High School Science Safety Contract by G2ED1p


									                                      Science Safety Guidelines
                                                    Mr. Sullivan

Through the course of this school year, we will be conducting a variety of laboratory experiments.
Most experiments will employ materials that are considered to be relatively safe. However, some lab
work will require dealing with materials that, if mishandled, could lead to injury. Regardless of
whether we are working with “safe” or “hazardous” materials, it is vital that all students adhere to the
following general guidelines:

1. Food and beverages are strictly forbidden at laboratory workstations.
2. Goggles must be worn whenever the instructor informs the class of an eye hazard and whenever a lab calls
    for caustic chemicals, explosive materials, or heating of substances above 100oC.
3. Never conduct an experiment that you have not discussed with the instructor.
4. Do not burn anything unless it is called for by the instructor.
5. Read all directions before starting a lab.
6. If there is an accident or breakage, notify the instructor immediately.
7. Do not leave flames unattended.
8. Keep your work area clean and the aisles clear.
9. Always point loaded test tubes away from peers and yourself.
10. Do not wear open-toed shoes or go barefoot in the lab.
11. Tie back long hair and loose clothing.
12. Pay attention to all pre-lab safety discussion.

There is a fire extinguisher by the front door. The eyewash apparatus is on the front lab bench.
                          A fire blanket is mounted on the rear cabinet.

                       If you are ever injured, notify the instructor immediately.

                                                 (please detach and return)


                                   Parent or Guardian:_________________________



                                   Parent e-mail address:_______________________

                                Please read the following paragraph and sign below:

I have read through the laboratory science safety guidelines and understand how to conduct lab work in a safe manner. I
pledge to follow safety procedures and to conduct myself conscientiously in order to minimize the risk of injury to my
peers and myself. I also understand that intentional violation of the safety standards is grounds for permanent removal
from the course.

Student’s Signature:___________________________ Parent or Guardian’s Signature:___________________________

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