Sample Student Letter to Legislators by lr8cj8E



The Honorable (full name)
Room _____
11 South Union Street
Montgomery, Alabama 36130

Dear Senator (or Representative):

I am a ___ grade student at ___________ Elementary School in _____________________________. I am a
member of my school’s gifted class—the _____________ Program. I love ___________ class; it is the best
part of my school week.

When I move to ___th grade, I will no longer have a class like this one. I may be placed in an advanced class
for math, language arts, both or none; however, there will be no teacher of the gifted in my school system
beyond ___th grade. In high school, I will be eligible for AP classes, but these classes are not enough for us
and we still need specially trained teachers. There are many reasons why I love ______________ class:
(choose 3-4 of these or create similar ones of your own):

   1. I appreciate being with other students like me who love to learn.
   2. We get to study concepts, topics, units, and activities that encourage us to reach for the stars! These
      may include any of the following:
          a. Logic problems and other brain teasers that stretch our brains
          b. Advanced vocabulary to improve our communication skills
          c. Advanced literature which helps us consider new ideas and better understand people like us
              who are gifted and talented or other great achievers
          d. Interdisciplinary units of study determined by our interests that teach broad concepts:
              Mysteries/CSI, Cultures, 20th Century, Archaeology, etc.
          e. Mini-units in additional topics of interest: Probability and Statistics, Tessellations, Creative
              Writing, foreign languages, etc.
          f. Projects and/or competitions that teach teamwork and cooperation: creative problem solving,
              future problem solving, destination imagination, Lego robotics, etc.
          g. Skills like photography, film animation, cartooning, calligraphy, drama, public speaking, etc. to
              provide us new and different communication skills.
   3. I greatly value my G/T teacher. S/he understands me and helps me to better understand myself.
   4. My G/T class is fun. We work hard mastering difficult topics, words, puzzles, and skills. We never feel
      like we have spent ___ hours in class because time flies by. Why can’t other classes be more like this

   Please help us have enrichment and/or higher level classes taught by teachers trained in gifted education
   beyond ___th grade. Other education programs in Alabama are supported: ESL, AMSTI, ARI and even
   Prison Education. Why can’t we gifted students have the same opportunities?

   Please join Alabama legislators, Rep. Jay Love and Rep. Paul Lee, in support of full funding for gifted

   Thank you for your consideration.


   (Your name and address so they will know your district)

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