. The foundation work
for the new building has been started. The trees are making the construction slower
since the tree roots are large and they have to work around them. Steel contract has
been awarded. Full building permit has now been approved; this happened about 10
days ago. Work and budget are the only things left. We are still on time as of this
week. September 2012 occupancy is very aggressive. VSB are assuring us that they
will do their best to keep the project on time. Rosemary will be attending a Project Site
Meeting tomorrow.
The good weather is an asset in keeping the project moving along. Some of the
boarding will be moved a little bit closer to the school for a week or two.
The estimated budget reduction (based on reduced industry construction costs today
vs. 2009 when budget approved) was 30% and it appears that we will actually see only
a 15% reduction. Some gives and takes have taken place from the original drawings of
the school. For example, the glass on the front face of the gym was significantly
reduced and exterior details were simplified to address feedback from the City of
Vancouver’s Urban Design Panel. VSB has the most current line drawings on their

4.      Business Items:
        a.    Recruitment for 2011/2012
Parent Patrol needs lots of Volunteers; contact Jane Sydie
Traffic Safety Walking Wheeling Wednesdays is open. We will not fill this position this
year, but we will keep it on the list for the future.
General Fundraising position is open.
Sister School is open. Job Action may affect the communication with the sister school.
Rosemary will check out with the principal of Thunderbird School regarding their needs.

       b.       Sustainability Committee - Chris Shorthouse
There is no committee thus far. There is a huge opportunity with a new school and
working with a clean slate. There is a sustainability coordinator at the VSB with access
to many resources that we can tap into for our new school. Could we work with the
school planners now to make our school the greenest school in the city? Can we work
in sustainability in our green space at our new school. Healthy living, what are kids are
eating, and walking wheeling Wednesdays. Better commuter -ing. Emphasizing social
opportunities through our sister school. Open our new school as an amazing example
of a responsible school.
Kevin Millsap will come in to talk at our next PAC meeting. He works at the VSB for
Sustainability. He is a great link to the city's sustainability program.

       c.     Hot Lunch Update - Tracy Norman
Hot dogs, Pizza, Sushi and Pasta. My Tiffan is providing pasta to our school this year.
Jane Sydie is the Pasta Coordinator.
We are introducing On-line purchasing for their lunch days this year. There will be a
drink and an entree only. No snacks through the lunch program. The lunch dates are
posted on the latest Hot Sheet sent home by Laura Horne. Ordering info will be sent
home in the PAC package soon.

d.     Spirit Wear - Tina Wiebe, Ashley Horlock and Colleen Hopwood
Tina presented the new logo for Kitchener spirit wear to the PAC. There will be
hoodies, track pants, shorts etc. The spirit wear team is working with Joanne Hunter
with Sports wear. Joanne is a Kitchener mom that has also dressed the Dunbar Little
League and our track pinnies. There will be an online store that you can order your
spirit wear. You will have the option to have it delivered to the school or your home.
Tina would like to set up something in the school for everyone to view the sizes and
styles. Look for how and when you can order in the upcoming Hot sheets.
The committee is still looking for ideas for a mascot. They will put it out to the kids and
see what they could come up with for a logo probably in January.
Laurie will link up on the PAC website for ordering of the spirit wear.

5.    Other Business
      a.       Math Club - Peggy Alca
Peggy likes Math! The club will be for kids in grades 4 through 7 that like math and
want a little enrichment. They will be working on Brain buster books, and work on the
questions that the organization Mathematica Centrum focuses on.
Every year there is a contest for grades 4 - 7 through Mathematica Centrum.
Marina Choy used to run this, but her child is no longer at the school.
ACTION: Add Peggy to the list for Math Club Committee.

     b.     Grade 7 Fundraising Committee
No one has come forward as of yet. Looking for a coordinator.

Looking for a time and place for Chris Shorthouse to sell the Lunchskins this year.

Is there going to be a bookfair this year? October 24th? Where could it be done? Job
action may affect the ability to have the book fair at this time.

Mad Science no longer comes here due to lack of space at the school.

Direct Appeal will be on line as well. Laurie can do separate fundraising module on the
PAC website. The package is not ready to go out as yet.

There will be an Opt in for e-mail distribution on our school distribution list.

Meeting adjourned at 8:14 p.m. Next meeting is Wednesday, October 5, 2011 at
7:00 pm.

We welcome and encourage your participation!

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