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									                       Volunteer State Community College – Springfield High School
                                         Dual Enrollment Program

Volunteer State Community College is proud to partner with Springfield High School to provide an opportunity for high
school students to get a head start on their college experience while still enrolled in high school. Courses will be offered at
Springfield during the regular school day. Successful course completion allows for the student to earn high school and
college credit for the same course.
A qualified student is defined as a high school junior or senior with a grade point average of 3.0 or better in the subject
area of enrollment and acceptable ACT or SAT scores. (Generally a 19 subscore in the subject area) CTE dual
enrollment courses may not require ACT or SAT scores, but do require a 3.0 gpa in the subject area.
A one-time non-refundable application fee of $20 is required with the application. The Spring 2012 fee for a 3-hour dual
enrollment course is $437. (Six hours of classes is $851.) (CLASS FEES WILL INCREASE FOR THE FALL OF 2012)
Textbooks: There is an additional cost for textbooks. Textbooks can be ordered through efollett, a bookstore located
on the campus of Volunteer State Community College.
Students participating in Dual Enrollment are not eligible for Federal Financial Aid. However, the Tennessee Dual
Enrollment Grant, Fee Discounts and the Deferred Payment plan make the program more affordable.
         Tennessee Dual Enrollment Grants help defer the cost of the course fees. Eligible students can receive up to
$300 per semester they participate in the Dual Enrollment program. Students must maintain a Vol State grade point
average of 2.75 to be eligible to continue the grant. The grant application must be completed ONLINE at
https://egrands.guarantorsolutions.com/scholarshipapps . Students should apply for the grant and submit their
confirmation when returning your Dual Enrollment packet.
         Fee Discounts: Students whose parents are public school teacher or state employees receive a 25% discount of
course fees. Students whose parents are employed by the Tennessee Board of Regents receive a 50% discount of
course fees. Discount forms are available through the parent’s place of work and are required at the time of registration.
         Deferred Payment Plan: This plan is available to allow students to pay fees in installments. The plan requires a
50% down payment plus the $25 fee for the deferred payment plan and two additional 25% installment payments. A $25
late fee will be assessed for late payments to the payment plan.
    1) Complete the packet which will include:
               a-VSCC application
               b-Dual Enrollment Participation form (requires Parent Signature)
               c-Hep B Form (requires Parent Signature)
               d- Apply for the Dual Enrollment Grant online and submit the confirmation sheet (must print before you
               submit) https://egrands.guarantorsolutions.com/scholarshipapps. Students should apply for the
               grant and submit the Confirmation form with their packet. Both semesters (fall 2012 and Spring 2013)
               should be applied for at the same time. A student must maintain a 2.75 VSCC grade point average to
               continue receiving the grant.
    2) Return the completed packet along with the $20 non-refundable application fee to your guidance counselor
       as soon as you have it completed.
    3) Mrs. LeMarbre will come to Springfield High School to pick up the entire packet. Registration for the college
       classes your student requests will be done through the DE office at Vol State Community College.
If a student is going to a Tennessee Board of Regents School, the credits will transfer. The UT system varies some, but
for the most part, the classes will transfer. If your student is going to a private school or to a school out of the state of TN,
it is in the student’s best interest to address the issue of transfer credit with the institution the student is going to attend. It
is the prerogative of the accepting school to accept or not.
         *Student receives high school and college credit for doing the same work. Example: English 1010/1020 allows a
student to receive 6 hours of college credit as well as ONE high school credit for their Senior English class.
         *Students experience college classes while still in the safety net of the high school setting.
         *Students gain confidence in their ability to do college level work.
         *It is very inexpensive for college classes. (The dual enrollment grant pays up to $300 each semester, making the
cost of a three hour class $137, $137/3 - $45.66 per credit hour.)
         *Students begin a college transcript which will follow them to their post secondary school.
         *Students may earn up to 24 hours at the high school which is equivalent to two full semesters of college. (This
depends on the number of classes offered by your high school and the student’s high school class load.)
VSCC CLASSES at Springfield High School
         English Composition I – ENGL 1010 – 3 credit hour --Course description: Writing expository compositions
based primarily on analysis of essays and literary works; emphasis on rhetorical modes, documentation skills, and
revision. Eligibility Requirements: ACT subscore of 18 in Eng and 19 in Reading
         English Composition II – ENGL 1020 – 3 credit hours--Course description: Writing argumentative
compositions based on issues raised in essays and literary works; emphasis on research skills, support and revision.
Eligibility Requirements: Engl 1010
         **It takes both ENGL 1010/1020 to satisfy the requirements for high school ENGLISH IV (Sr. Eng)
         General Psychology I – PSYC 1030 – 3 credit hours--Course description: This is a one-semester course
designed to provide an overview of the field of psychology and human behavior. The topics of philosophy, history, biology,
learning, personality, abnormal behavior, treatment, applied memory, intelligence, motivation, consciousness, perception
and sensory are included. Eligibility Requirements: ACT subscore of 18 in Eng and 19 in Reading **Satisfies HS Psy
         Introduction to Film – ENGL 1030 – 3 credit hours--Course description: A general education course
designed to meet the humanities/fine arts requirement. This course provides an introduction to and an overview of film as
an art form; emphasis on understanding the nature of film and its place in culture, with overviews of the history and theory
of film and the production process. Eligibility Requirements: ACT subscore of 18 in Eng and 19 in Reading
**Satisfies HS Fine Arts Requirement
         College Math – MATH 1130 – 3 credit hours – Course description: Designed for non-science majors, this
course includes a study of sets, linear and quadratic equations, inequalities, exponents and radicals, functions and
graphs, variation, complex numbers, and exponential and logarithmic functions. Eligibility Requirements: ACT subscore
of 19 in Math **Satisfies HS Math Requirement
         Precal I (Col Alg) – MATH 1710 – 3 credit hours—Course description: Topics include polynomials, factoring,
fractions, radical expressions, rational exponents, complex numbers, linear and quadratic equations and their application,
polynomial and rational functions, exponential and logarithmic functions, systems of equations, determinants, and the
binomial theorem. Prereq: 2 years of high school algebra and a 19 on ACT math subscore
         Precal II (Trig) – MATH 1720 – 3 credit hours—Course description: Topics include the trigonometric functions
of the acute and general angle, applications of right triangles, identities, related angles and the reduction formula, radian
measure, graphs and graphical methods of the trigonometric functions, applications, inverse trigonometric functions.
Prereq: MATH 1710 with a grade of C or better **Satisfies HS Math Requirement
         Public Speaking – SPCH 103 – 3 credit hours – Course description: This course is an introduction to
preparing and delivering public speeches, including emphasis on informative, persuasive and special occasion speaking.
This course includes a service learning component. Eligibility Requirements: ACT subscore of 18 in Eng and 19 in Reading
         Intro to Criminal Justice – CRMJ 1010 – 3 credit hours – Course description: A historical overview of the
American Criminal Justice system emphasizing an understanding of the basic concepts of the justice system. This course
looks at career options and opportunities. Required for Law Enforcement majors. No ACT required– requires 3.0 gpa in area
         Medical Terminology – AHC 115 – 3 credit hours – Course description: A study of the language of the Allied
Health sciences and medicine with emphasis on body systems, prefixes, suffixes, root terms, pronunciation and spelling.
Eligibility requirements: ACT subscore of 19 in Reading and a 3.0 gpa in area
         Some classes may be offered only online, but info will be provided before payment is expected.
All students who plan to dual enroll must have ALL paperwok and eligible placement scores to VSCC in order to be
registered for classes:
         For Summer 2012 – All paperwork and fully eligible for registration by April 2, 2012
         For Fall 2012 – All paperwork by May 18, 2012 fully eligible for registration by July 2, 2012
         For Spring 2013 - All paperwork and fully eligible for registration by Dec. 3, 2012

Trisha LeMarbre is the Dual Enrollment Liaison for Sumner and Robertson Counties and Volunteer State Community
College. She will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Her office number is 230-3742. Email address:
trisha.lemarbre@volstate.edu (BEST WAY TO CONTACT IS BY email)
*Yolanda Ellison is the Director of Off Campus Sites and Dual Enrollment. Her office number is 230-3740
*The Dual Enrollment Office staff will be glad to assist you in any way they can. The office phone number is 230-3742.
*The Business Office will help with any billing questions. The office phone number is 230-3585.
*The Bookstore will help with textbook questions. The number is 230-3636.
*The Learning Commons will help with students who need to improve a low ACT score in one or more subject areas.
The office number is 230-3676.
*The Testing Office administers the COMPASS test or a challenge test. Students must contact Dual Enrollment first to
set up a request to test. Questions regarding the testing schedule can be directed to the Testing office at 230-3484.

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