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									Minutes- SAW meeting 1-16-12                                      www.seymourareawrestling.com

Meeting called to order at 7:00pm

Members in attendance ( 15 ): Tami Kaczrowski, Connie Kuske, Kimani Jefferson, Sandy Struble, Keith
Swett, Lee Rynish, Dawn Leisgang, Karen VanLanen, Mark Schmoll, Michelle Clark, Chris Drephal, Josh
Rynish, Tanner Wenzel, Paul Wenzel, Christine Arndt

The meeting was called to order by Chris Drephal as Brandie Genske was unable to attend.

Treasurer’s report was approved with an ending balance of $4184.96

Youth Tournament

Connie had samples of medal and design decal choices. The white design decal with Superman “S” was
chosen. We will have 3 varying trophy heights for team trophies. Price works out to be close to other
years’ totals for Trophies, medals and T-shirt.

Donations of $950 plus have been committed towards sponsoring the tournament. Lee has a list of who
has already donated or been contacted.

We received a donation from the GB Packer Organization of an autographed football to raffle off so
having bucket raffle items like ipods, gift certificates & gift baskets seems like a good idea. We are
looking for donations. Sandy Struble offered to contact Best Buy to see if they are willing to donate
some items or give us a price break on items.

We talked about getting enough workers for the tournament. Sandy was looking for someone to “chair”
the table workers and it was suggested that is something she could chair. She will schedule a timer, a
scorekeeper & towel tapper to each table. The concession chairperson will find someone to distribute
water and food to the table workers this year so we don’t have to take any breaks.

Discussed using Quali-T company vs Eagle Graphics for champion t-shirts if Quali-T wants to attend
tournament and sell product there. We will get quotes from both companies. Workers may get shirts
also, to have more advertisements for sponsors. Grey shirts are most likely to be selected.

Karen VanLanen volunteered to make the signs needed for each table to extend bracket numbers up to

Tami, Sandy & Connie will make pins for tournament.

Youth, Middle and HS update

Youth practice going well due to the split of the different ability levels. Kids are attending tournaments.

Middle school has about 25 participants. Academics are an issue this season. Only three 8th graders are
on the team this year. Kimani feels they will do well at the tournaments.
High School had a tough weekend at Lodi. They are giving up too many pins and have several young
wrestlers at the heaviest weights. JV had good experience at Freedom. 6 or 7 High School wrestlers
meet at 5:30 am two days per week with Kimani for morning workouts.

Thank you from scholarship recipients Josh Rynish and Tanner Wenzel. Both spoke and shared how
school is going for them. Blaize Koon was unable to attend meeting but also sent a thank you note.

New business:

The fee involved for coaches to have a background check and pay for USA card in order to coach mat
side at State Tournament will be covered by SAW.

Coach Swett mentioned milk and raisin money is running low. He would like a commitment of about
$100 to cover the milk expense for the rest of the season just in case we don’t get the additional $200 in
matching funds from a previous donation made by an employee of Kimberly Clark . Motion to accept by
Tami Kaczrowski and seconded by Michelle Clark.

Youth night, and other home matches we will put posters, magnets and window clings out for fans to
pick up.

Lee Rynish made a motion to adjourn. Sandy Struble seconded the motion.

FUTURE MEETING DATES:- General membership @ 7pm.

January 16, 2012 - February 20, 2012 - March 19, 2012 - April 16, 2012 - May 21, 2012

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Tami Kaczrowski – SAW Secretary

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