SPECIAL GUIDELINES/PROCEDURES
                             USING SICK LEAVE BANK (SLB) DAYS
                                     PRE/POST PARTUM

    According to the Sick Leave Bank (SLB) Guidelines and Procedures Effective
     September 1, 2002. “Disability due to pregnancy will be treated as any other
     disability.” Guideline # 7.

    SLB days may be used prior to delivery if necessary and in accordance with the SLB
     Guidelines and Procedures. If a pregnant woman becomes ill or incapacitated during
     the pregnancy, she may use the SLB days following the usage of her personal
     accumulated sick days and in accordance with the member’s years of consecutive
     membership in the Bank. Guideline # 4.

    SLB days may be used following delivery in accordance with the SLB Guidelines and
     Procedures. The SLBAC follows the same practice as established by physicians
     regarding incapacitation/recuperation for the mother i.e., six (6) weeks allowed for a
     normal vaginal delivery; eight (8) weeks allowed for a C-section.

    The Post Partum delivery period will be counted from the date of delivery for six (6)
     or eight (8) continuous calendar weeks. Please note: If negotiated holiday(s),
     Winter, Spring Intermission or Summer vacation occurs during the six (6) or eight (8)
     week(s), the member will not receive additional days from the Sick Leave Bank.
     Guideline #14.

    If the mother’s health condition warrants additional time off and if the member is
     entitled to additional SLB days, the Sick Leave Bank Approval Committee (SLBAC)
     will consider the request with appropriate medical validation.

    The SLBAC does not grant SLB days for the purpose of caring for the baby.
     Members should apply for FMLA and/or Maternity leave if additional time is needed
     for care of the baby.

    The purpose of the SLB is to enable the member to “be restored to health” and to
     return to work. See Purpose, second paragraph of Guidelines and Procedures,
     effective September 1, 2002.

    The first 12 weeks of the Family Medical Leave Act Leave (FMLA) runs concurrently
     with the personal accumulated days and SLB days. Every employee who has been
     absent five (5) consecutive or more days must provide medical validation according
     to FMLA as adopted by DPS.

June, 1998 – Adopted by the SLBAC.
Revised 9/02


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