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									Organisation       Telephone   Contact Details                        Address                         Further information
Southwark          0207        www.southwarkparentpartnership.co.uk   Southwark Childrens services,
Parent             5252886     parentpartnership@southwark.gov.uk     Tooley Street,London,SE1 2TZ
Partnership        0207
Service            5252866
School             0207        schoolpref@southwark.gov.uk
Preference         5255211
Women and          0207        info@wgn.org.uk                        Damilola Taylor Centre,1 East   Empowerment,
Girls Network      6104678                                            Surrey Grove Peckham, SE15      healing and
                                                                      6DR                             transformation for
                                                                                                      women moving on
                                                                                                      from violence
One Stop Shop                                                         122 Peckham Hill Street,SE15
One Stop Shop                                                         151 Walworth Road, SE17
One Stop Shop                                                         17 Spa Road, SE16
NSPCC child        0808 800    www.nspcc.org.uk
protection         5000
Childline          0800111     www.childline.org.uk

Parentline Plus    0808        www.parentlineplus.org.uk
Parents            0207
Anonymous          2638918
The Family         0808
Rights Group       8010366
Children’s         0207
Social care Desk   5251921
ESOL for life,     0207 394    Elementary to advanced levels          1st Floor Rotherhithe Library
Citizenship and    6836        Classes: 10.00 -12.00 and 1.00-3.00    ,Albion Street, London SE16
work                            Classes are free if you receive income   7BS
                                based benefit(£10 registration fee)
Family Learning   0207 525      Kate.bagnall@southwark.gov.uk            Southwark Adult learning      Free family learning
Manager           3005                                                   Service                       activities
                                                                         Thomas Calton Centre
                                                                         Alpha Street, London, SE15
Southwark         0207 358      Adult.education@southwark.gov.uk                                       Free adult courses
Adult Learning    21000
Sierra Leone      0207820877    Sirewa_project@tiscali.co.uk             7 Maddock Way(off cooks       English, Maths,
Education and     7                                                      road)                         Science, Art/craft
welfare           07932 525                                              London
Association,      423                                                    SE17 3NH
Southwark,        0207 525      www.southwark.gov.uk                     Southwark childcare support   Southwark Child care
Childcare         5277                                                   scheme, Children services     affordability
support scheme                                                           PO Box 64529                  programme could
                                                                         London SE1P 5LX               pay some of the
                                                                                                       costs towards a
                                                                                                       childcare place for
                                                                                                       up to 12 months.
                                                                                                       Contact for further
Southwark         0208 693      quddusion@aol.com                        45 Upland Road London,        Study Support
Muslim council    8682          habibshah2006@yahoo.co.uk                SE22 2EF
SMWA Mother       0207732805    smwasmwa@aol.com                         Bellenden Old School          English, maths, IT,
tongue project    3/020727773   www.smwa.org.uk                          Bellenden Road                Science, Arabic basic
                  20                                                     SE15 4DG                      and advanced, age 5-
                                                                                                Age14-16 childcare
                                                                                                & fashion course
                                                                                                BETC, homework
                                                                                                club and summer
Works            0800 587                                        1st Floor, Bridgegate          Help with CV,
Directions       1704                                            House,124-126 Borough High     application forms,
                                                                 Street, London,SE1 1BL         practise interviews,
                                                                                                financial assistance
                                                                                                to help you start
                                                                                                work, free internet
                                                                                                use and phones for
                                                                                                job search, personal
                                                                                                advisors for one to
                                                                                                one support and lots
Pathways2work    0207088913   P2w@familymosiac.co.uk             Albion House,20 Queen          Access to free
s                45           www.familymosaic.co.uk             Elizabeth Street, London SE1   training courses, use
                                                                 2RJ                            of phones and the
                                                                                                internet, guidance
                                                                                                on writing CV and
                                                                                                application forms
The Migrant                   www.migrantresourcecentre.org.uk   Derry House, Penfold Street,    Specialist level
Resource                                                         London, NW8 8HJ                immigration/Appeal
Centre Legal                                                                                    representation,
Advice service                                                                                  housing, welfare
                                                                                                benefits and money
                                                                                                & debt advice,
                                                                                                ,consumer and small
                                                                                                claims advice and
Childcare        0207 525     Alfonso.denton@southwark.gov.uk                                   Assistance with
affordability     5306                                                                                 childcare costs.
programme                                                                                              Please call for
                                                                                                       further information
Eitrean           0207703514   Ysibhatu_ecc@yahoo.co.uk                Eritrean Community Centre,      Tigrinya, English,
Community         3/7                                                  78 Edmund Street, London,       Maths, IT
centre                                                                 SE5 7NR
Somali Womens     0207         ibrahimsaeed@hotmail.co.uk              Barnswell Community             Arabic, Islamic
Group             6355396                                              Center,74 Wild Goose Drive,     Studies
                                                                       London SE14 5LL
Ethnic minority   0207525      www.southwark.gov.uk/ethnicminorityac   (LILS)                          Promote race
achievement       5088         hievement                               Learning and business centre,   equality and
team(EMAT)                                                             room 36 Cator Street, SE15      community
                                                                       6AA                             cohesion, raise
                                                                                                       standards, black
                                                                                                       consultancy to
                                                                                                       schools and more
Southwark         0207277682   Steg321@tiscali.co.uk                   Thomas Calton Centre            Turkish mother
Turkish           9                                                    Alpha Street, London,SE15       tongue and
Education                                                              4NX                             homework club
                                                                                                       support in math
                                                                                                       English and all
                                                                                                       mainstream subjects
After school      0207525110   famiolyinfo@southwark.gov.uk                                            Full day Holiday
Services          0            www.southwark.gov.uk/familyinfo                                         playschemes for
                  0800                                                                                 children age 5yrs to
                  0130639                                                                              11 yrs
Peckham           0207358977                                           48 Willowbrook Road, SE15
Voluntary         7                                                    6BW
sector forum
Community                      Hugh.stulz@southwark.gov.uk             Childrens service, Room 36,
education                                                              learning and Business centre,
officer                                              Cator Street, SE15 6AA
Southwark        0207732050
refugee          5
Department for   0870         info@dcsf.gsi.gov.uk   Great Smith Street,SW1P 3BT
children and     0002288
Southwark        0207                                John Smith House,144-153
Head of          5252919                             Walworth Road, SE17

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