TAD Screen Shots by 1M8a92Y0


									TAD Screen Shots

 Kevin Coombes, et al.
• TAD (Tissue Array Database) is an SQL
  database and ASP front end for tissue
• The screen shots in this presentation will
  take you through the front end, following a
  tissue array project from start to finish
Login Screen
Main Page
• The list of items on the main page follows
  the order that matches the typical
  requirements for carrying out a tissue array
  project. This order is followed in the
  remaining screen shots (without further
  intrusive comments…).
Edit Tissue Type (Initial)
Edit Tissue Type (Prostate)
Edit Project (Initial)
Edit Project (Prostate)
Edit Project (Prostate Blocks)
Edit Blocks (Add)
Create New Tissue Array (I)
Create New Tissue Array (II)
Create New Tissue Array (III)
Enter Info on Rows of Array
Match Cores to Arrays (I)
Match Cores to Arrays (II)
Enter New Slide
Enter New Scores (I)
Enter New Scores (II)
Enter New Scores (III)
Review Scores (I)
Review Scores (II)

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