Accelerated/Enriched Chemistry by lr8cj8E


									                                            Regents Chemistry
                                            Mr. Donohue – 2011-12 School Year

Class Guidelines:

Guideline                                             Consequence For Noncompliance
Be in your seat ready to work when the bell rings.    Late without pass: ½ hour teacher detention in Room 231 that
                                                      afternoon (2:20 – 2:50)
                                                      Cut: Referral to the main office, parent contact
Remain on task for the duration of the period.        Parent contact, detention if assigned work not completed
Respect the right of all students to learn without    Parent contact
distractions or disruptions.                          ½ hour teacher detention in Room 304 that afternoon (2:20 to
Food and drink is prohibited.                         If seen, will be confiscated and disposed of.
Hats and portable electronic multimedia and           If seen, will be confiscated and will be turned over to your parents.
communications devices are prohibited (unless
part of a class project presentation).

Grading Rubric:

         Type             Point                                              Notes
In-Class Worksheets       10-30   You will get an assignment packet at the beginning of every unit. You may work
                                  ahead if you so desire. The packet is due when you take the unit test. No late
                                  packets will be accepted. The packet will be checked on a daily basis to make sure
                                  you are doing your work.
Quizzes                   10      You will be given a 5-multiple-choice question quiz at the start and end of EVERY
                                  DAY. 2 points each. In the event of absence, these quizzes must be made up.
Labs                      100     1200 minutes of hands-on lab activities are required to sit for the Regents exam.
Projects                  100     Given at various times throughout the year.
Tests                     100     Given at the end of every unit. Consists of a multiple-choice section and a short-
                                  answer/show-your-work math section. Some tests may forego the multiple-choice
                                  section entirely. Some may be take-home tests which will be due two school days
                                  after being given.

Breakdown Of Grade Percentages For Marking Period Average:
       Test and Quizzes               Quarterly                       Labs                 Class + Homework
             40%                        20%                           20%                          20%

Extra Credit: If you complete a day’s assignment correctly before it has been taught, you will get +2 on that page.

Extra Help: Available Tuesdays through Thursdays from 2:20 – 3:10 PM in Room 231. Arrangements for staying later
may be made upon request.

Resources Available To You:

Class Blog: Class Packets, Worksheets and summary of class         
Video tutorials that cover every single topic! (Links will also be made
available through the blog)

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